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The Drizzt fan-club

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:bulletpurple: I am a big fan of Drizzt and the Legend of Drizzt Series!
:bulletpurple: this group is for all Drizzt and Drow fans!
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:bulletpurple: enjoy talking to other fans!
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:bulletpurple: due to some breaking of the rules every submission will now be reviewed by me (the founder) if it contains any nude, porn, or sexual content it will be declined

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you all know Homeland right? of course lol so I have been craving it like no other and my friend is borrowing my copy..

A little piece of my user journal:

Have you ever craved a book so much that you start dreaming about it? Well that's happening to me right now... Its really annoying. I dream that I have the book and I'm so happy and I read a little bit of it and I'm like yay I have it! Then I wake up and immediately look to my book shelf and its not there... It takes me a minute to realize that it was a dream and my friend still has the book.. I don't know why I crave THAT book so much I've already read it three times.. I've craved a book before but not to this extent. Its Homeland the first Legend of Drizzt book.. It has Zaknafein, and Dinin (ya I like Dinin got a problem?), Vierna (the cool Vierna), Matron Malice, Menzoberranzan, and the acadamy, and Masoj, and Belwar, and, and ,and (goes on forever you get the point) It just has alot of stuff the other books don't.. and now its official.. the first book is my favorite book. I have a feeling that by the time I turn 20 I will have re read the whole series atleast 5 times.. whos betting XD

really who thinks I will beable to read the whole series 5 times in 4 years? :XD:

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Drizzt and Guenhwyvar by keelerleah
Spider Web Leather Bracer Inspired By Lolth by ChrisOnly
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Or help me advertise this some more among the fans of the genre, say in a journal entry - it would be most sublime and I'll be enormously endebted...!
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hi DrowelfMorwen, yes just submit to that goes right in.
to Elvenfirefly: Yes! i agree with you the best series was the older volumes with Zak! I really dislike Dahlia and the companions all dead in the new part
= =
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I have a series of weird and curious photos taken in an underground cavern called Stump Cross Caves. Is anyone clever/cunning enough to use these as backgrounds for any Drow characters? I'm not bright enough to do so myself as lack the software and skill required. But I have a good imagination and can see how they might be used as secene?
ElvenFireFly Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
may i see them? I have been meaning to draw a few drow pics C:
nixihix Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I've uploaded them all into a gallery folder:
Still pretty new to Deviantart, so I hope I've done this right? Not sure if the photos will be of any use or not, but they're there for inspiration :)
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