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ABOUT ME: Christian, INTJ - I am a US illustrator and animal artist. I work both traditionally and digitally. Diagnosed with autism in my late teens, I learned to see emotional expression and communication in a unique way from a very young age, especially in animals. Animals communicate clearly and effectively; they simply communicate differently from humans, similar to how autistic people like me communicate differently from the rest of humanity. All creatures communicate, and typical human communication is only one form. Because I had to learn to understand human communication and expression by trial and error rather than by instinct, I was able to extend that same logic toward understanding animals. I strive to help others see the expression and communication I see in animals. Clients include Bible Visuals International, the American Quarter Horse Museum and Hall of Fame, and Michelin North America.

ADOPTABLES / COMMISSIONS I make creature adoptables that anyone is free to purchase, and I take commissions for art of all kinds. I currently accept real currency/PayPal (prices:…). Because I'm usually working on several different projects at once, please don't expect your request to be finished overnight. If you have a deadline you need it for, please let me know ahead of time. Thanks!

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Favourite Visual Artist
Scott Gustafson
Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, The Lion King, Bambi, Brother Bear, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek (all six series), Doctor Who, Sherlock, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Lion Guard, Merlin, Inuyasha, Phineas and Ferb, Horseland, X-Files, Duck Dynasty
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Musical Theater, Classical Music, World Music, Celtic Music, Soundtracks, and I have an unhealthy obsession with bagpipes
Favourite Books
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter series, The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Sherlock Holmes series, Dracula, Phantom Stallion series, Final Frontier
Favourite Writers
J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Bram Stoker, James Herriot, Gail Carson Levine, Walter Farley, Terri Farley
Tools of the Trade
Digital painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, etc.
Other Interests
Adoption and Foster Care, Animals, Horses, Wild Mustangs, Fandoms, Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Animal Behavior, Animal Welfare, Christian, Pro-Life
Hey weird question to all my non-American mothers out there: do doctors (or midwives if you’re lucky enough to have them) make pregnant moms do a glucose test to test for gestational diabetes, and if so, what do they have you ingest? Because I’m looking at Glucola, what doctors make American mothers drink, and almost all its ingredients are banned in Europe and most other first-world countries. There’s the obvious question of why American doctors are prescribing actual poison to pregnant mothers that makes them vomit and pass out (no one knows what it does to babies in the womb), but I’m genuinely curious what European mothers are given to take this test.
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I'm scared but also very excited!
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I'm putting the final touches on my essay about things that Boomers need to understand. I will be publishing it today, on Labor Day, the day that was originally meant to be a day to celebrate the accomplishments of the working class in America, but has unfortunately become a day that salaried office workers have off and the people the holiday was created to celebrate are prohibited from celebrating it. For all of my hard-working friends on here, feel free to read it tonight, tomorrow, or later on when you get off work!
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Mono, also the Magic School Bus characters would be the Asian Animals for The Asian Magic School Bus for you can make it for it?
Here the list of characters:
Ms. Frizzle the Elliot’s Pheasant
Ms. Frizzle’s Younger Sister the Chakar
Liz the Asian Gecko
Arnold the Rhesus Monkey
Phoebe the Sumatran Leaf Monkey
Dorothy the Malayan Tapir
Carlos the Sunda Pangolin
Keesha Franklin the Black Eagle
Tim Jamal the Probocsis Monkey
Ralphie the Bornean Orangutan
Wanda Li the South China Tiger
Janet the Asian Water Monitor
Jyoti the Indian Gaur
Mono, can you make the Magic School Bus Characters would be European animals for The European Magic School Bus?
Here is the list of characters:
Ms. Frizzle the European Hare
Ms. Frizzle’s Younger Sister the Western Roe Deer
Liz the European Mouse
Arnold the European Red Squirrel
Phoebe the European Bee-Eater
Dorothy the Peregrine Falcon
Carlos the Osprey
Keesha Franklin the Merens Horse
Tim Jamal the European Mink
Ralphie the European Hedgehog
Wanda Li the Eurasian Lynx
Janet the Alpine Chamois
Jyoti the European Wisent Bison
OMG! Your arts are so cool!!!
Thanks! I haven’t been super active on here, but I’m trying to start up again.

i just watched the force far it is very interesting and i look forward to watching the following 2 movies.

gotta say,i see what you mean about ben being emotional. He practically threw a temper tantrum throwing his saber around when he found out rey escaped..and if im not mistaken he does this once more in another part of the movie.

I like Force Awakens a lot! It is basically just a retelling of “A New Hope,” but I honestly don’t mind that because enough is added in in my opinion. It continues the story. I don’t like where the story ended up in ”Rise of Skywalker,” but TFA was fun!

Yeah I think they were trying to make him look passionate and emotional with the temper tantrums (because passion and emotion is where a darksider draws power from), but they kind of made him look immature though. I mean he’s almost 30, so he really shouldn’t be doing that anymore, you know? Lol

i was browsing youtube lookin at reptile and bird videos (as i often do),and came across this channal called "Happy Dog"...and what i found discusted me...these poeple have been putting these poor puppies in dangerous situations involving snakes (among other things) just so they could "rescue" them on camera for views.

and i thought youtube could not possibly sink any lower,be on the lookout for this channel as it is trying to get monetary support on social media platforms for thier Vile content.