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Earth 2210



Earth 2210

The year is 2210 on the planet earth; global warming which appeared to the planets inhabitants as something small and nothing to worry about, has taken a turn for the worse. Great clouds spanning thousands of miles are now bringing forward the next ice age. Countries, Races, Genders and Age are thrown out the window, all that matters are the people within your town or city community, coming together to collect resources and to survive anyway possible.

What used to be law and order has now turned into whoever has the needed resources of the communities is now in charge, although some communities have still some form of law and order, others are not so fortunate, the human race must now overcome their next great challenge, but I wonder how we will turn out once the ice has gone.

About The Scene

A quick space scene between jobs, i wished to relax and go for something closer to home this time.

Adobe Photoshop CS4, Trust Slimline Design tablet was used. Time around 6-7 hours, i did not wish to fill this scene with much this time.

Wallpaper Pack

Please provide feedback, its greatly appreciated.
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😀 Hi, I used this stock in my art.

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Thank You so much for sharing