Dog and Breeder Point System

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:new: Update 9/9/14 - New point values added for the point system. Stat system has also been done away with.



Registered with the group: 5 points
Up to date ref: 5 points
Old ref(s): 2 points

Everyday/Training Images:

Headshot: 2 points
Fullbody w/o shading or bg: 3 points
Fullbody w/ shading and/or bg: 5 points
Chibis: 1 point for every dog in the photo. Maximum of 5 dogs in each photo.

Training images: 7 points
Training headshots: 3 points


Show entries: 5 point (RNG) 7 points (Effort)
Title Sheets: 5 points + 1 for every title over 3. (For example, if you have 4 titles on one sheet, you would get 6 points. 5+1=6)

Conformation Showing:

Age class: 6-12 months - 3 points
Age class: 12 - 18 months - 5 points
Age class: 18 - 24 months - 5 points
Age class: 1 - 2 years - 6 points
Age class: 2 - 3 years - 7 points
Age class: 3 - 5 years - 8 points
Age class: 6+ years - 10 points

Grand Champion: 30 points
Champion: 20 points
ROM: 15 points

BIS: 12 points (RNG) 25 points (Effort)
RBIS: 10 points (RNG) 20 points (Effort)
BOB: 7 points (RNG) 10 points (Effort)
BOV: 6 points (RNG) 12 points (Effort)
Group 1st: 11 points (RNG) 15 points (Effort)
Group 2nd: 7 points (RNG) 10 points (Effort)
Group 3rd: 4 point (RNG) 7 points (Effort)
Group 4th: 3 points (RNG) 5 points (Effort)
Best of Opposite Sex: 6 points (RNG) 12 points (Effort)

Best Breeding Bitch/Stud: 12 points (RNG) 25 points (Effort)
Best Brace in show: 12 points (RNG) 25 points (Effort)

Prizes given by the Kennel-Club that also count in our point system:

CACIB: 5 points (Effort)
RCACIB: 3 points (Effort)
Champion Quality: 5 points (Effort)

Breed Sponsored Shows:

Add 5 points to any placing listed above.

Non conformation showing:

1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 5 points
3rd Place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points


+5 point for each title gained.


Breeding image (Bust): 2 points
Breeding Image (Full body): 5 points

Health tested Parents: +3 for the litter
Litter health tested: +3 for the parent
Championed Parent: +5 for the litter


By generation: 2/3/4/5/6

For every dog and bitch in a profile: 1/0/0/0/0
For every Soldier dog or bitch in a profile: 5/3/2/1/0
For every Lieutenant dog or bitch in a profile: 10/5/3/2/1
For every Captain dog or bitch in a profile: 15/10/5/3/2
For every Commander dog or bitch in a profile: 20/15/10/5/3
For every Fuhrer dog or bitch in a profile: 25/20/15/10/5

After the 6th generation, the points from previous dogs in the pedigree no longer count.


Soldier: 50+ points
Lieutenant: 75+ points
Captain: 125+ points
Commander: 200+ points
Fuhrer: 280+ points




For every foundation Kriege in a kennel: 2 points
For every lined Kriege in a kennel: 5 points


For every Grand Champion Kriege: 25 points
For every Champion Kriege: 15 points
For every BIS Kriege: 10 points
For every Kriege with a 1st place in a trial: 5 points
For every Kriege with a high group title in other organizations (i.e. The Kennel Club, The FCI, etc.): 3 points per title


For every Kriege with 2 complete generations: 3 point
For every Kriege with 3 complete generations: 5 points
For every Kriege with 4+ complete generations: 8 points


For every Soldier: 5 points
For every Lieutenant: 10 points
For every Captain: 12 points
For every Commander: 20 points
For every Fuhrer: 25 points


Recognized Breeder: 100+ points
Established Breeder: 170+ points
Quality Breeder: 250+ points
Premium Breeder: 375+ points
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Where do we submit dog's references for leveling?
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Do we need to confirm points with you? 
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Nope. I trust you can all calculate X3.

If you would like me to check tho I would be more than happy to.
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How many points would Winner's Dog/Bitch, Best of Winners, and Judge's Pick count for?
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Best of winners, winners dog/bitch would get 2 points

Judges pick would get 5
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Fantastic; thank you =w =
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