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Vedui' il'er (Greetings everyone),

Saesa omentien lle (Pleasure meeting you).

As you know Tari Anne, the former founder of this group, wanted to close the group for reasons she has stated in previous blogs.

I did not want this group cease to excist, so I decided to step in and take it off her hands.

Together with :iconartbyedyn: and :iconel-arte-de-angelina:
as co-founders we will keep The Elf Factory alive so you can keep sharing your wonderful work with eachother and the rest of the world.

I myself do not like change, and this group looks good as it is, so I won't go and change the whole thing beyond recognition (why change what's good?).

However, there are a few things I would like you to know.

:bulletblue: I have decided to up the number of submissions to 3 deviations per artist per week. I believe that with a little help from my co-founders we won't have much trouble dealing with a little more deviations per week. See it as a welcoming gift.:)
Other than that the group guidelines will remain as they are.
Please refer to the journal if you want to read through the guidelines. Welcome to the Elf Factory!This group's purpose is to showcase artwork featuring Elves and their related fantasy beings.
Original characters, movie and film characters, comic book characters...all of them are welcome here at The Elf Factory!
Please take the time to read these guidelines! If your deviation has been rejected, look here to find out why before contacting us.
Rules and guidelines
:bulletblue: Only Members can submit their work to our galleries, so feel free to join!
:bulletblue: Global submission limit is 3 deviations per artist per week. This is because we wish to avoid people uploading the bulk of their gallery at once. We wish to avoid that and give everyone a chance to be seen.
:bulletblue: To stimulate creations from you own imagination instead of the real world, this group's focus lies on traditional and digital art, and artisan crafts. Therefore this group does not accomodate Photography, with the exceptions of the Cosplay, Artisan and Ethereal Places folders

:bulletblue: I will be clearing out the Journal section except for those posts that are most relevant and of interest to the group.

:bulletblue: Before taking over this group I decided not to put my energy into contests or challenges. Tari told me there never was much enthusiasm for them anyway, so I feel they won't be missed.

I hope you can all agree with the things I mentioned above. If you have comments or tips please leave a comment.
This is my first group I'm founder of, and I want to make it work(so be nice, please ;))

:iconthe-elf-factory: is alive!

~Elen sila lumenn omentielvo~ (A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting)

© 2012 - 2021 The-Elf-Factory
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:rose: Thanks a lot for keeping the group alive, Eline! :hug:
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Very awesome!! Welcome to the founder and co-founder positions!! <3
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*pokes her head in, leaves some cookies, and vanishes into the forest*
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*eats cookies with delight* :D
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So nice to know this groups will continue, it has got very nice pieces! (including artisan crafts .. the one i check in a regular basis since i'm more into this ;))

Congrats to the new founder, take it easy, and maybe the contest thing could happen, but not now ;)
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I think maybe the odd contest could be good. But if they are not done often people tend to show more interest.
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WOO! WE LIVE! I am looking forward to getting this group back on its feet. Future contest might be nice, but for now I agree it is not what we need right now. Welcome everyone, I am glad you are here :3
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