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If you dont mind me asking, do you take commissions?

Damn, I was thinking of asking you to do something cool. Cool yo me at least.

Always wondered this. If Cell destroyed Earth or Even Freeza and his Father. Would the shock have released Buu or no? Shin was worried that blowing the ship up would release Buu. So I wondered what would happen if the earth blew up.

No way of really telling. Shin isn't the most reliable character for things. The only time he was really right during that whole arc was that Boo was dangerous. I suppose there's no real reason to doubt him on this matter though since it's fairly insignificant overall in the story proper.

So, assuming he's right about the ship explosion, I assume the Earth exploding would probably release Boo, too. Meaning the better question at that point would be whether Boo would survive said explosion. Bobbidi required quite a bit of energy to return Boo to full power for his release. I'd say it's entirely possible that the Majin would've been too weak to defend itself if released in the middle of the blast during those periods before being moved and all that.

Wouldn't it make more sense to make Saiyan tail and Oozaru hair black in DBZR given what we know about Saiyan genetics? Hetero Tricho Chromatosis (Having different hair colors in different places, like having brown hair and a red beard, or having a black mustache in Mario's case) isn't uncommon in humans but Saiyans have a very homogeneous gene pool, Saiyans tend to share common traits in both their personality and appearance. It wouldn't make much sense for primates with such a low variety and need to camouflage to develop different colors in their fur patches.