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LOST Season 6 Scorecard by The-Doctor-W LOST Season 6 Scorecard :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 6 6
The Codex Hunt Chapter 7

Just our luck, Wesley thought. His party had gotten the secret to defeating the Draugar in their hands, and who should halt their advance but the most powerful Draugr, the leader of the macabre parade, the Witch-King himself. He braced for impact, but the Witch-King seemed to bide his time. This caught everyone off guard. The Witch-King could easily freeze everyone where they stood with one breath of frost. But he was now just standing there, not attempting any critical moves. Wesley looked around, but saw no reason for this delay. 
Suddenly, another undead being, clad in orange armor with nothing but a disembodied head in a jar guiding it stepped in front of the dragon-like being. "Oy! Look what we have here." He grimaced and gazed his piercing blue eyes on the aged historian. "Ah, yes, the old man Nestor has the Codex page. How Quaint!" He turned to the monster in chief and delivered the orders for continued violence. "He thinks it has the keys to defeating
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Oboeshoes16 (AKA Saberlord Oboeshoes) as Zenyatta by The-Doctor-W Oboeshoes16 (AKA Saberlord Oboeshoes) as Zenyatta :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 8 2 Sailor Moon S Scorecard by The-Doctor-W Sailor Moon S Scorecard :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 9 0 LOST Season 5 by The-Doctor-W LOST Season 5 :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 8 5 CarrieJokerBates as Lucio by The-Doctor-W CarrieJokerBates as Lucio :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 5 2
Please Mr. Strawman (Parody)
Many people know to discredit potential detractors on my page, I use a "Mr. Strawman" character to establish arguments which I in turn debunk. :iconrushfan2596: suggested a parody of this song with the character. And I liked the idea so much...I decided to do it myself. This is of course a parody of the classic R&B song "Please Mr. Postman" by the Marvelettes. So enjoy this little parody I wrote now: 
Stop! Oh yes, wait a minute, Mister Strawman
Wait, wait, hey, hey, hey, Mister Strawman
Please Mr. Strawman, look and see
You are just failing at debunking me
Can't you see nobody believes it
Because your own logic soundly defeats it
There must be some other way
You can express your disagreement today
Mister Strawman, he should evaluate
How his initial stance isn't so great
You would think someone wrote it for you, Mister Strawman
With all the holes and leaps you take
For just one word or just one sentence
Lets everybod
:iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 5 2
LOST Season 4 Scorecard by The-Doctor-W LOST Season 4 Scorecard :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 4 2 ControChoices Home on the Range by The-Doctor-W ControChoices Home on the Range :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 15 6 I Have the Cup! by The-Doctor-W I Have the Cup! :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 16 15 Fiction Math Three Caballeros by The-Doctor-W Fiction Math Three Caballeros :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 8 7 Art Trade Sellah (for AmericaMarten) by The-Doctor-W Art Trade Sellah (for AmericaMarten) :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 10 3
The Codex Hunt Chapter 6

Outside, Wesley still felt the ice of the Frozen North creep all around them. Although it was technically summertime, the Draugar had become numerous and powerful enough to block out any sort of heat from the tundra plains up north. The frost chilled Wesley down to his bones, he saw his breath billow in the air like dragon smog, but he knew he had to press on. The only member of the party who seemed unaffected was Darkton, still pressing on under his armor and in the cold as though he were dancing on a sunny beach. 
Right then, a mountainous man in the garb of a Northern monk rode in on a stallion with his obsidian broadsword in tow. Seeing the party, he halted his steed and dismounted, ready to greet them. Wesley had heard whispers of this traveler before, but never knew who he was. Only that he had been around on Drodon for the last century or so of its momentous events, and recorded most of them! 
"Nestor!" Aston was the first to recognize him. 
:iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 3 1
Mirai as McCree (Gift for ForeverEvanescent) by The-Doctor-W Mirai as McCree (Gift for ForeverEvanescent) :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 6 2 YodaJax10 as Bastion by The-Doctor-W YodaJax10 as Bastion :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 5 1 LOST Season 3 Scorecard by The-Doctor-W LOST Season 3 Scorecard :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 7 5


My First Anniversary by AmericaMarten My First Anniversary :iconamericamarten:AmericaMarten 3 10
Today's My First Anniversary of Joining
That's right, everyone! As of today, I have been on DeviantArt for ONE WHOLE YEAR!! :woohoo: :squee: :dummy: :happybounce: :D
The reason I decided to join DA is because once upon a time, I used to have a Photobucket account, where I would upload my art that was strictly for the two Proboards I used to be on (they both involved Roger Rabbit's Toon Patrol Weasels). One day, however, I saw that my Photobucket account expired, and being stingy and frugal, I chose not to pay for an extra amount of time on Photobucket. Instead, I decided to come here to DA, where so many neat things have happened this past year!
- I expanded my interests and made more OCs. As you can see, I've got up some of my Toon Patrol/Toontown OCs on my gallery, but I decided to exceed into more universes. (Most notably, The Pagemaster, Three Amigos, Prince of Egypt, Anastasia, etc.)
- I met so many new friends. Here are only a few:
:iconHuman-Writer: A Brave Little Toaster fan who is extremely nice, and always gives me
:iconamericamarten:AmericaMarten 3 3
Pony Picks #6: Friendship Is Magic
Hello everybody! I’m back! And welcome back to another episode of Pony Picks! And I thought I’d do a little something special, I’m gonna look at the one that started it all, the Two-Parter Pilot, Friendship Is Magic! But seeing how this is the first episode, a little history.
Once upon a time, there was a cartoonist named Lauren Faust. She’s had a hand in several different animated projects, including being an animator for films like Cats Don’t Dance and The Iron Giant, and working on TV series like The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. Yet throughout her life, she always had an issue with how shows for little girls were being made. While shows for boys had all the action and inventive storytelling, the dilemma in shows for girls was…that a character was sad…Onward to adventure!
Faust always wanted a girls show to have the same amount of creativity, love and effort put into it, esp
:iconyodajax10:yodajax10 4 1
Secondary Main Mascots Who's Better Towers Collab by InfraredToa Secondary Main Mascots Who's Better Towers Collab :iconinfraredtoa:InfraredToa 7 4
Q/A #3 Answers
Here are the answers of my third Q/A!
:iconSPB2015: asks
“Of the big players in animation (Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nick, and Hasbro) which would you say is currently the best and which would you say is currently the worst, and why?”
Disney is still the best, though I’d put Pixar in there too, because Pixar is owned by Disney. With their films being unbelievably successful, especially with their sequels, they’ve also been excellent with reboots such as Mickey Mouse, DuckTales and The Legend Of The Three Caballeros.
It’s hard to say. I can’t bring myself to say Hasbro. Because I don’t watch a lot of their series, so I don’t consider it fair to say Hasbro is the worse, despite how they’re treating their most successful series. So, I’d have to go with Cartoon Network. The choices they have been making lately have been more and more stupid. One of their worst decisions was with their choices on that stupid reboo
:iconyodajax10:yodajax10 5 6
ERod's Robot Rampage (ERod Response w/Spongey444)
Hey guys, Clayton here and after that whole ramble last time, I need to do something different, something I haven’t done before…how about a response to a movie review? Ok, but I’m not doing this alone, with me today is someone who’ve I collaborated with before, he’s the host of A Taste of Spongey, give it up for Spongey444!
S: Hey, Spongey here and thanks for having me on here, Clayton.
Thanks for coming on, Spongey. Say, what are your thoughts towards former Channel Awesome contributor ERod the Blockbuster Buster? Personally, while I do follow his work, he can be hit and miss sometimes. Sometimes his over-the-top acting can be a tad funny but also a bit cringy and there are times he either misses the point or gets some things wrong. But I do think he’s a good reviewer regardless. And as a small comment: in some of his reviews, I’ll give ERod this, the guy can dance.
S: I pretty much agree with you. He's hit or miss, as sometimes
:iconclaytoniumstudios94:ClaytoniumStudios94 3 1
GoldHeartedJerks Whos Better?GilawTheSparky Collab by EmeraldOfTheOcean GoldHeartedJerks Whos Better?GilawTheSparky Collab :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 12 10
25 Words or Less Reviews: Steven Universe 1B
It's official: I'm now hooked on this Cartoon Network animated series.  It started with my determination to solve puzzles driving me to find out what triggers the title kid's pink Captain America shield.  It then evolved into sympathy for the boy as I sensed a younger, more innocent version of myself in him and volunteered to join him on his coming-of-age journey to superstardom.
Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith…to believe in Steven.
Some of you may be wondering why I'm only reviewing half of the first season in one journal entry.  To satisfy your curiosity: the reason the first season is often divided into "1A" and "1B" is that Ian Jones-Quartey, the series' favorite supervising animator and longtime lover of series creator Rebecca Sugar, feared the whole series would stop after "Ocean Gem."  But then, of course, said episode caused ratings to rise because they basically pulled out all the stops with the revelations that the Gems are from another pl
:iconcolonel-knight-rider:Colonel-Knight-Rider 1 0
25 Words or Less Reviews: Steven Universe 1A
It's official: I'm now hooked on this Cartoon Network animated series.  It started with my determination to solve puzzles driving me to find out what triggers the title kid's pink Captain America shield.  It then evolved into sympathy for the boy as I sensed a younger, more innocent version of myself in him and volunteered to join him on his coming-of-age journey to superstardom.
Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith…to believe in Steven.
Some of you may be wondering why I'm only reviewing half of the first season in one journal entry.  To satisfy your curiosity: the reason the first season is often divided into "1A" and "1B" is that Ian Jones-Quartey, the series' favorite supervising animator and longtime lover of series creator Rebecca Sugar, feared the whole series would stop after "Ocean Gem."  But then, of course, said episode caused ratings to rise because they basically pulled out all the stops with the revelations that the Gems are from another pl
:iconcolonel-knight-rider:Colonel-Knight-Rider 1 1
1001 Animations: Jack vs The Ninja by Darkton93 1001 Animations: Jack vs The Ninja :icondarkton93:Darkton93 3 3 1001 Animations: D'Arby The Gambler by Darkton93 1001 Animations: D'Arby The Gambler :icondarkton93:Darkton93 4 6 WfaD- Whos Better? KatieGirlsForever Collab by EmeraldOfTheOcean WfaD- Whos Better? KatieGirlsForever Collab :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 17 6 The Circle of Loud. by DTH-Incorproductions The Circle of Loud. :icondth-incorproductions:DTH-Incorproductions 19 14 Egyptian vulture by amrodel Egyptian vulture :iconamrodel:amrodel 72 6 Damp by OrangeSavannah Damp :iconorangesavannah:OrangeSavannah 198 22 Shimmering by Misspelled19 Shimmering :iconmisspelled19:Misspelled19 133 9


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I used to think I had depression, but after talking to a psychologist, they said it was just stress. Since I was starting college then and was dealing with a whole slew of other things, I was inclined to believe them. 

My stress comes and goes. I have peaks and valleys like anyone else. But I am confident my personal problems are not depression. This does not mean I don't take it seriously when someone DOES tell me they have it, but I won't blame all my problems on a diagnosis. I just roll with the punches like anyone else. 
I don't care about your sexuality. 

I mean it. Whichever way you swing makes no difference to me. 
repost if u think homophobia is horrible 
LOST Season 6 Scorecard

Video Version:

What do you owe your audience? How can you conclude a story in the most meaningful way possible while also satisfying the people who cared about other parts of your story. LOST was a show about characters and about a dysfunctional group of people coming together, but there was also a mystery to be solved. The Island was a vessel to lead these characters on a path. Were they well-characterized and likeable? Yes. But the show did promise a satisfying resolution, and in that endeavor it failed.   

LOST was a show about people trying to understand why they appeared on the island, why they survived a crash, and then about what was important about the island. The threads and hints were dropped throughout the story. But you can’t have a story with all hook. You have to explain it later, because most of the audience expects it. Basically, you can’t tease a show as having a mystery if you never intend to solve it. Having resolution for the characters is only half the challenge. Even the shows and movies that do have room for alternate interpretation at least make sure to have ONE of the possible endings resolved and leave some wiggle room for any others. 

This season, the final season, was a story with several hanging threads that ended up being irrelevant or underwhelming. The story lost it tension once we knew where everything would go. The final battle of good and evil, the matter of how the island was resolved, even the Elseworld stories about if they had survived, it all amounted to nothing with the reset button set in the end.   

All of this came to a head with the finale. The point the final scene tried to make, I think, was that the island was real but by the last season, they were on the road to Purgatory and the twists in timeline were a transitional point to get to the afterlife. To me, this seems like a cop-out. They had a story and they were taking it a certain way, but in doing this, what they tell me is the writers actually did not plan for any of that. So they just made something up to explain it all away. I heard some people defend this by saying “it was about the characters” or “the journey was the destination”. Fair enough; they wanted something else out of the show, I guess. But for me, even if I WERE to accept this interpretation, it makes the rest of it seem POINTLESS. All the mystique and intrigue surrounding the island, as well as what the show was hinting at...none of it mattered if it just showed they all die anyway. Big-Lipped Alligator Moment? Try Big-Lipped Alligator SERIES! To make it even worse, the writers outright lied to the fans. They said they were NOT Purgatory and they would NOT end the way it did. But here we are today, and that is exactly what happened.

And this is to say nothing of the other moments that were dropped. Walt’s plot thread never went anywhere. Neither did Desmond, whose power was never elaborated upon. The numbers did not quite matter. Pretty much the only thing they did explain was how Hurley became the protector and how he earned his mystic powers. And even then, it is so subtle you have to look hard for it. The epilogue “New Man in Charge” does a little bit to rectify this and explain some answers, but still misses the most crucial parts like the purpose of the island overall or the ideas behind some of the other mysteries surrounding DHARMA. It’s neither a substitute nor a rectification of the actual finale, just an extended conclusion. Nothing more.

Let’s contrast this mode of storytelling with another show: Red Vs. Blue. It may be a bit unfair as Red vs. Blue is ongoing and also on a different platform and shorter in terms of runtime, but it does follow a similar serialized format and plot escalation to LOST. Its large ensemble cast is memorable and part of the fun, but they still pay attention to the story. Whenever plot threads and mysteries are introduced, like Project Freelancer or Omega, the writers always return back to them later. And in answering these mysteries, they keep the story going by introducing new hooks on the runoff of the old ones, making the viewing experience rewarding to both the characters and the audiences. So in this show, each escalation and each new twist makes sense, and the stakes are raised every time. One twist leads to another, encouraging viewers to stay tuned. Such was not the case with LOST, which squandered its mysteries halfway through and never followed up on the most important parts of the plot.

With this last season, LOST went from being the most popular and influential show of its time to a cautionary tale about promises broken and about not living up to fan expectations. Certain shows are allowed to be open-ended, but at least some resolution is expected because that is how stories work. I feel the writers had a different show in mind than the executives, so we had the initial grab and concept of the story diluted as time went on, but LOST ends in disappointment. Be this a lesson to you watchers: When you have a show and have these ideas of mystery and intrigue, it would be wise if you knew what those mysteries were before promising that to your fans.   

A bit disappointed France won, but it was a good game.
Just finished up LOST.

As a warning, this description will be LONG! So it may take awhile just to record the audio and discuss as much of this season as I can. Because it's a doozy. 

I have quite a bit to say, is all I'm telling you here. 
Biopics do NOT count as a cinematic universe!

If that were true, we may as well call Dunkirk, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Red Tails, and Hacksaw Ridge a cinematic universe. Our whole reality you could call one.

So the Tupac movie is NOT meant to kickstand a cinematic universe or anything like that. It is a biographical film and nothing more.

Just our luck, Wesley thought. His party had gotten the secret to defeating the Draugar in their hands, and who should halt their advance but the most powerful Draugr, the leader of the macabre parade, the Witch-King himself. He braced for impact, but the Witch-King seemed to bide his time. This caught everyone off guard. The Witch-King could easily freeze everyone where they stood with one breath of frost. But he was now just standing there, not attempting any critical moves. Wesley looked around, but saw no reason for this delay. 

Suddenly, another undead being, clad in orange armor with nothing but a disembodied head in a jar guiding it stepped in front of the dragon-like being. "Oy! Look what we have here." He grimaced and gazed his piercing blue eyes on the aged historian. "Ah, yes, the old man Nestor has the Codex page. How Quaint!" He turned to the monster in chief and delivered the orders for continued violence. "He thinks it has the keys to defeating u. But not even purported author Kevin the Strange could do you in. So go ahead, Witch-King. Do your stuff!" 

A blast of frost emanated from the Wtich-King's mouth as though he had swallowed a dry ice machine. Wesley put up a support spell, but knew it would only hold for as long as he was alive. Once he fell, everyone was doomed. However, most of the party had plans to defeat both of them. Nestor swung his obsidian broadsword to keep his air safe, while Mike reached for some shuriken to see if they could do the trick. Darkton and Emi used their swords to great advantage. Not only was Borean Steel effective at slaying Draugar. As these two found out, it also worked at deflecting Ice Energy. They swung and batted away the Frost Breath, but none could get quite close enough to slay the beast. 

"We can only hold out for so long," Emi grunted. "We need to try something fast and effective if we are to have any chance of escape!" 

Wesley tried in vain to maintain his powers, but now had to rack his brain for a more practical resolution. Looking to his masked companion, inspiration struck. "Aston, how about that Sword of Disabling?" 

Aston shook his head in regret. "It only works on living things. Believe me. If it worked on Draugar, I never would have fled Eschaton in the first place. Trust me!" 

All of a sudden, the party was saved by the most unexpected of interventions. A pillar of flame erupted from the ground, leaving the heroes on one side, and the undead on the other. Wesley looked to his side to see the missing member of their party doing her job. Sara Blue, the mage Emi had taken under her wing, was using her crystal energy to channel the Draugr's main weakness against them. Sara said nothing, but encouraged the party to take a few steps to the side in the woods. Once they got out of range, Sara dropped her flame wall and ran after them. The fire stayed in motion for just long enough to let Wesley and company escape. 

They rushed away from the Witch-King and his accomplice, "Good thinking, Sara," Nestor patted the young mage on the back. Sara blushed at the compliment, but said nothing. 

The bard Carrick was still dazed. His first encounter with the Draugar had already boggled his mind and blown his expectations. The Witch-King he recognized, but not his accomplice. "Who...who was that armored giant?"

Nestor shook his head. "I would have to check the records. While I don't know for sure, I feel it is someone who was best to stay dead. Whatever magic resurrected him, I do not wish to know." 

Wesley was a bit more optimistic as he clutched the paper given by the old historian. "Alright, we have one..." Another leaflet emerged as Wesley rifled through. "Oh, cool! A second page. That will help us. Thanks, Nestor!" Nestor's expression indicated even he did not know of the extra page to the Codex Regius he brought along. "So all that's left now is to take these pages to Baba Yaga and hopefully gain our next lead." 

Nestor sighed, still skeptical of the witch in the woods. "Well, let's hope for the best." 



The scuffle in the middle of the desert had no easy solutions, and nothing the Prince could solve. There was an ally who could talk things out with them, though. The raptor prince took them to a friend he had helped enlit when the time was needed, and now felt the time was right to return that favor. Mohammad Ali Sayid, a Bedouin who had defected from the Blood Stingers during the war, was now a diplomat and liaison for the rest of the desert. He had served with the Overlord during the final battle, but took retirement well enough. He was content to lay back and rest from his hut and not get involved in conflict. But today, he would receive his first alert in ages. 

"Pleasure to meet you again," the Bedouin greeted the prince. He smiled at Robert, also recognizing his party from when he saved the day around the new year. "And Colonel Knight Rider, our first superhero. An honor to see you as well." He extended his arms and bowed to the knight. 

"As I feared," Mohammad shook his head. "Once the old guard falls, those who stood with it remain. The empire survives without its head. So one of these dragons has to be the successor to the Dark One!" 

"Yikes!" Fionna shuddered as her young memories of living under Eschaton came back. It was not a nice time. And to think someone would try to bring it back made matters even worse. 

"Well all that can combat him is the answer to the Overlord," the prince suggested. 

"Yeah, like the Overlord or something," Max reminded.  

"MvC is, in effect, retired." Mohammad told everyone as he rummaged on his desk. "He left me this, though. In case of emergency, he said it would pacify the desert dragons. It has inscribed stuff about the union of the reptiles and colonization or something." 

Fionna offered her hand. "Wait...let me see that, please." After reading it, she asked, "Prince Antisapien, you were looking for a book, right?"

"That is correct," the raptor confirmed. 

"Well, I think we might be well on our way to discovering more about it," she informed as she skimmed the page. "We could use this later." 

"Yes...I think we could," the prince pondered as he also skimmed the page. Then, he remembered the duties at hand and got his party back on track. "But Mohammad...about the dragons?" 

"Nobody I know here in the desert could help." The Bedouin looked around. "Though I think there could be someone who can help us. Someone tailor-made for this situation..."
The Codex Hunt Chapter 7
Long time coming, but it was mostly the end that held me up. I think I know where the rest of the story is going from here. 
I have had the rug pulled from under me WAY too many times! I don't want to go through this again. 
Do not worry if you think you are too friendly. It is always good to try and be a nice person to anyone. But remember that your friendliness must be respected as well and not be taken advantage of. Those who do, do not deserve your friendliness.
Message to Croatia: 

It is better to have died a small boy than to let France win the World Cup! 
A few years ago, Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave a list of books that he thought every smart person should read:…

It's a pretty good list. I myself have already completed most of these. So I thought about what I would add to the list. Not revise it, but just add to it. And these are some other books I would suggest: 

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, to learn about how to adjust to the absurdities in life and the malleability of the English language. 

The Dictator's Handbook by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith, to learn why power attracts the corrupt rather than the inverse, as well as the rules by which the people in charge must abide if they want to be successful.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, to learn nothing matters in the grand scheme of things, so we should enjoy every minute we are alive! 

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, to learn how any dream can come true if you work for it. 

The Race to Save The Lord God Bird by Phillip Hoose, to learn of man's impact on his own Earth, for good and for ill. 
Go Croatia! 

I'd die before rooting for the Frenchies. Croatia needs to be the upset of the Century! 
Oboeshoes16 (AKA Saberlord Oboeshoes) as Zenyatta
For :iconoboeshoes16: 

Happy Belated Birthday! I was busy on your real birthday, so I couldn't get this out in time. I based it on his Ra Skin. The Bird head was a good choice, dude. Enjoy! 

For :icontorygreen:'s Overwatch Story. 
Yes, folks. Right now, there is a show airing called Zoids Wild. It is the first new entrant in the Zoids franchise in twelve years! 

I realize this status may show my age, but I don't care. This is a nostalgic franchise so it provoked my curiosity. The first two series will always hold a special place in my heart. Let's hope Wild lives up to it. 
I'm gonna have to postpone :iconoboeshoes16:'s birthday drawing until further notice. 

Sorry, dude! 
Sailor Moon S Scorecard

Sailor Moon S is a pivotal, formative season for the anime. It provides a slow burn with its conflict, starting in similar format to the earlier seasons, but then escalating in a full-on space opera with stakes involving the universe at large like we have never seen before. The job is so big and so demanding, the cast itself has to expand in response to this growing threat. When shows get more cosmic, it has the potential for interesting, unorthodox storytelling. This season delivers on that front and even offers additional moments to surprise us further.

The main takeaway of Sailor Moon S is how the formulaic aspects of the show begin to go away. It still follows a “Monster of the Week” formula, but this time the overarching villains have dreams of a full-on apocalypse, so our dysfunctional, somewhat inexperienced main characters are the last lifeline of the Earth itself! And the good guys don’t always win, or at least lose something in their victory. Now, the battles have actual meaning and the stakes are higher, making the audience more invested in the plot. This season also diverges from expectations by featuring several episodes where Usagi is not the central character. While we had those the last two seasons also, this season focuses on the daily struggles of the other Senshi and takes their conflicts seriously. There are even episodes where Usagi barely appears, only coming in at the end to stage an intervention.

And yes, this season does feature THAT couple. Haruka/Uranus and Michiru/Neptune are great characters, seasoned veterans who take first initiative in times of trouble, and often being the ones to save the day themselves when the main crew fall. As older characters, they are poised and confident, tasked with solving their mission and knowing exactly how to accomplish this. Trust me when I say them being gay is the least interesting thing about them. The original dub made it worse by having them as cousins but leaving in the romantic subtext, implying DOUBLE the unfortunate implications. Fortunately, the Viz dub (as in the one I watched for this review) does away with that. Though Haruka on her own is interesting as well, as her masculine presentation and demeanor in civilian form could make her one of the first canonical “gender fluid” characters in...anything.

While the first half the season is good, the SECOND half is where things get real! Hotaru Tomoe is the newest Sailor, representing the spirit of destruction in Sailor Saturn. However, her father knows all of this, and as a mad scientist, seeks to use the powers for abuse. She is shy and reserved as a result, but thanks to friendship by Chibiusa, she is able to integrate with the team. But not before an explosive finale where everyone works together to save her from her evil guardian. All of this is taken seriously, with the character of Hotaru not being played for laughs or for gimmicks. She is a normal character with many traits outside of her abuse history, but whose history is dealt with using tact and kindness. Despite being a gateway for the intrusion of an Eldritch Monster, she still tries to live her best life in spite of that and fight the monster when he comes. That’s right. Tacky, cheesy, dated Sailor Moon grapples with themes of child abuse, mistreatment, and social anxiety...WELL! Hotaru is one of the most important characters in the show not just for her power level, but what she represents for the show tackling these mature themes.

All in all, Sailor Moon S is an excellent season. In fact, it may be one of the most solid seasons of any show I have covered. The stories have repercussions and serious consequences, the Outer Senshi are great characters and do not feel like superfluous additions to the cast, and there is more of a team dynamic this time around. While later seasons would have Usagi go far beyond the powers of her teammates, this season felt more like a collaboration. Everyone had their own challenges and stories, and they all climaxed towards the end with the Heart Crystals going to nefarious purposes. When people praise Sailor Moon, it is usually on the basis of this season in particular. It is a textbook example of how to tackle mature themes without it feeling forced or misinformed, just a proper escalation to a fitting climax.

Alright, I blocked MJEddy. 

He's been watching me since practically the beginning, and I admit there was always with him. It felt weird how he uploaded about 25 deviations in a day. 

I may not be wishing death on him, but even if these rumors prove untrue, I don't want to associate with him anymore. seriously should I take this?

I REALLY don't want to have to ban another person, so please tell me if this is true (the user denied them) so I can take sides. 
So, I am sorry to say that I recently found a deviant by the name of :iconmikejeddynsgamer89:. I thought his art was pretty cute and he drew a lot of Brave Little Toaster stuff, so I watched him. I later found out that this 27-year-old man dated a 12-year-old girl. That's right. He is a pedophile. A few people have been sending me and my friends notes warning about what he does (thanks by the way). We have a link to Kiwi Farms on him and while I don't support drama related sites, this article was tastefully done unlike ED. If you want to see the link, here it is.…

It's disgusting and appalling. If you are one of Michael's watchers and you are under the age of 18, I highly suggest you block him. Pedophilia is extremely illegal and predators don't change no matter how many times they apologize. If you are a part of TBLT-Fandom, we had him banned so he won't contact any more members for saftey reasons. I told him to remove any drawings he made with Loumine and Sparx, but I am not sure if he listened so I may need to file copyright claims against him (this can get him banned if he's not careful). I also posted a comment on his "I'm sorry for being a pedophile" journal which he hid shortly after. I have a screenshot down below. I cannot believe someone like Michael is a predator. :no: Stay safe everyone.

embedded_item1531182904018 by Human-Writer
Thank you for getting me to 100k views! 

Wow! This was amazing. So as a reward for myself, I have decided to try something different. 

I review content, but as judging by my story project and artwork, I have made a few pieces of content myself. Several reviewers, esp. on this site, are also content creators, so I decided to review the work of my peers for now. 

If you have a piece of artwork and are comfortable with me critiquing it, this journal and this special are designed for that express purpose. So hit me with your best shot! 

  • This has to be your own original work. You may NOT submit on someone else's behalf and this is not a free request to review just anything. If you want me to review 50 Shades of Grey, you must prove to me that you are in fact E.L. James.
  • ONE entrant per person. 
  • Any form of art is acceptable. It doesn't even have to be on DA. If you have a link to or YouTube you want to give me instead, that is acceptable also. Heck, if you were in a play or student film and still have the footage, you can send that to me too. 
  • If your fanfiction is long or told in episodic format (like "Animation Acres") I may only have to review a specific segment of the story.
  • If you contributed to the DAEU, those stories are NOT eligible here. I review all those works already for story purposes. 
  • There are three ways you can submit work to me:
    • Comment here
    • Submit via notes
    • email (available upon request via a note) 
  • This will be an honest review, NOT a shout-out or art feature! I will be as fair as possible, but I will also offer constructive criticism if I think you can improve on a few things. So be prepared for that. 
  • SERIOUS REQUESTS ONLY!!! Any suggestion that does not follow the rules will be ignored and deleted on sight! 

I'll keep submissions open for about two months, or until I feel like I had enough. So if you're okay with being reviewed, go for it! 


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Simply put, the mountain of praise and the legacy surrounding this film is untouchable! To date, it is the only non-English-language film and the only hand-drawn film to win Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. It is Japan’s highest-grossing film at the box office. Metacritic has it in their Top 10 movies of all-time, and various publications like Empire and IGN rank it as one of the greatest animated films ever. The BFI sai
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Author’s Note: This takes place chronologically before Gang of Four begins. It is set about a month before the events of that story…
O Great Wanderer, Hear this story…
You came to us when we needed it most. You never knew of us nor our land, but helped us in the most inventive and unique way we ever saw. And you taught us all to unite when things got rough during our campaign.
For the last fifteen years, you were still on Drodon. You were oblivious to the rise of Eschaton, as you lived alone. In the Grasslands. Away from the fighting and suffering dealt with the Fall of Capitol. Eschaton never looked towards the south, aside from a few coastal areas, because most of it was farmland anyway and would not impede his progress. While you heard the name before, it meant little or nothing to your daily life, and you carried on without any knowledge of his tyranny.
However, you were not of the grasslands. You didn’t even have much of a

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Negan1994 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
You know what I find pretty curious about LOST? Even though this is a show that isn't affraid to kill off their main characters (and dont use the death is cheap trope from Dragon Ball) they still capable of re use them so we could see them again any point of their story. I mean, John Locke was pretty much dead after season 5 and we still see him much of the latter part of the series.
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Now that you have finished with LOST, I have a couple of questions:

- What show you wanna watch now? I've been thinking on watching Fringe after I finish rewatching LOST (alot of people says that it is kind of a fixed version)

- How would you fix "The End"?

- Between these shows which one is better? Dexter or LOST? 
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
1) Not sure, really. I aid I was too busy to do many new scorecards for new shows. I'll see where the wind takes me, but Season 5 of Agents of SHIELD is looking appealing right now. 

2) With a show like LOST, it is impossible to please everyone. But my interpretation would have sought to resolve a few things. I felt like the theme of "daddy issues" (Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and a few others) would come back and perhaps lead to their personal connection. I would have at least tried to explain the numbers in-universe as well as Walt's powers. I probably couldn't resolve EVERYTHING, but I would at least make a resolve to solve as much as possible while also ensuring the characters get off the island. 

3) That's a hard one because while Dexter had some of the higher highs, it also had the lowest of lows. LOST I had more fun with its large cast and at least the promise of something bigger, even if it was never delivered. 
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Another My Hero Academia round. Individual opinion of the Pro Heroes (the teachers specially). Like with the students, speak the ones that you consider the most to talk about. Go!
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
All Might: A superhero motivational speaker. Not a completely new idea, but one that feels quite original. 

Eraserhead: Great power and great design. Feels so creepy to have your own powers drained! 

Recovery Girl: A fun character, kind and charitable. 

Midnight: Hilarious powers and great personality. 

Thirteen: More of a comic character than serious development. Works in his own unique way. 

Anyone else?  
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Now the villains. Including Todoroki's father.
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Which character from "My Hero Academia" has the coolest hability?
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I like Warp Gates. Something about black holes is always cool! 
Negan1994 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Today I shall start with season 3 of My Hero Academia (you were right, season 2 is even better!). I was asking, how far see you in the show? Is to know if you want to do the individual opinion thing now or after catching up with the current season.
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I finished the first two seasons. Haven't started the third.
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