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Deviation Actions

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This group's purpose is to showcase artwork featuring Elves and their related fantasy beings.
Original characters, movie and film characters, comic book characters...all of them are welcome here at The Elf Factory!

Please take the time to read these guidelines! If your deviation has been rejected, look here to find out why before contacting us.

Rules and guidelines
:bulletblue: Only Members can submit their work to our galleries, so feel free to join!
:bulletblue: Global submission limit is 3 deviations per artist per week. This is because we wish to avoid people uploading the bulk of their gallery at once. We wish to avoid that and give everyone a chance to be seen.
:bulletblue: To stimulate creations from you own imagination instead of the real world, this group's focus lies on traditional and digital art, and artisan crafts. Therefore this group does not accomodate Photography, with the exceptions of the Cosplay, Artisan and Ethereal Places folders. Do check the folder-specific guidelines before submitting. These are listed below as well as in the description of the folder itself.
:bulletblue: Art must follow the group theme This is a visual art group after all, so submissions must clearly show thematic content as well as being noted as such in artists' comments. Elves must have pointy ears, fairies need wings, etc. If it is not visually clear that the content of your artwork follows the group theme it WILL be rejected.
:bulletblue: When submitting make sure the main focus of your deviation fits that folder.  Example: In case of submitting to the 'Elves' folder, make sure that an Elf is the main focus of your deviation. Not a scene of many creatures with an Elf somewhere hidden away in a corner. We will decline these deviations.
:bulletblue: Artwork submitted will undergo a quality check.  Rough sketches/doodles, WIPs of any kind, bad scans, smudged paper, poor quality or cellphone photos, open adoptables and artwork on ruled paper will most probably be declined!
:bulletblue:Please submit your work to the appropriate folder. Submissions to the wrong category may not be accepted if we do not have time to shuffle them around.
:bulletblue: Please be mindful of our younger members. Put up the Mature Content Warning if your artwork contains mature content, such as sexually suggestive scenes(both hetero and same-sex). Safe graphic and suggestive sexual content is allowed but always individually judged by the admins, who are free to request a mature content filter to be put up or decline any deviation if they feel it is inapporapriate for the group.
:bulletblue: Submit your own work only! Deviations we find to be taken from others will be deleted/declined. Anyone can upload/screenshot something and submit it, while a deviation should be a testimony of your skill as an artist.
By submitting any copyrighted work on Deviant Art you violate the General Terms by claiming that the work is yours. You can read about the risks you take here about.deviantart.com/policy/se… read point 4 & 5. If the content owner files a complaint against you, the consequences are yours. Show us your talent and submit your own work only!
:bulletred: You may not submit to 'Featured". That is where we place a selection of the groups finest from the gallery every now and them for the slide show on the front page.
:bulletred: Dark art will be declined, sorry. This includes nightmare scenes, bogeymen, demons, undead and death. dA has a lot of wonderful dark themed groups that would be happy to have you!
:bulletred: In adherence to DA FAQ, pornographic images are not allowed. Please refer to FAQ #554: Is my deviation Mature Content? for DA's rules on mature content.
Depending on the artwork, we might choose to decline an artwork if we believe that it does not fit  the group, even with the mature content warning.
:bulletred: No photos/screenshots from films/videogames/comics/books and other copyrighted material.
- Unique videogame characters you created ARE allowed. Like any other deviation they are still subject to the other group rules.
-Fan art is accepted as long as it is clearly visible that you put in your own artistic skills and interpretation.
:bulletgreen: All submissions are subject to admin approval Please don't be offended if the submission is declined.
DISCLAIMER: Founder and Co-founders are entitled to decline any submission if they consider it unfitting for the group.  

The categories of this group are:

Artisan - Any handmade crafts that follow the Group theme. Includes sculptures, statues, jewelry, costume accessories and decorations, and full costumes if they are unworn or on a mannequin.
Cosplay - Photography goes here. Photos of costumes, bought or (partially) handmade. Must be worn by a person either as character or model. (For unworn costumes, refer to the Artisan)
Elves - Must have pointy ears, don't have wings. The close-to-human-size or taller ones. May include High Elves, Wood Elves, Sun Elves, Moon Elves, Blood Elves, Dark Elves, Night Elves, Drow, and similar existing kinds or those of your own imagining.
Elven Tales - Elf-related stories/comics/poems/fables/myths, and other texts. The rules for this folder in detail here: fav.me/d4ytowz
Ethereal Places - Places where Elves could dwell. Cannot have people in them, landscape/scenery/architecture only please. Deviations may be photos of real places but must clearly contain digitally(or otherwise) added elements and abide to the other requirements.
Fae Folk - Other Elf-like beings like Faries, Pixies and Nymphs. Small, most often winged, less humanlike (one or more of these traits). When uncertain whether your fae fits in this group, feel free to ask!
Young Artists - For artists under 18 to submit to(if they wish). People can take your age into account when commenting on your work. This folder may contain any deviation that meets any requirement of  the other folders.

:bulletgreen: Feel free to make suggestions, ask for help, or just give feedback anytime on the front page or contact the Co-founders or Founder directly.

(Last updated- November 2016)
* - The group guidelines are currently being revised for clarification purposes, so check back frequently!
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