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Vedui' il'er (Greetings everyone),

Through one of our newest members I came to realise that we do not have a subfolder in our galleries that provides a home for Elf-related stories, poetry and other kinds of texts.

This group is one that features artwork of Elves and many other fantasy beings. I feel artwork should also include our member's textual artistry.

So, as from today, there is a new subfolder called Elven Tales the-elf-factory.deviantart.com…

Since this is completely new, here are some guidelines for this new catergory.

Accepted in this subfolder:

:bulletgreen: Any text that features one or more Elves as characters.
:bulletgreen: Any text written as being told by an Elf, so basically the 'I did this and that' kind of stories.
:bulletgreen: Any text that could have been written by Elves(in terms of language/theme/tone) but do not neccesarily contain them explicitly. For example a poem about someone's love for nature. Imagine it to be the kind of text Elves would write if they actually existed.
:bulletgreen: Comics also belong in this folder because their focus is not on images alone. They must abide to the rules of visual art as well (no bad quality images/scans, Elves as main focus, etc)
:bulletgreen: All the above texts may also contain any other creature that is normally accepted in our galleries.

Also important:
:bulletblue: A text must be a finished whole. Submit finished work only, just as you would do with a normal submission. For texts specifically: spellingcheck before submitting. No WIPs. Texts with half sentences or poor spelling look just as sloppy as a half finished or smudged drawing.

:bulletred: What you submit must be your own work so no copyrighted material. No texts literally copied from someone/somewhere else!

All Group Guidelines for submissions apply to this subfolder as normal.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this new category, or if you wonder whether your story or poem fits this subfolder, feel free to ask, comment, or contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing this subfolder filled with your wonderful creations. :)
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I also have the issue i can't submit to that folder? I know sometimes they can turn them selves off if they are new folders. But if you switch them back on again they tend to be fine.
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I have a question, i like to write stories about my Eladrin (high elf) character, which i figure is OK because the main character is an elf. However the latest stories i have written about her are over 40 pages long. To me that is a lot to read in one go, so would you accept it in chapters? Because that is how i was planning to submit it on here.

Each chapter would be a complete chapter with the spelling correct to the best of my knowledge (I do actually get them proof read by someone else). But it is not a complete story because i feel the full thing would be too long.
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Sorry for the late reply.

I think that if your story is that long, it would be a lot of extra work for us to keep the folder in order.
It would be more practical for us if you submitted the first chapter, and link to the next in its description, so people who like it can read on.

That way the folder won't be flooded with chapters and it will save us a lot of sorting out.
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I am having some trouble submitting. The drop down menu only shows the older categories and not this one.