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First of all, a late Happy New Year/ Prospéro año nuevo/ Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar/ Glücklich neues Jahr/Joyeux nouveau année!

Dear all, we as a group try to keep the quality of the deviations featured here as high as possible. This is why we always ask you to post only your best work.

As you know, all deviations are checked for quality before they are accepted in our galleries.
This means that rough sketches/doodles, WIPs of any kind, bad scans, poor quality or cellphone photos, undersized images and artwork on ruled paper will most probably be declined.

Since I and my co-founders took over this group last year, there have been some alterations in the rules, and the new Cosplay gallery folder was created.
We wish to keep improving the quality standard, but there remain some things that do not fit our galleries anymore.

Don't be afraid that we are going to review everything all over again and empty half the gallery, because we are not.
:bulletblue: This only means that over the course of a few days we will be removing WIPs and sketches from our galleries. This should not take a lot of time because most of you are aware of the guidelines, however, some older stuff remains and every now and again something slips through. (We're only human too after all.)

There are some 'sketches' out there however, that are little pieces of art in themselves. Some would not even need colouring. Yet still they are called sketches.
These will also be removed.
It may seem a little ridiculous to base judge on this single word, but this is the best way to avoid confusion for everyone as to why some are accepted in the galleries and other are not.

Please think of this notice and do not panic or take offense if your deviation(s) are removed from the group.
:bulletblue: The sorting out will start by the end of this week, so those who wish to can remove WIPs themselves, or those with pretty 'sketches' can edit the titles.

Hope everyone is well informed now. :)
If you have qustions, please comment.

:bulletgreen: We are always trying to improve the group and wish to keep you all happy. If you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know.

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Would work like this -> [link] be OK still? They are not sketches because they are inked and shaded. However I thought it was worth checking with you now rather then causing future confusion. Personally I consider these finished pieces since they are inked and shaded, they are just black and white rather then full colour.
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A finished piece does not nessecarily have to be in colour, or have to have a background. This is clearly and neatly finished, so yes, we would accept.
Line art is perfectly acceptable. :)
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I see, that is awesome. Thanks so much for clearing that one up! :)