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This is a dictionary for the Kriege breed, with helpful insight on several terms and wordings to make navigation the group and breed in general easier.

Agouti - AA or Aa: Dog is a Bay. Black hair shows only in points pattern (usually neck ruff and mowhawk, tail, legs, sometimes tips of ears).

Albino - Dog where all black pigment is void from skin and hair. Skin and nose leather are pink, as well as paws. Eyes are blue. Albino dogs are not accepted in the Kriege Registry.

Alleles - Genes that determine certain qualities. Can be dominant (Uppercase) or recessive (lowercase).

Appaloosa - Coat marking where white covers the rump, lower part of back, and flanks. Can have spots where the basecoat shows through.

Badger face: Irregular marking where the white covers both sides of the face but the middle of the face is still the original base coat.

Battle - Kriege type where long fur is only on the hind legs. Mowhawk extends down the length of the spine. Feathering on elbows.

Bay - Ee/AA or ee/Aa: Black hair shows only on legs, nose, neck ruff/mowhawk, tail, and sometimes tips of ears.

Birdcatcher - Anomaly where random white specs appear on the dog's coat. Usually small. Not to be confused with SNOWFLAKE.

Bitch - Fully grown female dog of 2 years or older.

Black - EE or Ee: Dog forms black pigment in skin and hair.

Blank face - White face. Also known as a BALD FACE.

Blaze - White marking that goes from the forehead to the nose. Can be irregular.

Blizzard - Anomaly where many large spots appear on the dog's coat. Can be few or many.

Bloodmarks - Anomaly of irregular, coppery red patches of hair. Can appear anywhere on the dog's coat. Usually found on head, neck, rump, and shoulder.

Brindle - Coat marking where stripes appear all over or on some parts of the dog's body. Always black. (X+)

Butt Duster - Mutation where the hair on the tail grows at a consistent rate like human hair. It is unknown as to what causes this, but the hair does not inhibit the dog's health or performance and can be cut or styled to the owner's preference. Only occurs in Drafts.

Champagne - ChCh/nCh: Champagne gene. This gene gives a golden or bronze cast to the dog's coat color. It is a dilution.

Chestnut - ee/aa: Dog is chestnut.

Coat - Hair that covers the dog's body.

Cream - nCr: Single dilution factor. This gene creates buckskins, palominos, and Smoky Blacks.
CrCr: Double dilution factor. This gene creates Cremellos and Perlinos.

Crop - The cutting of the dog's ears.

Dock - The cutting of the dog's tail.

Dominant gene - Gene that requires one or two dominant alleles to show on the dog's coat.

Dominant recessive - Gene that requires two recessive alleles to show on the dog's coat.

Draft - Kriege type that has long hair on all 4 legs and neck ruff reaches to the belly.

Drama face - Face marking where two white dots on eyebrows, and crooked/jagged smile like markings extend from the mouth.

Dun - DD/Dd: Dog shows a diluted body color to pinkish-red, yellow-red, yellow or mouse gray and has dark points including dorsal stripe, shoulder stripe and leg barring.

Elbows - This concerns battles only. Battles have tufts of silky long hair on their elbows. Not having any is a fault, as it was intended for the breed to have this trait. Any Kriege without feathering on the elbows has been unrightly clipped and the hair will be asked to let grow back (i.e, edit the ref of the dog to include feathering, but only if it is a battle build).

Extreme Sabino - Sabino marking that covers the whole body of the dog or most of it.

Extensive Splash - Splash marking that covers the entire body of the dog or most of it. See MEDICINE HAT.

Few Spot Appaloosa - Subdivision of the Appaloosa marking. Blanket extends to the front of the body and covers most of the basecoat, with only patches of original coat showing through on chest, legs, neck, and face.

Grey - GG/Gg: Horse will grey with age. Greys can range from "white" to dark grey and can even dapple.

Maning - when the fur on the throat and the back of the neck encase the entire neck in a lion like fashion. Krieges do not have maning. The neck ruff and mohawk are two seperate parts, and any Kriege that has maning will be faulted severely (as in you will have to draw a new ref to correct the issue).

Medicine Hat - Subdivision of the Extensive Splash marking. Basecoat is only shown on the top of the head. The remainder of the body is white, due to the splash marking being so complete.

Overbreeding - When a dog or bitch is bred more than 5 times.

Lacing - Anomaly where a fine, crossknit patch of white hairs appear on the dog's back. Resembles a crotchet pattern.

Lethal Overo - A combination of overo alleles, or more specifically two dominate overo alleles. OO puppies will always have a painful death after they are born. Euthanasia is suggested to make sure no puppies suffer. Caution should be taken to ensure no such genetic outcomes come along.

Leopard Appaloosa - Subdivision of Appaloosa marking, where entire body is white and spots of the original basecoat speckle the dog all over. Spots can be numerous or few.

Pearl - prl/prl: Pearl. Pearl creates a uniform pale color on the dog's body. It is a dominate recessive gene.

Overo - Marking that is classified as irregular patches of white on the body. (Oo, but never OO)

Recessive - Gene that does not show up or alter dog's appearance. Usually all lowercase letters when written.

Roan - RnRn/nRn:  roan pattern of white hair mixed in with base color. The head and legs are left as their original color.

Sabino - Coat marking that is jagged and wild on it's edges. Can cover some or all of the body (Sb1/Sb1 or Sb1/sb1). See EXTREME SABINO.

Silver - ZZ/nZ: Dilution in black pigment. It also turns the dog's neck ruff and fur on the throat white/silver.

Skullcap - Face marking where the face is white, but patches around the eyes are left as the original basecoat. Edges can be jagged to form "teeth" markings or form around the nose to resemble nasal cavities.

Sooty - Black hairs that dust over the basecoat, creating a "sooty" effect, as though the dog has been dusted on the back with charcoal. (Sty/Sty or Sty/sty)

Splash - White marking that is crisp and defined on it's edges. Looks as though the dog has been dipped in paint. Can cover all or most of the body (Spl/Spl or Spl/spl). See EXTENSIVE SPLASH

Star - Spot, speck, or line on the forehead.

Stained - Anomaly where all white markings, except varnish, can be darker than the basecoat.

Stud - Fully grown male dog that is sexually active.

Tobiano - Marking where round, white patches of hair cover the body. Usually large and create unique Shield and Chest spots, where the basecoat can clearly be shown. Overo is likely to have mapping, a faintly grey outline of the original white shape. (Toto or ToTo)

Tovero - A dog that has both Tobiano and Overo markings.

Tufts - White markings that affect the ends of the neck ruff and Mohawk.

Varnish - Subdivision of the Roan marking. Varnish is not as complete as Roan, and may be heavier on rump than on the shoulders, neck, chest, or sides. Irregular consistency.

War cut - A type of hairstyle for the mohawk. It is a working cut and resembles a Trojan helmet, where the hair was sheared at an even length and meant to be intimidating. It is not accepted in the conformation ring, as the hair is to remain at it's natural state at all times.
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