Working Dog Titles

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All titles require Fullbody images.

Logging: Test your dog's strength and endurance through the sport of logging. Dogs will be hooked up in teams of at least two to a max of 4 and will pull a log that gets bigger with each level. Teams must successfully pull a log across flat land and uphill.

NTL: Novice Logger
ATL: Endurance Logger
ChTL: Logging Team Champion
GChTL: Logging Team Grand Champion

Hunde Tauro Hunting: Pit your dog against the prey bred exclusively just for them. Dogs will be required to track, chase, and kill a Hunde Tauro on their own by grabbing the nose and suffocating the animal. Biting to wear the animal down is permitted, but the kill must be made through the eventual suffocation in the nose hold.

HT-I - Hunde Tauro Beginner
HT-II - Hunde Tauro Experienced
HTMH- Hunde Tauro Master Hunter
HTCh - Hunde Tauro Champion
HTF - Hunde Tauro Fuhrer

Hunde Tauro Team Hunting: The same game, but with more players! Dogs competing in team events will be required to bring down at least 2 Tauros using the suffocation method. Teams of up to 4 dogs is permitted.

HTTH-I - Hunde Tauro Team Hunter Beginner
HTTH-II - Hunde Tauro Team Hunter Experienced
HTTMH- Hunde Tauro Team Master Hunter
HTTHCh - Hunde Tauro Team Hunter Champion

Guarding: Only for dogs that possess a great sense of territory, Guarding requires your dog to successfully guard a designated area from intruders and alert to trouble. Dogs will be tested on their ability to watch their borders, alert through barking, and to take down and hold an intruder until help comes.

WchD1 - Watch Dog Novice
WchD2 - Experienced Watch Dog
WDE - Watch Dog Excellent
IntWD - International Watch Dog
IntWDII - Grand Champion International Watch Dog

Boar Hunter: How many pigs can you bring home? Lets your dogs loose and see! Dogs will be judged on how many pigs they successfully kill while on the hunt. Hunts last 3 hours and only dead pigs will be counted. Efficiency and endurance are the key.

BH: Boar Hunter (Killed at least 1 pig)
BHE: Boar Hunter Excellent (Killed at least 2 boars)
BHCh: Boar Hunter Champion (Killed at least 3 to 4 boars)
GrMBH: Grand Master Boar Hunter (5 pigs and up)

King Of Hunters

Earn the KofH title by earning these individual titles:

HTF - Hunde Tauro Fuhrer
HTTHCh - Hunde Tauro Team Hunter Champion
GrMBH: Grand Master Boar Hunter

KofH Krieges earn +20 points (25 if female).
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Starting on these with the babbies. 

Question, though. Does the prey animal need to be showing in all title images? Or is it acceptable to show the kriege tracking or chasing? 
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At least some part of the prey needs to be shown if chasing but tracking no.
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Awesomesauce, thank-you! <3 
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Sluuuurrrrrp! I'm gonna get every one of those
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:iconhurrhurrplz: I'm looking forward to it ^^.
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