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:bulletred: Being a fan of the disc helps

:bulletred: Please be nice to your fellow members


:bulletpurple: Joing this group is very easy, just click the "Join our Group" icon located in the bar above and you will automatically be a member.


:bulletpurple: [Not all guild members contribute art, but if you wish to submit artwork to this guild you first must be a guild member. If you are already a member all you need to do it send us a note with the subject "Contribute" and we'll look over your gallery to ensure that you have appropriate art for submission; then your "Member" status will be upgraded to "Contributor". Once that is done you can upload 10 pieces of art per day to this group whenever you like, without needing to send us notes to do so.]

EDIT: Due to popular demand any member can now submit art, we hope this will be an easier system and mean more art for everyone.


:bulletgreen: Contributors who submit artwork are required to submit Discworld related artwork ONLY

The following are just a few guidelines that we are enforcing to help keep the up the quality of the art featured on this guild. They are not full blown rules, there is a bit of wiggle room in them, but please read them to understand what it is we are NOT looking for when it comes to submitted art.

:bulletred: Collages, and other combinations of existing pieces of art will not be accepted for submission unless all the pieces of art featured in the collage are created by the guild member making the submission. There will be no more cutting up Paul Kidby's work, pasting it together in a different way, and submitting it to the guild as your own (Unless you are Paul Kidby of course)

:bulletred: Photographs of Terry Pratchett or other Discworld related people will no longer be accepted as fan art unless the photographer had some artistic say in the lighting of the scene or pose of the subject. It is still possible that an unplanned snapshot of Mr. Pratchett may be accepted, but the photo will need to be exceptional in some way.

:bulletred: Images consisting of cropped photos, or captured screen shots that have been superimposed over a new background, or have had text added to them will no longer be accepted as fan art unless that image has been judged to be of exceptional quality in some way.

:bulletred: Multiple usage of the same piece of fan art will no longer be accepted as individual pieces. If you created a piece of fan art and then cut out a character from it and placed it in a different background to make a "new" piece of fan art, only one of those two images are acceptable for submission in the guild's gallery.

:bulletred: Automatically generated pieces will not be accepted as fan art. If you use an online character generator to create an image of a Discworld character, that image is not acceptable into the Guild's gallery. Your South Park version of Vetinari may be cute, but if you made it with "South Park Studio", we don't want it.

:bulletred: "Wallpaper", and "Background" pieces will no longer be accepted as fan art unless the image being used as wallpaper is an original image created by the submitting guild member. We all love Mr. Kidby's work, but just because you use it as your computer's desktop does not make it yours.

:bulletred: "Plagiarism" We done not condone using other peoples artworks as your own. If other people have worked hard to create a piece of art, you do not have the right to take it and post it as your own. Nor do you have the right to modify it without permission (see Collabs) and post it as your own. We are proud of our members and our club and will deal with violations accordingly.

:bulletred: "Collabs" These are where two or more people work on the same piece of artwork. For the most part we will allow postings of collaborations in a single gallery (no multiple postings) but they must be done by two artists working together. Coloring another artists line-art without permission is not a Collab. You must have permission to color it and post it from them.

Failure to follow these rules or meet these criteria can lead to being banned from this guild.

If you have any suggestions, queries, or complaints regarding these rules please feel free to contact us here :bulletred: the-discworld-guild.deviantart… :bulletred:
We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you






Thank you to everyone for your messages regarding the recent passing of Sir Terry. This has been a true loss, both to us the fans and to the literary world as a whole. I hope that wherever Sir Terry is he is at peace, and he went there is style!

I am truly sorry not to be as active as I had hoped to be in this group. Real life has taken over, so I would like to offer others a chance to run the guild. If you are interested, please message me. I hope this will signal a new era of fantastic Discworld fan work.

Thank you to everyone once again, you are a perpetual delight.

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Inkhov Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Sir Terry Pratchett by Inkhov say hello Terry!
grazatt Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Has anyone done an illustration of the Unggue pots from Snuff (or perhaps ever a replica of one)? I have a hard time visualizing what they look like?
AranzazuFernandez Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the request :)
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Featured… a sad day :ahoy:
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Hey, can I join? I have some Discworld's art :)
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Hi Discworld Guild
Would you like my portrait of Terry in your group?
Terry Pratchett RIP (colab) by muzski
Please let me know.
Cheers. Muz x
vitaminanime Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
It won't let me send a join request
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The Lifeline Theatre in Chicago is generously offering discounted "Monstrous Regiment" tickets to Discworld fans!

"Lifeline Theatre is thrilled to offer a special discount on
MONSTROUS REGIMENT tickets to Discworld fans near and far. $10 off regular single tickets, June 12-July 20, with code
"OZZER." Must order by May 31st. Call 773-761-4477 or
purchase online at"

"Monstrous Regiment" opens May 30 and runs through July 20, 2014.
If you are interested in attending the play with a group of Discworld fans, and/or starting a Chicago-area Discworld fan group, please contact me.

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