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Hello everyone. This is just a note to say that the Registry now has it's own set of items. These items include everything from collars to supplements.

What are items?

Items are registry products created for use in kennels registered with the group.

What can they be used on?

Items can be used on Krieges and other working dogs.

Are there exceptions?

Certain items, such as custom breed harnesses and collars, or rare items won from a breed sponsored show, cannot be used on other breeds beside Krieges. In that case they are breed specific. Also, supplements, which increase dog stats, may be used on other dogs, but such items may not have an impact in other groups. Here, any dog that uses items that up their stats and enter a show where stats count will show on their scorecard.

How do I get these items?

These items can be purchased with art. Simply draw your dog doing an activity (a sport, a day at the park, etc.) and pick your item. Items have unlimited uses, but upgrades for these items will cost additional art and help to improve your dog's stats in later registry sponsored events

What are upgrades?

Upgrades are higher level items that have a bigger effect on your dog. They are also flashier and perhaps rarer than common grade items. Each upgrade will cost the buyer more art.

Are items mandatory?

No. Items are not mandatory. In the event of a show, if one dog has items and the rest of the group does not, then his or her extra item points will be deducted and everyone will be judged on a regular scale. That way, no dog will constantly win just because he has items and the rest do not.

If a group has more than 1 dog with items, with a minimum of 3 boosted dogs to count, then those 3 or more boosted dogs will be judged against each other. The other dogs without boosted stats will be judged on a regular scale. In that case, then there will be two groups of placers (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Will items have an effect on bloodlines?

No. Items will not affect the quality of a bloodline. Only good breeding can do that.
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