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Nov. 7th, 2012: Just to keep everyone up to date, we are still here and the round is closed but we are currently trying to sort things out before moving on.  Please be patient while we work this out.  Thank you.
Nov. 4th: The deadline for Round 3 is quickly approaching.  Be sure to get your entries in by SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th, 2012 at 11:59 PM HST.


You feel a rumble in the earth around you.  It grows more frequent and violent with each step you take moving deeper into the darkness.  Is it a sign?  Is the gem preparing to depart already?  As your numbers dwindle, so does your time.





The deadline is SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th, 2012 at 11:59 PM HST.

Important notes

:bulletblack: This has been used. One 1 week extension is now available.  Please note that I will ask that you request an extension at least 3 days before the deadline.  If you think you need it, ask for it.  There's no harm is asking.

:bulletblack: Please do not submit part of your entry days after deadline.  The "grace period" when entries may trickle in is the time between when the entries are due and when I post the journal announcing that the round is closed.
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Thank you everyone for your patience.  So that you do not have to wait any further, results will be posted now with match-ups immediately after.  Critiques will be added to this journal within the next day or two.


:iconjotyler: :iconnergalitos::iconversusplz::iconlcom:

Jo and Lito:
In which much pun is had. Overall a nice story with a good amount of depth to it and most importantly well told. At least until the last page. Though it adds to the overall plot, it seems tacked on after the round's action and abrupt conclusion. The scene might have worked better if it had happened while the opponents were still there, though it still seemed awkward to have  a new old character show up just to die.
The art is amusing and easy to comprehend, though later on it degrades noticeably. This is especially clear when it comes to backgrounds.

In which a bear happens. Though perhaps not as deep as Jo&Lito's entry, it was told well and was fun to read. It's risky to leave a round unclear on a conclusion though, try not to leave it too open in the future.
I like how the art is consistent throughout the entire thing, with just enough detail in the backgrounds not to feel cheated.

Winner: Lcom


Jotyler & Nergalitos

Once again, well done entry. seems like you ran out of time on the colors, but at least you had the sense not to attempt a rush job on the remaining pages. On the story front, I'm not sure how I feel about the way you handled Grave. It seemed rather contrary to his character and abilitiy. You tied up the primary conflict well, and you've still got some hooks hanging with roosevelt. Should be interesting to see where you take things.


A big step up from your round 1 entry. Both art-wise and with your writing. Having the two groups trade members and split up is actually pretty huge plotwise, though I think you could have executed it better than "SUDDENLY EVIL FIRE BEARS". Not saying don't use em, it just comes across as a "oh crap how do I end this" gambit.

WINNER: Jo & Nerg


jotyler/nergalitos vs lcom
lcom gets my vote for having better opponent interaction, and a more believable ending cliffhanger. If you're going to throw in an epic city of undead zombies, why wouldn't you team up?


Winner: :iconlcom:
Jo/Lito: 2 ($, !) / Lcom: 3 (*, &, @)



Another enjoyable entry. Even when constraints occurred it was good that the artist was able to make the whole entry understandable, if not polished.
In terms of the story it was well presented and scripted, though somewhat limited in interaction as the entire entry was basically one short scene. Now that the character has taken a new turn I would love to see how she interacts with others over longer exchanges.



You made a big step character wise in this one. I was initially worried your rounds would play out the same as the first. The downside here is a VERY unfinished round, while most of the sketchy bits are clear enough, there are more than a few panels that take some real effort to figure out.


Shucks, you had a real strong start, but 2 out of 22 isn't gonna cut it. Got me all excited bringing back LJS's horrible robot thing.

WINNER: Mieruru


mieruru vs fruitnloops
Pretty sure fruitnloops defaulted.  That being said, nice round, Mieruru. It's a shame your tablet gave out. You kind of abuse close up head shots which looks a little awkward in your formatting. You can play with it a bit by cropping in the panel; will give the emotion more focus.


Winner: :iconmieruru:
Mieruru: 5 (*, $, @, !, &) / Fruitnloops: 0




Condolences for your unfortunate luck with opponents so far. I don't expect it to happen a third time. As you said, kind of an arbitrary entry, since you were aware of your opponents forfeit from the beginning. Still, you really do manage to capture creepy in your dream sequences. Good luck in round 3.



73oss vs ombre
73oss forfeits, ombre wins, not really much to say here.

Winner: :iconombre-de-clause:
Ombre: 5 (*, $, @, !, &) / 73oss: 0



Simply-Daco wins
Critique: I really enjoyed how you got all the different characters to interact with each other. The art was consistent and enjoyable, though the occasional completely blank background thrown in was jolting. All together a fun read that gets me wanting to see what comes next.



Well you changed your name and that confused the hell out of me for a moment. Line art is crisp and clean as usual, The rain in the first few panels makes things really really busy. Excellent plot and pacing. I'm not sure what your process is for putting these pages together, but you are REALLY squishing some of your panels. Try to avoid it in the future.

RanZombie & PutridProphet

Ahh, man, Really great start and no finish again. I would LOVE to see you guys finish a comic, what you've shown so far is always strong, well written, and good looking. On top of that, thank you for heeding my advice and marking your past-deadline pages as late. I'd really like to see more from these characters.

WINNER: Simply-Daco


Simply-daco vs ranzombie/putridprophet
It's a shame that ran and putrid weren't able to finish, else it would have been a rather close match! Simply-daco likely would have gotten my vote anyway though, for a very clean, finished entry, and hilarious character quandaries. Splitting them up to deal with separate problems was a good choice.

Winner: :icondacothetaco:
Daco: 5 (*, $, @, !, &) /  Prophet: 0


This concludes Round 2 of the Drop.  

Hope you're well rested.  Round 3 is about to start.

If you would like further critiques on your work, please note wandering-ronin and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sept. 28th: I apologize for the delay in the results for Round 2.  Results should finally be up this weekend.
Sept. 24th: There is a slight delay with the results.  Please be patient.
Sept. 17th: The deadline has now passed and Round 2 is now closed.  Results should be up within a week.


The ruckus from above have caused the creatures down below to stir.  Each step deeper will lead you to greater danger.  Will the flicker of light you see ahead lead to the prize you seek, the path for your escape, or show the teeth that'll lead to your demise?



Drop OCT Round 2: Plants and Zombies by JoTyler :iconjotyler::iconnergalitos::iconversusplz::iconlcom: Drop OCT - R2 - P01 by LCom

the Drop II - Better Left Unspoken by Mieruru :iconmieruru::iconversusplz::iconfruitnloops:

:icon73oss::iconversusplz::iconombre-de-clause: The Drop Round 2 cover by Ombre-de-clause

:icondacothetaco::iconversusplz::iconranzombie::iconputridprophet: The Drop OCT: R2 S1 by RanZombie

The deadline is SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 16th, 2012 at 11:59 PM HST.

Important notes

:bulletblack: One 1 week extension is now available.  Please note that I will ask that you request an extension at least 3 days before the deadline.  If you think you need it, ask for it.  There's no harm is asking. This has now been used.

:bulletblack: Please do not submit part of your entry days after deadline.  The "grace period" when entries may trickle in is the time between when the entries are due and when I post the journal announcing that the round is closed.

Thank you Comcast for going down last night right when I needed you.
My apologies for the late results.  Match-ups will be posted immediately after this.

As mentioned earlier, due to the double forfeit from the last round, a lottery will be held to fill in the 8th empty slot for the next round.  Eligible contestants for the 8th slot are those who submitted something for this round.


:iconjotyler: :iconnergalitos::iconversusplz::iconcirrusdark: :iconxxbirdfirexx:
Jo and Nerg:
Story and pacing were pretty solid for most of the story.  There were a few areas, mostly around the action scenes, where the pacing slowed down and didn't fit the speed at which things should have been going at.  As an example, you could tighten up the end of page 5 by having Myra running toward Damien while his shot misses as opposed to having the action in multiple panels.  Some of the background scenes felt flat and could have more depth to them with exaggerating the lights and darks a bit more.

Cirrus and Bird:
Nice crisp lines throughout the story.  I would suggest though varying the thickness of the lines between the foreground and the background as it might help the characters stand out better from the background.  During my first read-through I did have some trouble following along with the settings and where everyone was positioned to each other.  It was near the end when you had characters interacting with the background that things pulled together smoothly.

By far a difficult match-up and decision between you two, but my vote goes to Jo and Nerg by the slimmest of margins.  You both gave us a great show and it was hard to pick just one of you.

Wow. I really liked that one. it has very appealing and mysterious characters. the story is interesting.

this one was good too. a bit lighthearted, but more fun. some panels/story parts confused me. nontheless it was interesting too.

Really hard to say. Both stories have potential. Cirrus&Birdy's one is more dark, the characters convey more of their personal feelings and problems. Nerga&Jo's was more funny and showed more of the suroundings which made me realizing more that they are inside a mountain looking for the gem.
My point goes to Cirrus&Birdy BUT since we have a lot of forfeiters, I'd like to have Nerga&Jo continue their story starting from the end of their opponents comic. Since this round-based I believe they can connect the new start with their original plans for the comic. GOGOGO!

Jo-Tyler and Nergalitos
Good news: I really like the limited color palette you’re using; while not as eye-catching as full color, of course, it really helps keep away any feelings of monotony or blurring a black and white comic would have. Also man, this is the second ‘not my girlfriend’ I’ve seen this round. All this UST going around. But no matter, I’ll just read this and--DAMIEN. DAMIEN THAT WAS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. Alright, that aside, I really liked the way you handled your opponents’ characters. They all seemed pretty spot-on, and the catalyst that lead to the battle was simple, yet clever, and Roosevelt’s almost apathetic kicking (at least when read after Cirrus and Bird’s round) seemed... oddly tragic. Not to mention, the hook for the next round has my full attention, and I’m eager to see where you go with it. Anatomy, pacing, and dialogue seemed spot on, with no real errors that I can point out.

Bad news: Man, Artemis and Damian seem REALLY different from their audition selves. Granted, this is getting lost in a cave and not fighting terrorists (a far more serious activity), but I have to admit I can’t blame Cirrus and Bird at all for the way they depicted the two in their own round, in spite of it being so much different from yours. In fact, notable differences from audition selves seems to be a common theme this round. The brown-blue-white color palette, while far more appealing than straight black and white, also tended to emphasize when and where you got a bit lazy with backgrounds, although I do have to admit the final library/ruined city shots made up for that. The only thing I found rather notably odd was the complete lack of fanfare/reaction to Grave’s pitch off the side. Sure, I understand there’s a rather important distraction going on, but the complete and utter lack of even real notice that someone just fell presumably to their death is very disturbing to consider, character-wise.

CirrusDark and xxBirdfirexx
Good news: I have to admit, this was one of the more creative character meetings I’ve read about. Subtle like a train crashing into a mountain. The initial introductions of the characters was very sweet, and I really appreciated the diversity of character--I got the feeling that, were someone to take out the characters and leave the word bubbles, I could still probably tell who was saying what based on personality. The scene at the end, with Roosevelt and then with Grave both accepting Myra, was rather oddly cute. Roosevelt’s especially; he just seems like a big, quiet sweetheart. D’aww. Also, the pacing and storytelling was pretty solid, character motivations aside; even with the extremeness of a train crashing into a mountain, it was pretty easy to tell what was occurring at all times in the comic. Your grammar was flawless and I enjoy your art style, especially in regards to the title page and expressions. Nice use of color!

Bad news: I noticed your backgrounds tended to get a little cheap at times--granted, they were far more complicated a task than Jo’s and Nerga’s, but I noticed you used a lot of heavy line tool, which was rather distracting, as few things are actually that straight. Also, please link the parts of your round! Next, your depictions of Artemis and Damien, while decent enough, were rather out of character in some manners, I thought. Damien seemed far too angry and demanding when he seemed in Jo and Nerga’s audition more confident and cheery (even in the face of peril!), and Artemis seemed rather sad and unassertive. Not to mention that everyone is surprisingly unimpressed with having crashed a train into a mountain, which seemed very odd. Also, Myra seemed... strange. I understand she’s intimidated by pretty women (hello Artemis~) and has some issues, but seeing her so mousy and paranoid and agitated is just... really odd. There were a few grammar errors that were slightly distracting (most notably, it’s ‘motive’, not ‘motif’), and some of the motivations didn’t make much sense--how did Artemis suddenly conclude that Myra wasn’t human, if she’d been all ‘don’t shoot’ earlier? Why does Damien suspect her so badly, to the degree that he’d shoot so close to her with intent to agitate? Why are they both suddenly opening fire on her? If Artemis wants to talk things out and won’t fire unless provoked, then why does she keep firing at Grave? In general, I found myself more confused than interested, I’m afraid.

Jo & Nerg:
Strong entry, well done backgrounds, good attention to continuity, and very expressive characters. Your art is very consistant, and you've made a point of leaving loose ends to follow up on in your future entries. This could be good or bad for you, it certainly adds to your round one entry, but be careful not to stretch your story thin over too many characters in the later rounds.

Cirrus & Birdfire:
ALSO a strong entry, with good attention to continuity, and very expressive characters. With that out of the way, in the future try to remember to link your pages together, it is not something I count against people in judging, but it does make it easier for people to read. Very straight forward entry, easy to read, and with little room for confusion. That said, your backgrounds could use a little more attention. While they're of decent quality, I sometimes had difficulty keeping track of WHERE the characters were. (i.e. in the train or in the cavern)

Winner: :iconjotyler: :iconnergalitos:


:iconfreddyf202: :iconilla-noise::iconversusplz::iconlcom:

Freddy and Illa:
A good start to a story and sad to see it unfinished.  Be careful with the text in the speech bubbles.  You'll want to keep a reasonable gap between the text and the edge of the bubble so that it doesn't look cluttered.  Also if you can, try to have the text follow the shape of the bubble if possible as it will feel more balanced.  Your panel work was simple and clear, making it easy to follow along with your story as well.

Overall a pretty solid entry with a few but minor tricky spots in it.  I misread the paneling on page 6 the first time when the support beam was knocked and think that could be fixed by altering the gutters around the left side of the page.  There were some moments with the 180 rule where, as an example, Roots and Adili are running to the right from the cave in but appear on the left side in the next panel.  The shading helped make everything stand out and provide a good sense of depth to the comic.

My vote goes to LCom for having a complete and solid entry.

Well...that was a bit disappointing. Im ok with both of the artists had a lot of stuff going on around them. but ehm...unfortunately the summary of the story doesnt give me much to judge on. it's just oh this and that happened and they escaped...well Deadline is Deadline...

Hah! Short, but enough story and personality to convince me. the mine cart ride and the collapsing tunnel was so Indiana Jones, but fitting for those two guys.

As I said, Deadline is Deadline. Im not saying the comic of Freddy&Illa would not be as good as LCom's. but a finished comic is a finished one. and by the way a funny one.
My point goes to LCom.

Freddyf202 and Illa-noise
Alright, I’m only going to say this once: please, PLEASE, link all parts of your round to the other parts of your round, as well as your ref sheets to your audition, especially if you’re a team of artists. Judges dislike having to hunt around two galleries to remember how to write a character’s name. That being said, onto the good news and bad news.

Good news: Let me start this off by saying that I really enjoy your characters, and the dynamic between each other. Adili’s gruff but honest and logical demeanor contrasts nicely with Roots’s more shy and nervous personality, and I get the feeling they’d have a lot to learn from each other. Plus, the way they’re written is entertaining to read; they seem unique, but also quote-unquote human, a pleasant mix of both entertaining while still resembling people I’d actually know in real life. (Aside from the, ahem, obvious differences.) The pacing in both parts seemed pretty solid and easy to follow (aside from perhaps when they actually leave for the forest, before being interrupted), and the panelling was tidy. Unlike your opponent’s round, I never felt the need to go back and re-read anything for claification’s sake.

Bad news: When having a character ask a question, regardless of how intense a question it is, please refrain from using more than one question mark. In your first part there were a few grammar errors (“Now people heading into the woods.”) that could have been caught with a quick proofreading, and in general some awkward wording and speech that I had a hard time believing people would actually say. Also, the sudden change in art style/quality between your parts was exceedingly jarring, as well as the, ah... apparent lack of an ending. Finally, there were a number of anatomical issues in your second part that Illa should work on, most notably in regards to ears and arms. (I know, the two worst parts of the body to draw, I know.)

Good news: Your depiction of your opponents’ characters seemed pretty accurate, and I enjoyed their interaction with each other considerably. I’ve seen a number of entries that have opponents as a directly antagonistic force, so it’s pleasant as a reader to see Roots and Adili working and chatting together. Also, I found your ‘takedown’ of them pretty clever, if risky and dangerous... which suits your characters, I suppose.

Bad news: Your art tended to get rather noticeably sloppy, especially in regards to background ‘characters’. The pacing and panelling was a little off, and some transitions between scenes could be made clearer. (For example, when Roots first activates her plant abilities, and when Ken and Leon first enter the mine shaft.) I read a few panels out-of-order, and I found the scene of Ken and Leon riding the cart somewhat confusing. Did they ram through the plant wall, or did they go around it? Did Roots take it down?

Freddy & Illa: You had a strong start, though unfortunately you did not finish. In the future I'd suggest a slightly larger font size, or alternately, use larger bubbles so there's some breathing room. As for the second page, put some more time into the letters if you plan on writing by hand.

Lcom: Excellent job on this, it's not a very deep or involving plot, but it does it's job. Your art is VERY clean, and has consistant quality. There isn't really much to critique here, so keep it up.

Winner: :iconlcom:


:icon73oss::iconversusplz::iconranzombie: :iconputridprophet:

Your entry had some really impressive and smooth action scenes that were very enjoyable to read.  Your writing was strong as well and nothing seemed out of place.  On pages like page 7, be careful with having that much space between panels.  You can hide panel gutters that big by carefully guiding the reader's eyes with speech bubbles like you did in the middle section of the page.  Speaking of which, I'd suggest adding tails to the speech bubbles as those will help the reader better understand who is saying what.  You pull off some great examples of perspective but there are some panels where the perspective felt too exaggerated.  Overall, a good and entertaining entry.

Ran and Prophet:
You play with the panels quite a bit, breaking the borders to bring out the action more or using the shape and size to help tell your story.  I think you might be able to do this more during the action scenes and have the characters or their weapons go beyond the panel borders.

Well, that was a fast-paced one. Nontheless. I like the drawing style, maybe a bit to simple for my taste, but sometimes with extreme angles and grotesque faces. Cool! First death here. but an acceptable one.

First I thought this would be end up just in simple shapely sketches, but it turned out really good! I like the characters and the story depth! But it's the best part!!! HRRRRGHNAAAH.

Hmmmm...the first one was short and fast but with that interesting style to it.
the second one had more story depth but unfinished at the best part!!!
Sorry but I have to give my point to Ran&Pudrit. The story is way better.

Alright, let me start this off by saying I find it really interesting how you gave your opponent’s characters most of the spotlight. 90% of entries I see have their character—appropriately—as the protagonist, but yours presents Eddy as a directly antagonistic force, with his victory being not a YAY moment but rather one distinctly unsettling and somehow perverted to the reader. All in all, an interesting decision, and one that resonates well with his personality, but may work against you in later rounds should you continue it. Otherwise, your expressions and perspective are pretty spot-on and fun, and your opponents were in-character and likable. Grammar and pacing were all solid, and the battle scene was fun times. Also, it’s a minor thing, but mad kudos for making a bad man who actually is a very bad man—I’ve lost count of the number of characters who claim to be bad people and have a habit of being average characters who simply grin too much and get overly violent on occasion. Terrible trope. Rantu seemed pretty in-character, but Madd... well, see the bad news.

In regards to the bad news, you may want to seriously consider centering your text in your text bubbles, and avoiding using a ~ or underline to convey a sing-song voice or emphasis; just drawing out the word ‘lost’ or using italics should do fine. Also, avoid using the generic black gradient—it generally ends up making your work look worse and is well worth the extra effort to apply some shading or shadow. Some of the paneling and pacing was off, especially the ones previous to Rantu’s leg injury. Also, while she wasn’t extremely off, Madd did seem a little… useless. Her dialogue was pretty in-character, but she seemed far less bright than she is in Ran’s own round. She’s a little silly and out there, but the way you portrayed her made her seem rather stupid and useless, which seemed inaccurate to me. She’s lazy, yes, but she also cares about Rantu and is a shapeshifter, so I find it very hard to believe that after that violent display she’d just let Eddy walk off, and that she’d just sort of disappear during the Rantu-Eddy battle.

Ranzombie and Putridprophet
Good news: Let me just say that the Rantu-Madd-Eddy banter here is some of the best character banter I’ve read this round. I quite literally laughed out loud. Your opponent seemed perfectly in character (based on the audition and ref). Your expressions were solid and fun, and anatomy seemed more or less on-target. Rantu and Madd worked together beautifully, with her lazy cleverness playing off his hot-headed attack mode in a manner I honestly would not have thought about. Madd you’re so devious.

Bad news: Firstly, your sketches were rather washed out, and at times it got hard to see what exactly was going on. You might wish to up the contrast a bit next time you scan. There were a few misspellings, but not often enough to be seriously distracting. I would recommend ending all your sentences with a period even if they’re at the end of the word bubble--while this is mostly a stylistic choice, this reader feels somewhat unfinished without it. Finally, your ending, while still a pretty good ending, seemed very abrupt--if I was your next opponent, I wouldn’t have much of an idea of where to pick up at after this. I’d recommend a few after-defeat panels to give your characters a sense of direction or reaction. Are they going to advance? Are they going to take Eddy the dead head along with? Are they going to sit and chat things out, get the aforementioned shut-eye? And finally, there's the fact that your last few pages were very late. While I didn't want to completely disqualify the late pages, this did knock you a good number of points, and put what would have been otherwise been a fairly solid vote into a tentative and unsure one. While I'm giving it to you now because I enjoyed your round, I fully expect this to not happen again.

73oss: Sketchy, but very dynamic entry. Good action, straight to the point plot. Obviously, try to get it looking more finished in the future. Not much else to say, except maybe try a different font next time, the one you've used is readable but it doesn't quite match the mood of your comic.

Ran & Putrid: Much like the last match, very strong start, No finish. And like 73oss's entry, there isn't much to critique due to it not having gone past the sketch stage. In the future,if you're going to upload pages 2 days late, at the very least inform the judges somehow. As clever as it might be, it comes across as underhanded.

Winner: :iconranzombie: :iconputridprophet:



A good entry but the ending of it felt rushed.  The beginning had a good setup and pacing and was easy to follow overall.  At the end though, your opponent was identified as a danger but then quickly resolved before things felt like they were escalating.  I did like your handling of 4 distinct personalities.  I tried to imagine their speech bubbles without the color coding and thought each of them was still able to stand out from the others.

Your story was well written and precise, giving it a strong sense of flow and adjusting its speed smoothly.  There were a couple of minor spots that took me out of the story when in one panel two characters were talking then in the next panel it's the same image but they slightly shifted from their previous position.  It was one of those moments where I had to break the flow of the story to check if they just moved or did something else.  A couple of times you broke the 180 rule when Vladis would be facing one of the Magical Trio but in the following panel the Trio was facing the same direction as Vladis.  I like how you play with the text several times in your entry by flipping it or scribbling it, giving it a nice visual trick.

A typical trio of supergirl sisters. I like their personalities, but throughout the comic there is too much discussion under those three. the ending comes to fast, like "oh an enemy lets fight him. or better just let him vanish, SWOOSH! The End"

Her way of telling the story is just awesome. There is a lot of inner conflict shown but also we get to see a good balance of surroundings, silent moments, action and drama. I really like it.

Although I really like H-Guderian's characters a lot, I got carried away by Mieruru's immerssive style of telling her story.
So I give my point to Mieruru.


Okay, first for the positives. I really like your characters—they’re very distinct from each other personality-wise, and in general fun to read; their banter is both very realistic and pleasant. Cal why are you such a jerk. Also, your defeat of Vladi was very clever; no Voice, no Truth. Your style is damndably cute; I just wanted to hug everyone. The grammar was solid, with no errors in sight, and it was easy to tell who was talking. The pacing was just right in most places, and Vladi seemed in-character in all but a few regards.

Now for the downsides. First off, in regards to your panel borders and text bubbles, I’d recommend making them more straight, or at least using a more solid color, to give it a better unified, finished look. You also have a bit of same face going on with your style—while it’s very cute, without the colored word bubbles it can get a little hard to tell who’s who. The sketchiness is also a bit of a downfall, as it made it hard to tell what was going on at times. Also, please don’t use emotes or shortened words in-comic—you don’t need them! We can tell Vladi is upset without a little D8 word bubble, and she seems VERY unlikely to write ‘plz’. Lastly, your defeat of Vladi seemed a little quick; it didn’t involve any real fight or effort.

Oh wow. You did not pull any punches with this round. I really love your style—I know I’ve said that about a lot of rounds, but it works exceptionally well with H-Guderian’s cute characters, making them lovely, but also more than capable of some deathly serious events without it seeming too bizarre or out of place. Just. Wow. This was one of the few rounds that actually made me gasp out loud. H’s characters were spot-on, more or less, and the layout was wonderful—I really enjoy your Flash page-turning layout, and you worked out the progression of panels and dialogue to sync with it beautifully. I especially loved Cal’s transformation sequence and the entire event with Fulmine and just. Brr. Poor Fulmine. Poor Vladi. Poor everyone.

Now for the downsides. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of them. The panel of Vladi walking (“I don’t know which way home is”), with its notable sketchiness, is rather out of place with the other sketchy but cleaner panels, and most especially with the colored mountain-gem-glowy panel after it, which makes its sketchy looseness more obvious. Cal seemed rather out of character—while she is violent, loud, aggressive, yes, I find it very hard to believe that she would just out and out attack with attempt to seriously harm a girl who hasn’t done them any harm, even if she is The Enemy. In general, the entire group seemed a lot more rude and pushy than they probably would be, considering the normally lighthearted and casual banter that parades Guda’s entries. Finally, your art seemed off on a few panels, especially full-body ones; close-up, the characters’ heads seem considerably more proportionate to their bodies than in your full-body shots.

H-guderian: Your paneling has improved compared to your audition. That being said, 3 things to keep in mind for the future; one, be careful about colored dialogue bubbles, they can be difficult to read if they're too saturated; two, of the four characters in your entry, the only one I could readily identify was your opponent because she always wore glasses. Color would have helped but it would only be a bandaid on a bigger problem. Finally, pacing, your story plays out very fast, to the point where, even despite a 6 page entry, I got to the end and found myself asking "What? that's it?" This is a problem that I can't really offer a solution for, it's something learned over time, and something I still haven't quite got the hang of either.

Meiruru: Well, aside from the my little pony joke in the title, there isn't much I can pick at for this entry, well written, funny (The book flip cracked me up), clean and fairly polished. You're obviously aware that there was minimal shading, but I don't feel that that detracted much. Be careful of how many close-up/headshot panels you use, it felt a little heavy on them.

Winner: :iconmieruru:


Match 5: :iconfruitnloops::iconversusplz::iconstitchwerks:

Your comic had a good start and I was looking forward to reading it but was sad to see that it was unfinished.  You do a good job on your character's expressions in a way that, if you got rid of the dialogue, you could easily tell just how the character felt at that moment.  You handle the transition of foreground with lines and background without lines well but I think parts of your backgrounds could stand out more if you chose lighter/darker colors rather than colors that are close to each other.

:bulletred: FruitnLoops:
three pages of twenty, maybe because Stich forfeit...
well there is not much to tell from the pages, exept the car gave up on the two. Penske and Trinite are an interesting pair. I'd like to see more of them.

Yeah...well his audition was interesting and also colourful He put in a lot of effort but it's hard to keep that standart throughout the whole story. The Goblin prince was an interesting character. hope he will use him for another story...


Alright, Fruits. I enjoy your art—the faces and expressions are solid, and it in general seems very soft, smooth, and pleasant to the eye. Your characters are fun to read about; Penske especially is entertaining, and I can emphasize with his situation. Your grammar was solid, and I liked your text bubble technique, which fit in well with your generally soft style. I have to admit I’m very curious to see where they go.

As for the downsides, your art has some notable errors in anatomy that bothered me, mostly in regards to arms, hands, and perspective—may wish to work on that. Also, I noticed you spent a lot of time focusing instead on things you do well and not so much on practicing what you need to work on; there were a lot of pure ‘head + upper torso’ shots, and very little focus on things like legs or the car, even when it would be very beneficial to see them. Not to mention there’s the obvious unfinished-ness, which I believe speaks for itself. I’d recommend, next round, do the entire round in stages—better to have a finished round of sloppy sketches than an incomplete round with pleasant colors and relatively clean linework.

FruitnLoops: Oof, count yourself lucky I suppose. Had your opponent submitted anything even resembling a full entry I likely would have had to give it to him, not for any lack of quality on your part, or lack of writing. Simply because you never managed to get to the part where you showed his character. While having a clean colorful entry does give you an advantage
Having a COMPLETE one should always take first priority even if that means sacrificing some pride and uploading glorified stick figures. Your colors, lines and dialogue are fine, but please, next round focus on completion before polish.

Winner: :iconfruitnloops:


Let me just say you pulled off an amazing job having to write for one character being quiet, aloof, and constantly worried along with another character being loud, angry, and unintentionally sounding hilarious.  There were some problems with anatomy and perspective in that some of the arms and legs felt too short or long.  Not enough to affect my reading of your entry but something to watch out for.  The visual effects and textures in part 3 were very well done and gave off the feel that something creepy was affecting the whole area around us.  I liked your coloring and your backgrounds in the last part were beautiful.

Legion himself is a bit of a stereotypical emo character. but his ability and the shown outcome is awesome. the story is told well, also that short guest appearance was funny.

His character had a lot of potential. that annoyed, fight-picking mountain-dude. Pity, we cannot see more of him...

Alright, first off, I really like Legion as a character. Tortured souls are always fun on the morality scale, and I’m interested to see where you go with him. Every part during and after that little “…run” was amazing, beautiful art mixed with amazing, disturbing imagery. The way you depicted Paw was spot-on, and you seemed to do a good job rolling with the humorous oddity that is Paw blending with the traumatic horror that is Legion. Also, cameos, yay! This judge enjoys cameos (provided they’re not inserted in a shoehorned and needless manner), they give a sense of interaction and community. Your grammar and use of text bubbles was spot on, and everyone seemed pretty in-character. Props to you!

Now for the downsides. The fight with the mountain lion seemed sort of contrived, I’ll be honest—it seems unlikely that a lion would just up and attack, especially when Legion is presumably not too far from civilization yet, this being Round One. Also, when your character is lamenting the horror of having killed something, it generally helps to not give the dead thing X’s for eyes at that moment—it seriously dampens the issues of the character, as seriously as if they were a little chibi lamenting their woes. In general, there were times where the comic and the serious clashed rather badly—such as giving Legion a silly face or including the ‘crab walk’ un-sound effect.

Ombre: huh. That was goddamn creepy. So I suppose mission accomplished, hahaha. Excellent dialogue, and very good execution on the horror aspect. Backgrounds could use some work, keep in mind you're going to be spending the majority of the tourney in a cave, so it would be a good idea to do some practice drawing rocks, to avoid having the world made of lumps.

Winner: :iconombre-de-clause:



I was amazed by the amount of detail your entry had.  The lighting from the fire and the Forge was done beautifully.  I especially liked that small detail of the fiery glow in the window before the Forge bursts through the wall.  I'm not sure if intentional or not, but the text from the Forge was difficult to read at times.  The text in your speech bubbles at the beginning of your entry felt off center and a little distracting but this seemed to go away in later pages.  Overall it had a solid story and writing with a nice and seamless mix of humor and action in it.

Your story did an amazing join building suspense.  My problem though was that when I read up to the point of Donna and Jere about to be found, I was surprised to find out that was the end of your entry.  The miner that's killed did a good job of showing how gruesome the Forge can be to its victims.  I was confused by when the burning miner is attached to a pillar along with other miners and wondered if there was more to that but I had trouble clearly seeing the details of it.

:bulletred: Daco:
Wow. Again an amazin story. The action, the fun, the tension, the drawing style...well done! what should I crit here?

Here the characters seem a bit flat. Also I miss a bit of action (except the part where that poor man gets bashed). there could have been happend more...
Also the Robot lacks a bit of motivation. I can see that he just bashes more and more people and the story would not get more interesting. I miss something like a "Im different!" moment.

I really like that big robot thingy, but Donna and her brother are far more interesting.
My point goes to Daco.

First, let me just say that I love your style. For reals. It’s cartoony and loose, yet still clean and fun and it just works out great. Lovely, lovely attention to detail as well—I’ve seen a lot of people start their entries with intricate backgrounds and then just sort of go ‘screw it’, but your art remained beautifully consistent throughout. Also, I’m just saying, Donna and Jeremiah are amazing, beautiful people. They bounce off each other so well and their banter was hilarious to read, and their whole method of defeating the Hellforge was downright brilliant, in a sort of vaguely slapsticky way. Also OH MY GOD ALIEN THING WHAT. Great use of dialogue and hooks for the next round. I’m already fascinated.

One of the main downsides I noticed on your round is that the font you use is rather super uncomfortable to read. The letters seem very squished together, and I had to re-read lines a few times. Text in general seems to be your downfall—there were a large number of grammar/syntax errors, and your text was often mis-aligned with the bubble. This took away a lot from an otherwise super round, because I found it hard to follow with the grammar being in general rather poor. The nitrogen thing seemed rather too convenient, but that might just be me having not lived in a mountain town. Do people in mountain towns usually keep nitrogen tanks in their basements? Besides that, please link your parts in the artist’s comments; it makes things SO MUCH easier for me.  

First off, LJS, thank you so much for making the font more readable. Having to download the pages for your audition cost you some major points. First for the good points on your entry: your characterization of your opponents was very solid, as was your grammar. There wasn’t a real point that I could say ‘no, Donna/Jeremiah would never say that’, which was a flaw I saw in several other entries. The flow and pacing were easy to understand and went well—other than the abrupt ending, everything seemed about the right speed, and it was easy to tell what was going on in the panels. Finally, I really like the plot/imagery you had going—the Hellforge is a scary, scary thing, with a hell of a lot of potential for disturbing the reader.

Now for the downsides. While your sketches are easy enough to see and I could tell well enough what was going on, they were rather sloppy and uneven, and your anatomy could use a little work, even when accounting for stylization. When doing the black borders for panels, please make sure you do them for ALL the panels—there were a few you missed, which resulted in confusion regarding positioning and what was going on. And finally, the ending was… well, there wasn’t an ending. Please spend less time focusing on your neat and colored first page and more on making sure you’ve got sketches done for all your pages before making your first page tidy. These are all rather obvious things, yes, but they’re big ones that cost you a lot of points.

Incredibly expressive characters, great use of minimalistic coloring. The liquid nitrogen is a bit contrived for me, but it worked in the story and didn't cause any problems with the pacing. Youve set yourself up quite well for the future rounds, and I look forward to seeing more from you.
Stong color and composition on the first page, things kinda peter out from there. Your pacing was a tad on the slow side, and unfortunately you don't seem to have finished.

Winner: :icondacothetaco:


(Double forfeit)


Thus concludes Round 1 of the Drop.  

As for the lottery slot, eligible names were thrown in using the Haphazard Arrangement Technique (once again a "hat").  Please keep in mind that the winner's entry is still considered canon.
And the winner who comes back for one more round is: :icon73oss:

Prepare for Round 2 of the Drop, coming immediately after this.

The crimson cloud of the Scarlet Gem appears to be shining brighter than it did before, high above the mountain top.  The animals of Gyges Peak have fallen silent at the sound of many newcomers entering their land, each stranger bound to run into another.  Will your first step on the mountain be your last?

Update: August 14th, early morning Results for the match-ups will be posted later tonight along with match-ups for the next round.  Also I decided that due to the double forfeit from the last round, there will be a lottery to fill in the 8th spot for the next round.  Eligible contestants will be those who submitted something for Round 1 and results of the lottery will be posted after the Round 1 results.

Update: August 6th, morning - Round 1 is now closed.  Judging for Round 1 should be up within a week.  In the mean time, get some rest and good luck to you all.  If you haven't submitted your entry just yet, be sure to get them in immediately.  I'm off to work and will check back when I'm home.
Edit: Freddy and Illa submitted their entry to me before the deadline and I forgot to include theirs.  Fixed.

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:


Drop OCT Round 1: Ace In The Hole by JoTyler :iconjotyler:&:iconnergalitos: :iconversusplz: :iconcirrusdark:&:iconxxbirdfirexx:

:iconfreddyf202:&:iconilla-noise: :iconversusplz: :iconlcom: Drop OCT - R1 - P1 by LCom

:thumb319310603: :icon73oss: :iconversusplz: :iconranzombie:&:iconputridprophet: The Drop OCT: R1 S1 by RanZombie

Drop pg1 by H-Guderian :iconh-guderian: :iconversusplz: :iconmieruru: the Drop I - Friendship is Magic by Mieruru

:iconfruitnloops: :iconversusplz: :iconstitchwerks:

The Drop Round 1 by Ombre-de-clause :iconombre-de-clause: :iconversusplz: :iconwinterweed:

:icondacothetaco: :iconversusplz: :iconjiisuri: TheDrop1 01 by Jiisuri

:iconstephi-jk:&:iconskatoonist: :iconversusplz: :iconcoffeegoblet:&:icontagsy:

The deadline is is three weeks, SUNDAY AUGUST 5th, 2012 at 11:59 PM HST.  Like last time, entries may trickle in after the listed deadline but do not wait too long.

Important notes:

:bulletblack: As a reminder, this round will not receive an extension.  Please use your time wisely.  Extensions will be available after this round.

:bulletblack: Your entry for this round may occur within the mountain or outside in the forest/town/plains/etc. if you wish.

All match-ups were created using names and a haphazard arrangement tactic, also known as a "hat"

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