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The-DPHDK-Registry is a complete record of all Krieges and Kriege puppies. All pages, stat systems, items, and the like are copyright to the Kriege registry.

This group is open to the public and any Kriege owner, breeder, or enthusiast may join. Only Kriege artwork may be submitted to the gallery.

To obtain a Kriege, you must ask SmexyHajiSan for an application, and if you qualify, you will be sent your design guidelines.

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There are two "lines" of Krieges. The Showline, bred by wealthy members of the Russian and German countries in the 18th and 19th centuries for the sport of conformation, and the Workingline. The Workingline is the line who lacks the flashiness of it's Showline counterparts in favor of function in hunting and fighting.

Besides less fur, which would usually score big in the conformation ring, WL dogs are the same size, structure, and standard as their SL brothers and sisters. What makes them different is their gameness. Gameness is not a trait the breed was intentionally bred for, as in times of war the other enemy was not necessarily on four legs. Krieges were bred to be "manstoppers", just like German Shepherds. The generals in war wanted their human enemies to be taken down and be taken down quickly with as few deaths to their own soldiers as possible. However, in times of rest, soldiers would take their dogs and participate in fights with other animals. This was common practice in England during the 1600's, and the best baiting dogs were bred to other good baiting dogs, just like good hunters were bred to other good hunters. Eventually, as Dog Shows became popular, game breeders separated and forged their own paths to keep their side of the breed alive.

The Russian Mafia and individuals in Germany and America have created their own distinct fighting bloodlines that have created Champions, Grand Champions, and ROM's. Some of the most notable are Siberia, Yankee, Haus, King, and Big Bull.


Siberia is the old Russian line. It's perhaps the oldest line that can be traced back, and some of the foundation fighting WL dogs can be traced back to this line. It was started by the Russian Mafia and, as dog fighting picked up, gave birth to one of the best Grand Champion and ROM sires, Siberia's Sumasshedshiy, or Crazy. Crazy was in a total of 3 fights at a working weight of 183 pounds. His fighting style was to go for the throat and not let go and while it won him fame and a gross income of over thirty thousand US dollars today, it also gained him many scars. Crazy finished his fighting career with a missing ear, eye, and countless marks on his face and head from where he had been bitten by his opponents.

Crazy carried on his legacy by siring dogs that proved their worth in the ring. He is the father to Champion Warmonger, Grand Champion Blue Grass, ROM Grand Champion Duke, and Champion Beauty. Warmonger won three fights during his career, but didn't make it to the breeding field due to a fatal fight in the yard. Blue Grass won a total of five fights, and went on to sire five pups of his own that ranked as three Champions and two Grand Champions before dying in the ring. Duke, out of the four, surpassed his father, winning four fights and banking fifty thousand dollars under his belt in the fighting ring. He sired pups of his own who made him a ROM and spread his blood to other notable lines. Finally, Beauty, the sister to Duke, only fought one fight, but did it so well she ranked a Champion. She was not bred, for whatever reason.


Yankee is a German line. It was founded by a dog named Yankee, who was named to add insult to injury with every American or allied soldier he took down. He served the German military for several months before he switched gears to fighting. His owner had been dismissed from work due to injury, so he took his dog with him and, in order to make a living, paired his dog with bears until other owners sought him out for dog on dog matches.

Yankee was in 10 fights, not counting his many bear baiting sessions. He killed 6, and 4 were picked up. Yankee was known for his endurance, not necessarily for his craziness. He fought to wear the other dog down, grabbing hold and not letting go until his opponent started to show weakness. Those in the fighting circuit who witnessed any of his fights called it "playing dead" because sometimes it looked like Yankee was the one who was giving up. His most notable fight was between him and a Siberia dog named Vodka. The match was contracted for a US equivalent of ten thousand dollars and lasted three hours and sixteen minutes. Vodka lost, dying from shock. His breeder, a well known member of the Russian Mafia, didn't have much to say about the loss besides that "Yankee was a damn good dog".

Yankee ended his career as a double Grand Champion and passed on his fighting genes to at least 15 direct relatives that made him a ROM. The most notable of the group were Grand Champion Roulette, ROM Champion Kaiser, and Grand Champion Englishman. Roulette, the female out of the three, had 4 litters after a career of five fights. A few of her pups included Champion Fruher, Champion Submarine, and Grand Champion No Surrender.


The Haus bloodline was founded by Hank Haus. He was a German American who fought for the allies as a decoder and owned many Krieges of his own back in America. Most of his dogs were taken in and trained for war, meant to be secret weapons against the enemies. They were dressed in copycat vests that dogs from the Axis side would wear for identification purposes and were responsible for helping clear enemy lines in no man's land.

While most of his dogs served on the front lines, a few were bred to entertain the sport of dog fighting. He participated in fights as a hobby when at home, but soon became one of America's premier sporting Kriege breeders. Haus is responsible for bringing ROM Haus' French Fry, Grand Champion Haus' Dirt, Champion Haus' Bank Robber, Grand Champion Haus' Home Run, ROM Champion Haus' Black Eyes, and perhaps the best brood dog in the history of sporting Krieges, ROM POR Haus' Heifer.

Heifer was a black and white tobiano bitch, built like a cow and about as docile as one too. She only fought two fights during her career in the pit and she wasn't exactly spectacular compared to the rest of Haus' dogs. However, she proved more than her weight in gold when she was turned out to breed.

Heifer's talent was in breeding the best. She produced six litters, totaling fourteen direct pups. All of them titled Champions or Grand Champions and made her the best bitch that had ever graced a sporting yard. Haus himself said that no bitch would ever surpass Heifer. She bred true and blue, no matter the bloodline.


The King line is primarily European. It was founded in England and almost got wiped out during World War II, when all German influences were being erased. However, it survived and kept its tightly bred lines together in one place: King Kennels. King Kennels moved its operation from the UK to America during the war, smuggling dogs in like drugs. Once safe, they bred world class dogs like King's Buster, Champion King's Lager, Champion king's Seattle, Champion King's Blonde Girl, King's Blueberry, and many more.

The thing that makes King a notable line is the performance ability of the dogs that come from it. Breeders using king in their line could expect fire, gameness, and hard mouths. King Kennels was also partial to chestnut dogs, for whatever reason. Some believe that its the red coat that brings out the "fire inside", making a King dog worth it's name.


Big Bull was a bay dog that may as well have been a steer. He was imported directly from Germany and had a successful career that totaled seven fights and made him a Grand Champion. Out of the seven, he killed six. He was known to charge his opponents and almost always tried to scratch early. If he wasn't let go fast enough, he'd bite. His handlers always said that you had to be careful, least he turn his horns on you. It made him both a joy to watch and a gamble to work with.

Big Bull had to end his time in the pit after a chain fight where he lost four teeth. Not wanting to take any chances ruining his streak, he was put to work on the breeding sides of things. Some of his offspring were Champion Big Bull Jr., ROM Champion Spanish Bull, Grand Champion Jeanette, Grand Champion Bull Horns, and Grand Champion ROM Milkmaid. He sired a grand total of twenty five direct descendants before he passed away from bloat.

Now, unlike other producers, Big Bull had a thing for producing working females. All the listed dogs above were bitches and all of them were just as fiery, if not moreso, than their father. His ROM status is considered higher than most, if not all others, because of this. Producing working females that could fight in the pit and fight well was rare. Pretty soon, he became the go too dog for when you wanted to bring in fighting stock of the fairer sex into your lines.

Out of all the puppies Big Bull produced, twenty of them were bitches and of these twenty, all of them became Champions or Grand Champions. His five sons fell short of the bar.
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