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About The Group

Q: Can I ask a question?
A: Yes you can. If you can't find your answer on this FAQs, ask away.

Q:What is this group for?
A: This group is a gallery group for artists to post and promote their artwork of eevee, eeveelutions, eevee OC's and eevee fakeons. We here also like to try to inspire and create a community in this group through contests. Our group consists of minor storyline and RP along with Artwork gathering.

Q: Can I become an admin in the group?
A: You will need to fill out an admin application to apply. From there your application will be either accepted or declined. More detailed info can be found here:

Q: Who are the group Mascots?
A: All Mascots and their bios can be found here: More will be added as more eeveelutions are announced through Nintendo; The Pokemon Company.

Q: Can I draw or use the Kingdom Mascots?
A: Yes. We ask you try to keep the Mascots "In-Character" though. Please refer to the mascot's info page and rules:

Q:Can I draw pictures / write stories of my OCs interacting with the mascots?
A: Yes you may. Again, please refer to the Mascot's pages for more Info:

Accepted Artwork and Folders

Q: What if a image doesn't have an eevee in it?
A: Art not containing an eevee/lution of any kind in the image is not allowed. Content needs an eevee in it to be included in the group, even if it is in the background.

Q: What about characters dressed like pokemon?
A: Gijinkas (humanized pokemon) and characters or people wearing cosplay of eevee/lutions are allowed to be posted into the group.

Q: Are Pokemon plushies or figurines accepted in the group?
A: We only accept submissions regarding plushies, sculptures, and figurines where the art or item has been created or commissioned by the user, and In the case of Official Pokemon merch the item must be used in a transformative manner, i.e. as part of a scene.

Q: i just got a request to put my art in this group. What does this mean?
A: This means that someone from the group would like to include your art into the Group's gallery. Art shared into the gallery of a group will be able to be seen by members in the group as a notification. Sharing art in a group can be a good way to show off your work. If you want to accept, press YES. If you want to decline, press NO.

Q: Is there content you do not Allow?
A: We do not allow Pornography(18+) in the group. Content that is sexual or fetishized geared towards that type of adult audience should not be sent here. (Please do not confuse Sexual with Sexy.)
A: Non-Sexual/Fetish content that is Mature IS allowed as long as it is RATED PROPERLY. (such as Gore)

Q: Why do the Folders have Weird Names?
A: This is because each folder represents a place in the Orlan region. You can learn more about them in the "CHiyeko Kingdom FAQs" section below.

Q: What is the Featured Folder for and How do I get my Art in it?
A: The featured folder is for artwork and literature that has placed in contests and challenges. To get your artwork into the folder, try your best in our contests and challenges!

Q: Someone is posting Stolen art art in the group that isn't theirs! What do I do?
A: Send a note to the group including a link to the art that is in the group, and a link to the art of the original content. Make sure to inform the artists about the situation via note.

Q: Someone is posting content I am uncomfortable with. What do I do?
A: If it is content that our group does not allow in the galleries, please send us a note.

Contests, Events, Roleplay, and Other Features

Q: When do you host contests?
A: We host three large contests a year; one in each of the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Q: What prizes are Included in Contests?
A: The Base Prize for all large contests are some points from our point donation account King-Cerulean and any prize donations from any user who would like to contribute a prize. Prize donors can still participate in contests.

Q: Do you Signal Boost?
A: Our group only signal boost pokemon related contests and events. This includes but is not limited to: Contests, raffles, Animation projects, Game projects, DA group projects.

Q: I saw someone making comics with the group mascots. Are Fan Comics for the group Cannon?
A: Fan comics are overall either Non-Cannon or Semi-Cannon. Fanart for the Kingdom ultimately will grow the kingdom and change or progress its story.

Q: Can I make a Fan Comic, fanart, or fanfic for the group?
A: Yes, anyone can draw fancomics, fanart, and fanfics including the group's mascots and/or settings. We ask that non-cannon fancomics have a disclaimer on AT LEAST the first page of the series as such: (Specified Mascots used) belong to the Deviantart group The-eevee-kingdom. Your Fanart may help grow the Kingdom's Story.

Q: What is the Chiyeko Chronicles folder for?
A: This is a folder reserved for official Eevee Kingdom Comics.

Q:What is Chiyeko Chronicles about?
A: It is about various short stories within the Kingdom. These stories can be drawn by various artists.

Q:Can I make a Chiyeko Chronicles Comic?
A: YES! It will need to be approved first before being worked on. The comic must be only 1-5 pages long, and the sketch of all 1-5 pages must be completed before finishing or posting it. Please send the Group a note for more information.

Q: What is the Group's Tumblr For?
A: The Tumblr is currently inactive.

Q: What is the Kingdom's Twitter for?
A: News updates, Sharing your eevee related artwork, and sharing Kingdom related artwork

Q: What is the Kingdom's Facebook for?
A: News updates, sharing Eevee Artwork, and sharing Kingdom Artwork.

Q: Can I Roleplay in the Group?
A: Yes, we now have a Discord Server for RPers ( ) as well as a Folder just for Kingdom RP Characters ( the-eevee-kingdom.deviantart.c… )

Q: Can my character be part of the Kingdom?
A: For the Fun of it, Yes. Your character(s) may enjoy the kingdom as much as they want. Your character(s) can be visitors, or residents if you would like them to be. You can draw them in the kingdom, write about it, etc. However, your character WILL NOT be part of the mascots of the group.

Q: What is Flareon's Forge?
A: The forge is a place where artists can post their commission price sheet for people to find. It does not have to be pokemon related. Please note, we only accept commission price sheets or Price journals. YCH's and Adopts are not available to be placed in the Forge. You can view the Forge Here:

Q: Do the other mascot related places have any own functioning, like Flareon's forge has?
A: Not like Flareon Forge, but the other mascots do have their own stations. Suggestions are appreciated.

About Chiyeko Kingdom and the Orlan Region

Q: What is the Name of The Kingdom?
A: Chiyeko Kingdom. It means Eevee of a Thousand Blessings. Chiyeko was once a nameless kingdom of eevees and its evolutions for many years before it was named what it is today.

Q: What is the Region Chiyeko Kingdom is in?
A: The Orlan Region. A land of bountiful berries.

Q: Are there pokemon besides Eevees in the Kingdom?
A: Most of the population are eevee/lutions, but other types of pokemon live and visit Chiyeko from around the world.

Q: Is there a Map?
A: Yes! Check the Map Reveal and keep an eye out as our bold explorers discover more of the Orlan Region!

Q: Where can I learn about each area?
A: If you click on a folder, you can view a description at the top about that area.

Q: Where do the Mascots Live?
A: Either in the palace or in their own homes or workshops.

Q: Where are some Local Locations in the Kingdom Grounds?
A: We have Starter Street (where the Post Office, Flareon's Forge, Lucia's Barbershop, Fairy Dust Bakery, and New Moon Inn are), Playful Garden, the Meeting Place, Shadow Graveyard, Rainbow Library, Machine City, and of course the Royal Palace.

Q: What are some places outside the Castle?
A: We have Northern Glacier, Moon Glade, Blue Beach, Thunder Cliff, Special Mountain, Fluffy Volcano, Sunset Meadow, Shining Mine, and Aroma Forest, but there's more out there, waiting to be discovered.

Q:Is there folklore in the Kingdom?
A: *A weavile whispers in your ear* There's a Monster that lurks behind the barbershop. I hear that King Cerulean has a weather machine. The palace is haunted by real ghosts! No one knows where we get all our clothes in the stores, but I saw a shady figure delivering clothes packages to stores. Have you been to Special Mountain? Sometimes you can see strange beings in the mist...
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