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DBR Freeza v2
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Published: May 28, 2015
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Alignment: Neutral Evil
Born: AGE 455 (~324 years old, physically ~309)
Race: Raiokutian
Home: Planet Reizo
Battle Power: XXXXX
Occupation: Revived Planet Sharking Federation figurehead and galactic tyrant

Showcased Transformations:
Restricted form (Natural, Battle Jacket, Hover Chair), True form (Mecha Dead, Organic, Organic Dead), Super Evolution, Ultimate Evolution (Initial, Golden)

The Raiokutians are an ancient race within the universe. A spontaneous mutation within their species results in Chilled being born as the first of a new, hybrid variation with tremendous power. Over time, the power brings out a cruel inner nature that his descendants, along with their absurd power, use to take control of many planets, gathering talented warriors from throughout the universe into a mercenary army under their rule. As the founders of the Planet Sharking Federation, they have a major influence throughout the universe. This gives them a history with many races, including a particularly complex relationship with the Saiyans.

With the organization falling apart, Kurieza decided to go to Earth and attempt to use their Dragon Balls in order to revive his father. Upon revival, Freeza remains determined to exact revenge upon Son Goku and the other Super Saiyan that slaughtered him. So when it is revealed to him that Goku has ascended to a power rivaling that of the Majin, Buu, he vows to train for the first time in his life. After six months of working to increase his power, as well as his most loyal soldiers, Freeza heads to Earth with what remains of his organization and a few hired mercenaries; 10,000 warrior in total. While Freeza remain confident in his path, the opposition of foes they encounter on Earth is unlike anything the rest of the army was expecting.

Couple of notes here this time. First off, I changed his armor to be of the new design worn by characters like Tagoma. I get that it's nostalgic, but it's odd for the boss to be wearing outdated armaments. Second, in my iteration, Freeza no longer has his middle transformations. He was healed in his true form and then recreated his suppressed form, choosing to only use one this time. Third, and final, in Resurrection F Freeza says that he chose the color gold for his Ultimate Evolution (Golden Freeza), so I created a color scheme for before he tinkered with his own design.

Freeza's first/restricted form is based on the Resurrection "F" reveal from the story boards. Also, added my Super Evolution for him back onto the sheet. He probably won't use it here, but he does obtain it.

The series of submissions labeled under the title of Dragon Ball Redux are part of fan rewrite of the official series. Anything that you see in the art or description that varies from the original manga or anime sources is most likely intentional. While I appreciate that you are taking the time to look at my gallery and notice these differences, I do not require a comment on what needs correcting because it wasn't "originally like that". Thank you, and please enjoy!

Dragon Ball (Z, GT, etc.), copyright to Toriyama Akira, Toei Animation, etc.
No part of this gallery may be reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of  The-Devils-Corpse
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PokemonDBZFan10000's avatar
Frieza looks too midgety in this.
Spidervenom123's avatar
Did you see the universe survival arc Frieza got revived at the end.
huchzermeierm's avatar
huchzermeiermHobbyist Digital Artist
How much are commissions like these? I have a whole family of ocs that I'd like to have in a style like this ;v;
GK-Ghima's avatar
Does Freeza have any back spikes in his Super Evolution? I can't see what his back looks like and it's bothering me.
The-Devils-Corpse's avatar
The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist
No. He doesn't have any spikes. The back is very similar to the front's design, just without the purple jewel in the center.
GK-Ghima's avatar
Cool. I really like the design; definitely better than just putting on pants and taking off his shoulder pads. Shame he never uses it.
dbzang88's avatar
dbzang88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you do both types Friezas in the cocoon???
KptnBdGy's avatar
i like his new armor and his fifth form designs a lot
samvadar's avatar
Wow, he is a lot shorter than I remember.
Apope1999's avatar
Are we getting a Super Ultimate Evoluton? Oh, and Kold's new forme in Multiverse looks hella kool, right ^^? BTW, thoughts on Ressurection F?
The-Devils-Corpse's avatar
The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist

Cold's form is horrible. I already disliked Multiverse, but kept following it because it had pretty good art. This is too much though. I've stopped following it and I'm erasing it from my memories.
The-Devils-Corpse's avatar
The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist
Because it legitimately looks like shit.
UberDarkGuardian's avatar
King's "Super" evolution and then "taking it a step further" was awful. Legitimately awful. The first transformation was expected, looked alright for the concept assuming their race can shape their transformations to an extent. But the next form... basing it off Freeza's 3rd form... magical second set of arms... it's awful.
EuclideanMan's avatar
what would you have done then?
UberDarkGuardian's avatar
Same thing as Xenoverse 2 giving ALL of Freeza's race the GOLDEN Ultimate evolution... FREEZA SAID HE MADE IT GOLD SPECIFICALLY. IT'S A SUPER SAIYAN ANALOGUE. You can't just... do that! It has no context for being gold then!
UberDarkGuardian's avatar
I would have stopped it at his Super evolution. Cold is supposed to be powerful and his Super evolution should be pretty world-ending, and the design was well done - nothing extraordinary or deviating from the norm, yes, but it still looked sharp and well executed. Adding another form both discredits his True form's power and his Super evolution's power while also being completely unoriginal and otherwise closed-minded. It goes on the basis that Freeza's races' transformations are all set in design concept when that isn't the case - Freeza distinctly states that he CREATED his restricted forms to limit his power, so only FREEZA has those distinct forms. The only time this is discredited is in Cooler's Revenge which is not part of the set canon. So interpreting their Super evolution to be an analogue for Freeza's second form and this Super(x2) evolution as an analogue for Freeza's 3rd form is dumb at best. Freeza's Super evolution was great for that exact reason - it deviated from the norm. Many people have Cooler's design as the set interpretation for the Super evolution but Freeza's design ended up being not a copy/paste, and Cold's Super evolution was more grand than Cooler's but still a similar design which again is logical.

It's the same as their using every Super Saiyan increment as a x10 (so x10, x100 and x1000). That's great and all, but you are destroying the canon, which they strove to emulate to an extent (and also WAY blew SSJ3 out of proportion in turn). That and having the human's (I forget what universe) use Kaio-ken but never giving a multiplier - completely discrediting the power of the humans of that universe. They want to tell a solid story but solid stuff on a wonky table will nonetheless collapse.
Darkton93's avatar
Darkton93Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the new armor for Freeza, and I like his fifth form. I'm guessing he gains it and realizes it won't do against just a Super Saiyan?
The-Devils-Corpse's avatar
The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist
He'll unexpectedly unlock the Super Evolution almost immediately after he starts training. He's not sure if it's enough or not, but continues to train for the time period he originally suggested and unlocks the Ultimate Evolution shortly before going to Earth. Once there, in the midst of battle, he decides that his Super form may give him the edge against base Goku, but there's no point drawing the battle out like on Namek. So they both transform like in the film, with Freeza skipping straight to gold.
charactermaker27's avatar
charactermaker27Student Artist
Never mind I found it
Whiffleboy18's avatar
I always thought 1st form Frieza and final form were the height.  I didn't know final form was taller, interesting.  But in the anime it's always inconsistent with Frieza's height.
The-Devils-Corpse's avatar
The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist
For Freeza, I used Vegeta as a rough scale in the manga. His true form was close to Vegeta's in height, but his first form was a bit shorter. Granted my charts aren't necessarily perfect, but the art in the franchise isn't exactly consistent either (as you kinda noted).
Whiffleboy18's avatar
Yeah, that's absolutely true regarding a character's height in dbz and Frieza is a prime example.  Some of the official dbz artwork depicts Frieza as being just above Goku's waist and other artwork depicts him just below Goku's shoulders. What the heck?

Another inconsistent character when it comes to their height is Fat Buu, in some cases he's way taller then Piccolo and other cases he's shorter then Mr. Satan.
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