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submission Rules for the galleries
:bulletpink: you may submit 2 pieces per week.
:bulletpink: they must be submitted to the correct gallery


We are a group dedicated to helping people in anyway possible


Advice journals
Do you have a problem that you would like advice for?
Is there something you want to speak out about? Do you desperately want help?, then let us help.
simply tell us all about your problem

Rules for the advice journal
:bulletgreen: you don't need to tell us your name.
:bulletgreen: It can be any problem you wish to speak about
:bulletgreen: you must be ok with your problem being published to a journal
:bulletgreen: other members can comment and give their opinions as well as admins

we will do our best to provide you with the best help possible


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Top Tips

:bulletblue: get a good nights sleep, tiredness will be make you even more nervous and more prone to irritability

:bulletblue: remember your breathing at all times, if you feel yourself start to become more nervous and panicky, take a deep breath in and then out, focussing on this pattern will draw your mind away from what ever is making you nervous.

:bulletblue: talk to someone in the situation you are in, a friend maybe, the person sat next to you, it could distract you.

:bulletblue: remember you aren't the only one who gets nervous so try not to let it scare you and reduce you to a nervous wreck.

:bulletblue: eat or drink something, its no good being nervous on a completely empty stomach or with a dry throat, sip water or have a biscuit or two, it should make the butterflies less intense and help you relax.

Gallery Folders

Iris by Elaitea
Symphony of Life and Death by shamasian
Personal XDD by auxeru
-because we share life- by fangedfem
DA tutorials
Submit literature deviations by TheBrassGlass
Group Tutorial: Submitting Art by CanineHybrid
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Mature Content

I love my dA family by caybeach
Family Kiss by BenHeine
I love My sis by I-Take-It-Back
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Coloring Tutorial by sakimichan
Hair Tutorial by liiga
Opulence - TUTORIAL by Ormille





We accept any affliates with the exception of NO HATE GROUPS.

Recent Journal Entries

Advice journal 24
I used to draw cats. And photograph them. And photomanipulate them. I loved making art with cats, domesticated ones, feral ones, wild ones. I loved telling stories, role playing with them and pretending to have my own little cattery. I joined DevArt groups and watch other cat-loving members until "Stephi" came along.

Stephi, like me, drew cats in what I thought was her spare time, and she was pretty good at it. I welcomed her into the cat world. I watched as she started off with a few watchers but grew into a person liked and respected by many Deviants. I drew cats with her, drew breed of cats she created and enjoyed it..until it seemed Stephi went on a power trip.

It started with calling out "unimportant" or unknown cat drawers. I believed her stories about them for a little while, tried to make her feel better and help her through it, until she proceeded to trash talk and bash other cat drawers. I thought she was crossing the line and let her know, but her only response was if I read her journal at all-which felt a little rude to me. I let it go and as drama swept through my cat drawing groups I thought I'd take a break. And that was the turning point.

Stephi decided she didn't want me to draw a design while I was inactive, so I let it go - it was useless drama anyhow. I didn't really take a break though and watched more and more events unfold: To Stephi, any player that drew a cat like her "cats" was copying her. Any player who used a reference was "tracing". Her art was spectacular every group had to add her! And that's around the time I stopped watching her, and her blind followers, and tried to stay in my little corner.

I had a couple of stressful weeks and it took a toll on me even when I came online to DevArt. And then, Stephi's influence made her way into the groups I watched, the so called friends I watched and the people who's artwork I adored. Stephi's cats were nearly everywhere. In all the popular groups, in all the newest pages of the cat subject...just everywhere. And with it came her senseless drama and knocking of other people and how she was the victim in all of it! I couldn't stand it. I wrote a journal. I said I joined DevArt not Stephi-Art that I draw for Cat groups not Stephi groups (as a few groups had banned members because of her personal problems with, I'm not kidding it was a big clicque circus) and of course she wound up attacking my friends, on my page. I finally blocked her and wound up with a slew of her followers calling me conceited telling me I was the problem. So, during a hard day of work, receiving all of the messages, I finally gave up and deactivated my old account.

I later admitted I was wrong for saying "Stephi-art" I shouldn't have said that, and I probably shouldn't have told her to "grow up" and blocked her after (although believe it or not the decision to block her went through my mind when I took her off my watch list) but there was no outright personal attack at her and in no way was I harassing her- I never visited her account. I never sent her notes or comments.

I want to start uploading cats again. I want to role play again. I want to write again. But I don't want Stephi again. I don't want the attacks, the blaming, the irresponsibility of group moderators, the blind followers, the victimizing...I know if I upload another cat she will some how find me. She will probably try to get the last word. And I would discuss things with her, if she acted maturely-but from what I've seen and experienced it doesn't seem possible.

I know more people than myself have experienced this sort of drama on any online community. But I want advice: should I stick to my guns and upload what I love and block those who try to harass me over old issues? Or should I only upload things I like and become part of who I am?

My response

wow okay.
I'll tell you something that I have always been told countless times and that is if you find something you love to do then do it of course as long as its not immoral or illegal. If you honestly love to draw cats then draw them.
Sometimes when people get to a certain point power gets to them, you shouldnt need to put someone down to make yourself stand up, maybe she felt threatened by you or something else but the important thing was you were wise to step back.
Dont blame yourself that you got annoyed and snapped, everyone does it at one point in their life, its completely understandable
But dont stop making art because of a bad incident, do what you love to do, block her straight away if you upload cat art again, thus hopefully avoiding her altogether. But try to put the art first and avoid the places you know she would be, if you really dont want to be anywhere near her. You can start afresh.

Advice journal 25
Okay.. This one is a sad and complicated love thing. okay, so I have three best friends, all boys. I've call them, boy 1, boy 2, and boy 3. I'm dating boy 1. We've been together for almost a year, and it's never affected my best friendship with boy 2 and 3. Until last Valentine's Day. So, the day before Valentine's Day, I had a dream.. about boy 2. Me and him, have always had a complicated relationship. I don't know why, but it made me realize how much I reallllyyy liked him. I do, like, a lot. So, I wasn't very good at hiding it.. and my bf (boy 1) started getting suspicious. So, later in March, I broke up with Boy 1, because I didn't really like him anymore. But we got back together 2 days later.. I don't know, it's weird because he came crawling back to me. But I felt so bad for him that I just couldn't say no. So, I still really like boy 2. But, if I break up with boy 1, it'll not only break his heart, but it'll effect my best friendship with boy 3, since they are like the bffs of the century. So I'm stuck. Help me please? :( I really want to date boy 2! I don't know what to doooo!! :c

My response

There isnt a way to have a magic fix of this, either way you are going to end up hurting someone, first thing You really shouldnt be getting back together with someone if your only getting back together because you feel sorry for him.
you have to be honest, if you no longer have feelings for boy 1 then break up with him, dont stay in a relationship if there is no feelings, you will only end up hurting him and then yourself.
just be honest thats all you can be, dont go sneaking around peoples back because that would be the worst thing possible at the moment.
If boy 3 is your truly your friend then although he could be angry and hurt for boy 1, I'm sure he wouldnt want you to string his friend along. just be honest, no lies. Sure its a really really awkward situation but it is possible to work though it
do you know if your feelings are returned from boy 2, because if not is it really worth the trouble.
If they are returned then you need to be careful and wait at least a couple of weeks after you break up with boy 1 to get together, otherwise it may seem like you dumped boy 1 for boy 2

Advice journal 26
I'm in love with this girl.
(At least I think I am.)
Except she already loves someone else.
She told this person she loves him, but he rejected her. They remain friends to this day.
Except she still loves him.
I haven't known her for all that long.
Maybe about four months.
But god, have I fallen hard for her.
The only thing is...
I'm afraid of admitting this to her.
What if she rejects me?
What if we can't be friends again if she does?
I just don't want to lose her friendship because I love talking to her.
But I'm gonna go crazy if I don't say something to her!
I think about her all the time...
My heart starts beating so quickly and my stomach actually does so many flips that I feel I might be sick most of the time
I just wish I knew what to do...

My response

I'm sorry, its not nice to be in this situation. Get to know her, talk to her. If she is in love with someone else there isnt much you can do about it except be there for her, show her that you care for her too. its ultimately your decision whether you tell her your feelings or not, I cant decide for you, its always a big risk sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesnt. but you need to decide before she decides for you by moving on. whatever you do good luck
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