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My deviantART StoryIn lieu of the usual weekly feature thing, I figured I'd do one of these journals, especially since DA has had such a profound effect on my life in general.  This is going to be pretty wordy, a bit dark in places and get pretty personal, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat hesitant to be this open about myself and some of the issues I've faced/am facing.  I've been considering posting a journal talking about it for a while anyway for reasons I'll delve into later, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. If you're not interested in the story, then by all means just check out the thumbs or skip this one altogether, i promise i won't be offended. :)
Before we get to DA, a little bit of background.  I'm from a small city in upstate New York called Binghamton.  Once a manufacturing hub with almost 100,000 people, after WWII factories started to shut down as manufacturing relocated overseas, jobs dried up, and the city began to shrink. Currently th
Dept. of DisappearanceHeya all.... it's been a while! ;p  I apologize for taking so long off of updating the page, but it's been a rough couple of years.  This is going to be purely a personal journal, and in many ways a continuation of My deviantART Story, so if that isn't your thing feel free to skip over this one, and if it is, check the other journal first for some context.
In early 2015, my former partner and I had a falling out.  While I'd rather not get into the details of that here for both her sake and mine, it essentially ended with me being stuck back in the US as of July 2015.  I lost her, the house I was living in, my cat, a fair portion of my possessions and the country I was starting to call home.  Needless to say, my depression and anxiety flared up quite a bit, and I was downright agoraphobic again for a while.
I was fortunate enough to have drm0pp and his wife offer to take me in, and I've been staying with them in their spa

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Hope you are alright friend! It has been quite a while.

hey the egg how are you

How are you doing, my friend? I have not seen you on here for awhile.

Happy belated birthday! You are missed, and I hope you are ok. 🥺

Birthday smileys 2

I miss your astonishing photographs! I hope all is well with you.