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Wow, okay, thanks TvTropes.
HEY GUYS, there seems to be a lot of tension going on. I would like to say I'M STILL WILLING TO OFFER CRITS!

I will be as blunt and honest about it as possible and will even go as far to say whether I agree with voting or not and why, because I think it's important people know what works and what doesn't because how else will they learn?

ALSO in terms of all the people talking against the judges? While I think there are more... Pleasant ways to put it, I don't blame the people who are speaking poorly. They have every right to complain about things, especially if they feel they're being treated unfairly. Octs are MADE of contestants. Yes, the judges are running it, but if contestants are unsatisfied, you're kind of failing as management. I would like to try and help by giving out good crit and help the remaining people do better in the future.
I won't be submitting an entry this round. The judging last round, as in accepting my opponent's entry regardless of the fact that over half of it was submitted throughout a week over the deadline, has put me off of this tournament. If I had known the judging was going to be so... Forgiving.. I would have cleaned, lined, and colored my entire round.

I apologize to my opponent, but I do not feel bad as a whole.

Good luck to those of you who do decide to continue on.
Aren't you being a wee bit unreasonable here?
I mean okay, you have a very valid point and I can see why you wouldn't accept the final results in the last round. But in the end you are still in the tournament. You were given a chance and now you're throwing it away.
Don't you think its a bit unfair for everyone else who didn't get that chance?
I'm sure all of them including me and my partner (if we had lost) would have accepted and used that opportunity!
So why are you doing this?

Either way, you have your reasons and you're in your whole right to not submit anything and forget about this OCT...
But I would strongly suggest you to reconsider and try to look past this recent events and just make the best of the chances you have been given.
I think he's being reasonable, if the judges are going to let stuff like that slide, it's hard to take them seriously and I can understand why he would rather not be judges by judges who are hard to take seriously!