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hello there Devil corpse , i just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing job doing all that dragon ball art that did with wonderfully designed character sheets that shows character heights and different forms when it comes to many characters , keep up good work man

an other thing i wanted to tell you is that recently , i watched a dragon ball fan made manga named dragon ball new hope that takes place in a time line where cell defeated gohan and killed all z fighters aside from krillin and destroyed west city which is where kid trunks were located to prevent any still existing version of trunks from this time line from growing up and causing him trouble eventually , resulting in krillin eventually training goten seven years later , and sacrificing himself to destroy cell while goten survived the battle , in the last chapter where krillin was featured , there is a scene of future trunks long haired in other world transforming into super saiyan 2 to prepare to go to earth to fight cell while a grown up kid trunks is trying to convince him to go with him , so after saying long haired future trunks transform into super saiyan 2 , and BOY i can't even begin to describe HOW FANTASTIC and unique i found it in terms of look ,

like aside from the fact that a super saiyan long haired future trunks is supposed to look like how he appeared in first broly movie as well as bojack movie , comparing that to super saiyan 2 long haired future trunks from this fan made manga just made me appreciate just how wonderful the execution was when it comes to how they designed him along with a REALLY quiet strike difference between it and super saiyan that i've NEVER SEEN BEOFRE , and i'm wondering how is this not official design , or why we don't see this amount of quality when it comes to deffrencienting between super saiyan 1 and super saiyan 2 , you should truly check out this manga and that transformation shot , it is fantastic , and wonderful to read

here is a link to the video , and speaking of the scene , you can find it at 2:02:52 of the video , and i hope you use that super saiyan 2 trunks design in case you made an other sheet of long haired future trunks

an other thing is that while that might look like an unpopular openion , but in case you made a super saiyan 3 look of any charcater , i think you should at least keep the super saiyan hair of that character while having that long hair , personnaly i think that super saiyan 3 hair style should have more uniqness to it when it comes to different characters rather having exactly like that of super saiyan 3 goku , whose super saiyan 3 hair is designed in a way when it's like an extention of his hair even in terms of look , hence why there is that big hair spike at the end , like that big hair spike at the top of his super saiyan hair , but that's just my openion

Hello The Devil Corpse i just wanted to say that i great admire your art work and that you do a great job. Keep up the good work man

do you know that the dragon ball wiki was so unreliable (like claiming bulls**t like "goku used KKx100 against slug" or the "unknown timeline trunks" BS") to the point an alternative wiki called "dragon universe wiki" was created?

They are unreliable and make up a lot of information (mostly spawning from dub changes or games), but those aren't actually good examples of why. For example, the Kaio-ken x100 is technically real to an extent:

I just started watching this, and I'm amazed, can I ask if we'll ever see Gohan's Beast Mode, or Vegeta's Ultra Ego? I would be really glad to see them!

Hello, General rule of thumb, (almost) everything will be added...eventually. Soon as I find free time to work on the project and don't have official material interrupting my plans.

I'd already started trickling out my Super Hero content submissions, and Gohan's sheet was actually done and ready to go. But then the manga announced it was returning from its hiatus with a Super Hero based arc, and now I need to wait to see how much meshes with my plans I'd already changed and all that.

Granolla's arc is done and over with nothing significant impacting my ability to upload content from that story. So Vegeta is almost done. If I hadn't started adding battle damaged outfits to the charts when they're all of the same costume, he would have already been added.

Thanks alot! I'll be very patient, because this work's quality it's on another level, and it's worth the waiting.