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Welcome to The Devart Comics

This a group for comic lovers! Whether you make them or just read them you are welcomed here.

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:bulletblack: Submissions with nudity must be submitted to the 18 + folder. There are no exceptions to this rule.

:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folders. Featured (and Featured 2) folder(s) is closed.

:bulletblack: The submission limit is 1 per day.

:bulletblack: Spam will not be tolerated!

:bulletblack: Mature content is accepted, just mark it as such.

:bulletblack: Please be respectful to others and their works.

:bulletblack: Don't flood the favourites with 1 artist, have a variety and keep it related to comics.

:bulletblack: If you find something breaking a rule or misplaced, please let us know.

:bulletblack: Do not submit something more than once, sometimes it can take us a while to accept everything

:bulletred: If you have an questions or concerns please send a note to the group or devart-comics.

Gallery Folders

COMMISSION White Mage Eva by Shono
COMMISSION: Saori by Shono
Twitch Sketch: Sexy Cait Sith by Shono
Twitch Sketch: Tari Mummy by Shono
Dinah and Sean Legends Vol 2 P71 by Dinahmite64
Twist of Fate - Rivera by Pauldew

Mature Content

Triple Decker Contest - Coloured Contest Entry by MikeOrion
Triple Decker Colors Entry - Urban Fairie by carriehowarth
Monthly Challenge
Cover Art
Weirdness #54 - Kill All Metalheads (CoLoR) by JJ422
Wayward Creed - Book 1 - Cover Art by WishfulVixen
55zombie - Doc Cover lines by DocRedfield
Taylor Swift and her bodyguards by PK4only
One Panel and Oneshots
Moon Man (Update) by Size-And-Stupidity
Minicomic page 6 7 and 8 are up! by ElsaKroese
Wereturtle by Size-And-Stupidity
Bitten by Size-And-Stupidity
Romance Comics
Monstersona Comic- Page 1 by MrPutt

Mature Content

Galaxy - The Talk - Part 1 by TAMAnnoying
Easy Chapter 4 - 56 by BlahRascal
Easy Chapter 4 - 55 by BlahRascal
Drama Comics
Shadows of Oblivion #4 p16 - update! by Shono
As a last resort- Page 5 [ENG] by GreenVikeen
Page 8 by AlienShores
Page 7 by AlienShores
Sci-fi Comics
May the Fourth be with you: Darth Vader by Shono
COMMISSION: Hypno Robo Crimson and Jaclyn by Shono
Lounging  WarAngel Pencils by Shono
DayZero - Page17 unlettered by Tadpole7
Horror , Thriller Comics
The Incident @ Bigfoot Bob Mobile Estates by PK4only
Inktober 31: Slice by Size-And-Stupidity
Inktober 14: Clock by Size-And-Stupidity
Inktober 9: Precious by Size-And-Stupidity
Fan Comics 2
October Sketch #9 - OC as Among Us Crew : Basalt by Tadpole7
SA: MC: Moving On: Page 15 by Pikaturtle
ES' Shorts 053: ''Her Return Return 1/3'' by EStories
Chapter 1 Page 3 by Kurotatsuo
Fan Comics
Tall Vampire Lady by Shono
Security Breach by Jops556
18 +

Mature Content

Issue 5, Page 36 by RavynSoul
3D and merch
Cutey Honey Cosplay Costume for G2F and G3F by OrionPax09
Random poses 33 by Vibrantes
Fantasy Comics 2
Red Cap Page Roughs - 01 by Tadpole7
Original art 2
Day Zero WaterColor concept by Tadpole7
General Comics 3
The sword of Fisi - Page 6 by Rowettes
Fan Art 3
COLORS:Red Riding Hood By Snakebitartstudio by Tadpole7
Action, Adventure Comics 2
Burning pg 14 by kyrtuck
Manga: Original Works 2
Deimos Saga Chp.6 - Page 25 by Tadpole7
Comedy Comics 3
Woohooligan vol 2: Laugh It Forward by woohooligan
Manga 2
Lyndwyrm Chp. 4 - Page 05 by Tadpole7
Comedy: CLOSED
Kiwi by sebreg
Comedy 2: CLOSED
Studying in a nutshell by bakkaron
Fan Art - CLOSED
Starfire and Nightfluff by MaggotCustard
Fan Art 2 - CLOSED
Wonder Woman by JulianPetrov
Fantasy Comics - CLOSED
Dalrak the Mighty #2 page 3 by Shono
Finished contests
Manga: Original works CLOSED
Shadows of Oblivion #4 - Page 3 by Shono
Action , Adventure Comics CLOSED
Twitch Sketch: Ajarhmi by Shono
General Comics:CLOSED
Dungeons and Dragons: Meet the Party by EmpatheticFrog
General Comics 2: CLOSED
Patreon Rewards: Demon Woman in black by Shono
Original Art - CLOSED
Twitch Sketch: Tanya the Evil by Shono

Active Members


So i have seen the comments and i will post something within the next day or so when i have time to properly write and collect my thoughts, but it seems that people want this group to continue so it will.

I have some things i would like to start doing with this group, and some ideas i have for you guys that i will talk about more when i make a proper post, but until then i won't be accepting any new submissions to the group, at least for the next few days if everyone can bear with it for a bit longer.

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Hi ! I'm looking for help on writing a NSFW Sci-Fi comics. If u are interested pls send me a DM !
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Thanks for accepting me as a member of this group. Check out my latest project, featured on my page, its call Damned, Cursed Children.
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This group have become a joke.
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hello people, i want ask, im with my team of friends gonna create huge plans about our own comic universe and  is there any possibility to took people attention, or any help from anyone who know how need get people attention ?
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