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Really That Good?--AKIRA
AKIRA was a game-changer in the world of animation, as well as international trade between the large capitalist markets of Japan and the United States. The perception of Japanese animation was altered, with more respect paid for how it could tell serious stories and blend genres while defying conventions. To turn Katsuhiro Otoma's lengthy manga into a ninety-minute film was a Herculean undertaking, but Otomo himself was the glue which held the production together and was able to implement the themes and philosophies making this film such a hit. It's gory, visceral, unapologetically violent, but also a bit more intelligent and poignant than one may give it credit for at first watch. This is a film combining human and transcendental themes with their more cynical, nihilistic counterpoints.
Otoma had long believed his own manga to be unfilmable, but decided relent when Tokyo Movie Shinsha offered him full creative control for a film adaptation. Ever the perfectionist, Otoma trimmed
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Tyrannosaur: A Voice For Those On The Outside

Representation in media is a somewhat controversial issue these days. Personally, I am neutral to it but can understand the desire for representation. Almost everyone regardless of race, class, gender, or orientation deserves to have a movie made about them. But one group still seems a bit underrepresented. Or if it is represented, it is greatly misunderstood. What about those...on the spectrum? 
Autism Spectrum disorders are heavily researched, but still misunderstood and misaligned. Nobody knows why the rate of diagnoses is growing, but more and more people are affected by withdrawn emotions, antisocial behavior, and driven by obsession. All are common hallmarks of the disorder, but my own diagnosis is Asperger's Syndrome. Some believe Asperger's Syndrome to be part of the Autism Spectrum, but this is disputed because of the many different symptoms associated with AS and things like isolation and emotional tendencies. I myself fit into the mo
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Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice Review

Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice
is a hot mess from start to finish. While the last movie had some sense of heart and a tangible plot, this was nonsensical and awkward even by Sailor Moon standards. I could barely understand what was going on, a third of the runtime was a singular montage, and the plot made little sense. This was a film that offered nothing and changed nothing, for reasons I cannot understand. The last movie was a bit superfluous also, but at least it made some semblance of sense and stood on its own enough. This was just confusing. 
Sailor Moon always made clear its mythic influences. The story of Princess Kaguya, a tale of a magical girl living an earthly existence only to ascend to divinity later, was already an influence on Sailor Moon. But this is a retelling of sorts, or perhaps a sequel. They call the snow queen "Kaguya" and investigate her domain. But once they intrude, it's downhill from
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Over the Moon -- A DAEU Story
Set almost immediately after The Codex Hunt. 
Long ago, during the reign of Kevin the Strange, it was proposed to start harvesting minerals on the moon for use in industry and trade. With the Draugar already a prime threat, Kevin thought to look to the stars to see what would happen. Though space travel made several advances, he could not go too far out of Drodon. Though an explorer probe did find various resources on Drodon's moon. It discovered untapped mines of iridium, calcite, iron powder, and a new mineral called moonstone, which in time became a basis for armoring Kevin's troops. The means of reaching there were mostly shot down, ranging from an elevator to a slingshot, which were deemed unpragmatic due to the rotation of the planet. Eventually, Kevin and his wizards were able to build a teleporter pad to launch up to five at once on a stream of light to the base. This made colonization of the base possible, and it was made an annex of Gem World A settlement containe
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What the internet can do... by yodajax10 What the internet can do... :iconyodajax10:yodajax10 4 0 SpongeBob Season 11 Scorecard (IN PROGRESS) by ilovededede SpongeBob Season 11 Scorecard (IN PROGRESS) :iconilovededede:ilovededede 13 24 Inktober 21 - Masquerade by AmericaMarten Inktober 21 - Masquerade :iconamericamarten:AmericaMarten 8 6 Sticks in the Mud- Whos Better? by EmeraldOfTheOcean Sticks in the Mud- Whos Better? :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 14 3
HALLOWEEN 2018 (BluJay Film Review)
Heads up, the very nature of this movie's plot setup will somewhat spoil the original 1978 Halloween. I'll try to give away as little as possible, but I wouldn't recommend continuing if you plan on seeing the original and want to know as little as possible. But if you're okay with that … 

is a classic horror film from 1978. It's also a 2007 remake of said horror film. It's also a direct sequel to the horror classic released in 2018, which is the one I saw a couple nights ago. I'm just gonna call it Halloween 2018 to avoid confusion from here on out. The original Halloween was about a mysterious killer named Michael Myers who escaped imprisonment and went on a killing spree. The only survivor of this spree, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), has been waiting for Myers to return, and forty years later, their long-awaited rematch has arrived. Which means that yes, this film completely ignores all of the
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Top 11 Dethroning Moments of Nostalgia Critic..
Well it's been a few months since the "Not So Awesome" document was posted, thus tarnishing the image of Doug Walker and Channel Awesome. Back then I was both sad and disappointed to learn this side to someone I looked up too, but I also hoped that maybe the controversy and the #ChangetheChannel movement could have the Walkers reflect on their past actions, lawyer up to get the NC rights back, and start over and become better people....but then that hope was easily demolished looking at the site currently. Now only Brad Jones and Guru Larry remain, they made an even more half-assed attempt to apologize and defend themselves with that "Response" to the article, and it turns out the Walker Brothers are STILL working there...completely debunking the rumors that Doug left the company and ended the character. As he continues to make more Nostalgia Critic content
:iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 13 17
Why I've Become More Analytical by SofiaBlythe2014 Why I've Become More Analytical :iconsofiablythe2014:SofiaBlythe2014 9 2 Bush's Barren Bill. by DTH-Incorproductions Bush's Barren Bill. :icondth-incorproductions:DTH-Incorproductions 7 7 top 10 boku no hero characters by TheNightWolf38 top 10 boku no hero characters :iconthenightwolf38:TheNightWolf38 10 2 Hilda Meets Courage (Insidious Parody) by SP2233 Hilda Meets Courage (Insidious Parody) :iconsp2233:SP2233 171 23 One's Character Is Represented By Sound. by DTH-Incorproductions One's Character Is Represented By Sound. :icondth-incorproductions:DTH-Incorproductions 5 19 The Inspiration of the 1980's! by Ezmanify The Inspiration of the 1980's! :iconezmanify:Ezmanify 16 9 Top 5 Cartoons That Deserve Reboots by DreamMaster64 Top 5 Cartoons That Deserve Reboots :icondreammaster64:DreamMaster64 6 5 Adventurous Kids Whos Better? by EmeraldOfTheOcean Adventurous Kids Whos Better? :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 10 5 Oswald The Lucky Rabbit by sydneypie Oswald The Lucky Rabbit :iconsydneypie:sydneypie 5 0 Lola Clockwork Orange by funnytime77 Lola Clockwork Orange :iconfunnytime77:funnytime77 22 0


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Do I ever come across as patronizing to any of you? 

Please be honest, because I REALLY don't mean to be. If I ever do sound condescending in any way, by all means please call me out on it because that is the last thing I want to come across as to anyone. 
With all the talk of Bojack's "Free Churro", I gotta say I liked most of it but the ending kinda killed it for me.

Yes it was as powerful and impactful as they said, but then the ending made the whole thing pointless and felt like a tease.

I dunno. But nobody else seems bothered by this, so whatever.
Someone thought it'd be a good idea to crack a joke about my episodes of self-harm, back when I was suffering from depression earlier this year. The place where the joke was made has been deleted by the user, but I told them that if I ever see them making a joke about me like that again, I'm blocking them.

I'm not gonna give the user's name because I don't want any of you harassing him (and also, if you're a close friend of mine, you probably know who it is), but let this be a lesson to all of you. There's a fine line between being edgy and funny and just being offensive. And making fun of mental illness like that, is crossing that line. I can tolerate jokes about me if they're in good taste, but I will NOT tolerate anyone joking about my or anyone else's depression like that.
AKIRA was a game-changer in the world of animation, as well as international trade between the large capitalist markets of Japan and the United States. The perception of Japanese animation was altered, with more respect paid for how it could tell serious stories and blend genres while defying conventions. To turn Katsuhiro Otoma's lengthy manga into a ninety-minute film was a Herculean undertaking, but Otomo himself was the glue which held the production together and was able to implement the themes and philosophies making this film such a hit. It's gory, visceral, unapologetically violent, but also a bit more intelligent and poignant than one may give it credit for at first watch. This is a film combining human and transcendental themes with their more cynical, nihilistic counterpoints.

Otoma had long believed his own manga to be unfilmable, but decided relent when Tokyo Movie Shinsha offered him full creative control for a film adaptation. Ever the perfectionist, Otoma trimmed thousands of pages into ninety minutes, racking up a production budget equivalent to $9 million, the most expensive animated film in Japan at the time. And like many manga adaptations, the film was made two years before the manga ended, so Otoma had to make an ending up just for the movie. This was a huge gamble from the start. 

But the gamble seemed to work. AKIRA was successful not only in its home market, but in the American market as well. It had a decent original run, but through release on LaserDisc as well as subsequent re-releases through the later decades, it built up the cult following for anime and encouraged re-evaluation of the medium. Many say it started the "second generation" of anime auteurs after the decline in the West of anime in the 60's. The new masters were taking over, and people picked up on it. It has consistently rated on publications like TIME and Empire as a great animated film, with IGN even ranking it on their overall sci-fi movies list. The aesthetic and ideas still run deep with this one, and even if you have not seen the film, you likely are aware of its influence. 

I was introduced to this movie much later in life than most others in this series. I was already in senior year of high school when I decided to watch it for the first time. I wasn't exactly blown away, but I could appreciate the art design and textures of the world. It is also one of the only films to legitimately disturb me, both in regards to the body horror and the existential themes surrounding Akira and the bleak image painted for the nation's future. It is tradition to review a more conventional "horror" film for this month, but I think this hits enough of the beats and was a horror film enough in both an existential and visual manner to qualify. 

Is AKIRA truly the cultural milestone and brilliant story it has been made out as, or is it a pretentious slog of a film only admired for superlative reasons as the first of its kind to break through in the West? Is AKIRA Really That Good? 

What the Film Does

This story is reflexive of dystopian literature. It is set after an apocalypse, descends into martial law, and restricts freedom of thought. So all the typical cyberpunk tropes apply. However, it does not shy away from the horror. The horror elements come from the scientific subplot, in itself sort of a Frankenstein story. Tetsuo becomes a hideous monstrosity both through chance and a reflection of his own pride, and his slip into sanity mirrors the aforementioned Frankenstein in his quest for power. The human body is exploited, toyed with, and maimed in the worst ways possible. While not quite adhering to the horror genre, AKIRA is successful at integrating horror elements into the cyberpunk genre without the effect coming across as jarring. 

While all these politics and musings on the human condition are great, at the heart of AKIRA is a story of rivalry. Kaneda and Tetsuo constantly compete for supremacy, for the love of the girl Kaori, and for survival. But later, Kaneda must turn to help Tetsuo when things get out of hand, showing their codependency despite being at odds. Even in the future, the bonds between fellow man are fragile and necessary, leading to both conflict and resolution in a heartbeat depending on circumstance. The dynamic between the two is one of the richest and most compelling I have seen from any film.   

Akira is not the name of the main character. He technically does not even feature within the film. He is a symbol. Akira is a psychic who leveled Tokyo and led to the creation of this world through a sheer accident. In investigation to the criminal underground of Neo-Tokyo, Tetsuo is studied and altered to become another Akira, harnessing his powers and using them to destructive means. As such, Akira symbolizes both man's tendency for destruction and the notion of repeated failure. Those who remember their history can repeat it as well. And even in trying and failing to recapture what made him so strong, the science backfires and Tetsuo messes things up even worse. Though not out of malice, the notion of the film seems to be humans are flawed in morals and bad at planning ahead. 


This movie is the biggest cultural milestone within anime. There was no other film like it at the time, and modern audiences did not know what to make of it, but they certainly embraced it. Alongside Battle Angel Alita, Fist of the North Star, and several others, it created an underground yet vocal cult following for anime in the 1990's that has only grown to this day. The success of the film led to translation of the manga through Marvel's Epic Comics line, making it one of the first manga to be translated into English in its entirety. In 1992, AKIRA was the first animated film to be distributed on home media through Criterion. It would be twenty-two years before another would follow in Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

The aesthetic of the film has continued far beyond its medium. It appears the Wachowski Sisters' filmography may have been influenced primarily by this one film. The light cycles, Art Deco setting mixed with Gothic undertones, the increase of criminal activity, and technological commentaries all scream dystopian fiction. The music videos for Kanye West's "Stronger" and Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit" (my favorite song and video by Linkin Park, for the record) directly take the visual style for their own. With any reflection of anime in the West, either consciously or subconsciously, AKIRA will be present. 

Talk of a live-action remake has been circulating for years. It was picked up by Scorscese and Spielberg, and at one point was slated to star Leonardo DiCaprio, but none of those ever made it past the planning stage. The latest speculation is Taika Waititi will direct and the cast will be ethnically appropriate. While some parts of me suggest animation is best for animation and some properties would not work in live-action, this remake seems like it could be promising. While some of the effects and body horror elements may be awkward and hard to pull off, the central themes and ideas can hold up anywhere. And in a post-Matrix, post-Blade Runner 2049 world, the visuals may not be too hard to match. Given a decent cast, this could work. 

Anything Else of Note? 

AKIRA is a visual marvel. The film is produced with more fluid and nuanced animation than most anime people are used to. More than 16,000 cels were drawn and the production was based around the characters first. In anime, unlike in the West, dialogue is usually done after animation to result in some stiffer movements. But with this, they focused on character movements and the backgrounds first. As a result, the faces may look a bit...wonky, but leads to some high-quality action scenes. 

This film at the surface feels existential, as though the efforts of the characters are meaningless and part of a grand design. Tetsuo in reward for his powers only seeks to bring about the destruction of all he knows, leading to the problems of a god complex. The titular Akira is even worshiped as a pseudo-deity with his name plastered all across Neo-Tokyo and spoken with reverence by the passing gangs and commoners alike. Though in spite of this portrayal, the film is neither a critique nor endorsement of organized religion. It just presents it as a reality of a cold and unforgiving world. Not pitying those who reach out to Akira and glorify him, but just expressing why they would seek to worship the unknown entity in the first place. And with Tetsuo's powers, we never see what he does with them, leaving the attitude of a divine being ambiguous. 

The futurist elements of Neo-Tokyo portray an anarchic, violent society. I am not the type of person to blend fiction into fact, but if you are one of those people, this can seem prophetic. Ideas of science and medicine have come even further than they were in 1988, so the Akira project doesn't sound so far-fetched, does it? Plus, the film correctly predicted the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. 

Why WOULDN'T it be That Good? 

Since the adaptation had to condense quite a bit, the final product is a bit...messy. The worldbuilding of the universe suffered the most from translation from page to screen. The politics, ideas, and parts of the experiments the company manufactures are glossed over or implied. As such, the telepaths being the blue children and the desired outcomes for Akira himself are just hinted at without being outright explained. Some may like the ideas of mystery and intrigue in the story, but the world as a whole should be a focus of the plot.  

Let that say nothing of the gratuitous violence and gore featured. AKIRA is not for those with a weak stomach and may make you turn back while watching it. Some of it proves a point of the violent cycle of man, but most times it does go overboard and is unneeded. 

And in adapting an 800-page work, the story itself is...incomplete. Since it had to adapt a 2,000 page manga, the elements from only the first two volumes are kept faithful, but then everything goes off the rails and is re-imagined for the rest of the film. It features a non-ending with no ideas for resolution and characters who are mostly unlikable or underdeveloped. Many moments can move slow and then accelerate to a breakneck pace come the ending. The plot is not something you will understand on first watch. So to have a trippy, mind-altering film could catch a casual viewer off-guard. Where the film shines in themes and aesthetic, it falls short in actual plot and structure. 


AKIRA is a film of great ambition and a true original in terms of visuals and scope. No other film can capture the surreal nature or off-color and deranged world the film has created. But in this creation, it set itself up for some flaws. You wouldn't hear people address the grit and grime of Citizen Kane or Wild Strawberries, at least not in the same way, but AKIRA lets it be known it is an incomplete and flawed film, rough sketches of a promised masterpiece. And yet through its flaws, it endears, perhaps even because it feels incomplete thus warranting insight and speculation into what makes the film work over that. 

This is another "experience" film, where you may find yourself enjoying it despite not really knowing "why" you did. The grotesque horror and grimy aesthetic will linger in your memory, but don't really offer any positive emotions or desires. Like any good horror movie, it revels in the uncomfortable, but includes as part of its charm a layer of intelligence and a good message about humanity. Which I feel is the mark of a good film: One with a takeaway point warranting analysis and further discussion. It is not a film for everyone, but as it stands here and now, for what the film set out to accomplish, AKIRA is...Really that Good? 
Really That Good?--AKIRA
Not quite a "horror" film, but has horror elements and I did think it was legitimately scary and disturbing. So why not? 

Happy Halloween! 
196 deviations
Sailor Jupiter
The second of the Inner Senshi I drew. I continued the series I started with Venus, and decided to give you all Makoto while I work on my next written project. 
233 deviations

Colts 37, Bills 5. 

Ending a game with exactly five points is rare. A one-sided rout where one team just happens to score a safety is also rare. So this is a good scorigami! 
As Daredevil continues, Iron Fist and Luke Cage both end. While I am a bit disappointed to see them go, I can understand why they did it. 

Those two shows from what I can gather were the least popular Marvel-on-Netflix shows. Branching out into streaming was a strong move for Marvel, but those two shows weren't drawing the same crowds, thus were less profitable than the other shows. So lack of demand meant there was no need for continuation. 

I don't feel Disney had as much influence on this decision as it appears at first glance. Yes, they are starting a streaming service, but the shows they gave rights to are created by Netflix Studios. So while Disney can decided not to give any new shows, they also cannot take the existing shows away. It could have been done to reduce competition with fewer selections from each, but I find this move understandable from a business and executive stance. 
Mountains May Depart in 10 Words or Less: 

"Sloppy but sentimental tribute to globalization." --5/10

It's a film about the rise of capitalism in China and the transitions are awkward and the decision to have people in the last segment speak English with American accents was a mistake...but it was a nice reflection and a glimpse even into the future as we move towards the reality the film predicts. So, good effort. 
Say what you will about "Not the bees!" But I thought this scene from the same movie was even funnier: 

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons in 10 Words or Less: 

"The must ridiculously fun telling of this story!" --8/10

Journey to the West has been told and retold countless times, but this was a comedic, martial arts, special effects heavy telling. It featured good acting and never took itself too seriously. Which is why I thought it was great fun. I was even forgiving of the ending which features a LITERAL Deus ex Machina that has to be seen to be believed. 

I took points off because it has the problem of being a prologue film and making a two-hour film out of story that could be told in forty. But I look forward to the sequel. 
Oz never gave anything to the Tin Man he didn't already have. 
I'm not ranking any years this decade. For me things have just been getting better and better. 

I have a job, I have a career path, I am starting to gain direction on life. Things are looking up in every way for me. 
All of my prior scorecards in one easily accessible place. Ongoing ones are marked with an asterisk (*). Thinking of updating this ever so often when I get deep into certain scorecards. 

Agent Carter by The-Doctor-W
Agent Carter

Agents of SHIELD by The-Doctor-W
Agents of SHIELD* 

Black Mirror by The-Doctor-W
Black Mirror*
Dexter by The-Doctor-W

Futurama by The-Doctor-W

Oswald by The-Doctor-W

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Lost by The-Doctor-W
Loud House by The-Doctor-W
The Loud House*
Mlp by The-Doctor-W
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic*
Sailor Moon by The-Doctor-W
Sailor Moon*
Spongebob squarepants by The-Doctor-W
SpongeBob SquarePants*
Star Wars The Clone Wars by The-Doctor-W
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 
Turn Title by The-Doctor-W
TURN: Washington's Spies

TURN Season 4

If this season is spoiled for you, read a history book.

Washington not only outfought the British, he outspied them. His mission to attack at Yorktown rather than Long Island was the big turning point and perhaps the reason the US is not a Crown Colony like Canada. His resources and ideas were not equipped for New York, but good for the easier and more accessible Virginia. Abe himself secures the intelligence and encourages more cooperation up north. He is conscripted in the British Army as a double agent even in a revenge plot for Arnold. But what is great about the series is they remember Benedict Arnold was never brought to justice, leaving his ending a bitter one.

In modern TV fashion, the climax with the Battle of Yorktown actually happens in the penultimate episode, and the rest is falling action. The end of the Revolution is not as triumphant as other films, but a somber, more uncertain affair. For in winning a country, you have to run it, and broker a peace. The spies are needed in Britain also to broker a peace, and things work well there. The series ends with Abe having a son, and a “Where are they Now?” epilogue narrated by Abe and expressed to his friends. While it seems kind of corny, a show as brutal as this with the major characters making it out alive I think earned the right to have a happy ending like this.

Due to the slow start and limited 40-episode run, TURN never caught on like it could have. The show had good acting, was historically authentic, and drew attention to the more obscure parts of the Revolution, so it was a shame to see it like this. But at least the show ended on a positive note. For the history buffs, spy thriller fans, and casual TV enthusiasts, TURN has a little something for everyone. So I am glad I saw it through to completion.

Someone I talked to was surprised to hear SpongeBob Squarepants had seasons. 

I told him how I have the first three seasons (and the equivalent of half of S4) on DVD, and he said, "Wait, there are seasons?" 

To be fair, they do kind of blend together and even air simultaneously after the first season.
I decided to skip ahead with the Chinese Film Class for a project. So I am giving my review of Monkey King: Hero is Back right now: 

"Baby's first Journey to the West"--7/10 

As an abridgment of the story and a semi-modern take, it does seem to work. You may have already heard Cellspex discuss this movie, and her thoughts mirror many of my own. 
It's been awhile since I did one of these, so I decided to open up another one because not much is going on with me right now. 

Feel free to ask whatever you want as long as it's tasteful, and I'll respond with comment replies. This will never close and I'll try and be as clear and precise as possible with my resonses. So have fun. :) 


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Really That Good? - Spirited AwayThe following piece is a critical response to a film and an analysis based on a viewing of something of which I already have familiarity.
The views expressed in this post are solely my own and do not reflect those of any other entity associated with this film.
Spirited Away is an anime film, produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Japan’s most acclaimed director since Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki. Released in Japan in 2001 and the US in 2002, it launched a strong reputation right away, unlike some films we cover on here, oddly enough.
Simply put, the mountain of praise and the legacy surrounding this film is untouchable! To date, it is the only non-English-language film and the only hand-drawn film to win Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. It is Japan’s highest-grossing film at the box office. Metacritic has it in their Top 10 movies of all-time, and various publications like Empire and IGN rank it as one of the greatest animated films ever. The BFI sai
The Wanderer -- A DAEU StoryFor :iconMaxEd32:
Author’s Note: This takes place chronologically before Gang of Four begins. It is set about a month before the events of that story…
O Great Wanderer, Hear this story…
You came to us when we needed it most. You never knew of us nor our land, but helped us in the most inventive and unique way we ever saw. And you taught us all to unite when things got rough during our campaign.
For the last fifteen years, you were still on Drodon. You were oblivious to the rise of Eschaton, as you lived alone. In the Grasslands. Away from the fighting and suffering dealt with the Fall of Capitol. Eschaton never looked towards the south, aside from a few coastal areas, because most of it was farmland anyway and would not impede his progress. While you heard the name before, it meant little or nothing to your daily life, and you carried on without any knowledge of his tyranny.
However, you were not of the grasslands. You didn’t even have much of a

I will write anything you want, be it a review, or a story, or a thinkpiece. Just make sure it is in good taste!


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Negan1994 Featured By Owner 18 minutes ago
Opinion of this Simpsons vid?
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago

Opinion of this vid?
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
The video glosses over Boba's development in Clone Wars, which is where I feel his character shone.

Say what you will about the prequels, but I thought they had the best lore of the series. And with Episode II and the TV show is where Boba got his time to shine after being just an errand boy in the sequel.

Good analysis but missed a few key components.
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I have finished season 3 of BoJack. It was amazing. What did you think of the final scene where BoJack saw those horses running?
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I thought it was beautiful and symbolic of Bojack's free spirit. It was a moment of self liberation.
yodajax10 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Based on this clip, Chris Farley was the original voice for Shrek and recorded almost all of his dialogue before his death.…

What are your thoughts on this? How do you think Chris Farley would've done compared to Mike Myers? 
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I think they should hold onto those takes. That's an important piece of film history.

Honestly the two are apples and oranges. The fact they rewrote the movie around Myers says a lot about how different their performances were. Myers worked for the movie we got, Farley worked for the unmade production.
yodajax10 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I also think it's interesting that Eddie Murphy was involved with both versions. 
yodajax10 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Have you seen "Ready Player One"? If so, what are your thoughts on it? 
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I've been hesitant to watch it because I hated the book and I in general don't agree with the thesis of absorbing oneself into popular media. It just doesn't seem to appeal to me. 
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