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DBR Cell (TL3)

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Alignment: Lawful Evil
Born: AGE 766 (~ 20 years old)
Race: Clusterfuck (Bio-mechanical Artificial Humans comprised of DNA from multiple species)
Home: Planet Earth
Battle Power: ?????
Occupation: Perfectionist
Goals: Perfection

Showcased Transformations:
Larva form, Pupa form, Humanoid form (Base, SS)

Created by Dr. Gero to be a replacement to the numerically named Artificial Humans, but the project was taking too long to come to fruition. Cell's development was turned over to a computer and Gero continued work on his previous models. Around 20 years later, Cell takes his first steps into the world destroyed by Gero's other creations. Despite an extensive search of the planet, the monster is unable to find 17 or 18, two models he was designed to merge with in order to transform into his perfect form. Upon realizing that Trunks must have managed to defeat the robots, Cell confronts him with the intention of stealing his time machine in order to come to the past and absorb the twins, but finds the Saiyan hybrid to be a hurdle he's not able to overcome.

Cell, from Trunks' timeline. Like the original sheet, his colors are based more on the manga than the anime. Also, yes, I'm treating him like a "Super Saiyan". It's not the exact same form for him, but he has the mutant gene in him. It's too coincidental that he seems to be able to use the same forms as the Super Saiyans and even shares the same auras as them.

The series of submissions labeled under the title of DB Redux are part of a fan rewrite of the official series. Anything that you see in the art or description that varies from the original manga or anime sources is most likely intentional. While I appreciate that you are taking the time to look at my gallery and notice these differences, I do not require a comment on what needs correcting because it wasn't "originally like that". Thank you, and please enjoy!

Do not repost, edit or claim this artwork as your own.
Dragon Ball (Z, GT, etc.), copyright to Toriyama Akira, Toei Animation, etc.
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davidshadow275Hobbyist Artist

I think the draw is excellent.

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JordanMcFighterHobbyist Digital Artist
God Cell's Pupa form creeps me out
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Even in his Imperfect form, Cell is a very cunning villain. Based on what I have heard, HE WORKED to get to where he needed to.
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so his eyes become red when he turns "super saiyan"?
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The-Devils-CorpseHobbyist General Artist
It's been my compromise between the anime and manga colors since the original Cell sheet.
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i never noticed that on the other cell sheet until i looked again xD
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