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Thank you for your patience.  Because we didn't reach 32 contestants and to keep the match-ups simple, the number of contestants was reduced to 16.  The judges and I have selected our 16 contestants to enter the Drop.

Round 1 match-ups will be posted later today.

Thank you everyone for auditioning.  Please cheer everyone on as they make their way down to the Scarlet Gem.

1. :iconlcom: Drop OCT Audition - 01 by LCom Drop OCT - Ken and Leon reference by LCom

2. :iconstitchwerks: :thumb310938963: :thumb310939237:

3. :iconstephi-jk:&:iconskatoonist: ArsiAudition-TheDrop by stephi-JK Arsinoe Character sheet by stephi-JK

4. :iconjiisuri: TheDrop aud01 by Jiisuri The Drop Hellforge Ref by Jiisuri

5. :icondacothetaco: The Path (TheDropOCT audition) by DacotheTaco TheDrop refrence by DacotheTaco

6. :iconjotyler:&:iconnergalitos: Drop OCT: 0-1 by JoTyler Drop OCT: References by JoTyler

7. :iconcirrusdark:&:iconxxbirdfirexx: The Drop OCT: Myra Reference by xXBirdfireXx

8. :iconombre-de-clause: The Drop audition - Open channels by Ombre-de-clause The Drop - Legion Profile by Ombre-de-clause

9. :iconfreddyf202:&:iconilla-noise: The Drop: Adili Reference by Illa-Noise REF SHEET:Roots by freddyf202

10. :iconwinterweed: Drop audition by winterweed Paw ref by winterweed

11. :iconh-guderian: DropOCTAud1 by H-Guderian Civilian Outfit Collection by H-Guderian

12. :iconfruitnloops:

13. :iconmieruru: Enter the Word by Mieruru Logos by Mieruru

14. :iconcoffeegoblet:&:icontagsy: :thumb313329862: The Drop OCT: Character Reference Sheet by CoffeeGoblet

15. :icon73oss: :thumb313336984: :thumb313336487:

16. :iconranzombie:&:iconputridprophet: :thumb311953831: Rantu Reference Sheet by RanZombie :thumb309893274:
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July 15, 2012


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