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Brussels Bombings 2016 by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Brussels Bombings 2016 :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 Shape Of Despair 2 - Belgium by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Shape Of Despair 2 - Belgium :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 Faal - Belgium by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Faal - Belgium :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 Shape Of Despair - Belgium by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Shape Of Despair - Belgium :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 1 0 Waits - Small Change by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Waits - Small Change :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 Me by The-Cry-Of-Mankind Me :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
Acutely hesitant, the wings spread thin
Destitute is the wanderer within
Aging slowly, toward an endless summer
The skies burnished in aestival color
Capricious winds surround the light
Descending silently, disobeying plight
A catatonic existence will remain
Bared solely through an aphonic sustain
Justified by a heartened worsted string
The skeins unravel and soon you cling
These aphotic depths seep beneath the roaring sunlight
The angelic past disperses and ablaze becomes thou foresight
Self-dissension falls away
Night becomes the day
Swiftly falling away from the everlasting decay
Separately wandering, the duet silences
Stages burning as the passion demises
Swallowing anguish unfurls the angelic world outright
But at peace beith you in the roaring sunlight
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 1 2
Requiem [Part II]
Her curtain lay across the floor just like it did before
Ripped off or swept away just like every other day
His pants were laden by the door with smack from the night before
And the shirts they wear each stained so bad, they must be sleeping bare
I’d seen that curtain twice before but never at that pace
They shuffled through the door so fast she did not see his face
Her eyes peeled open with the film from a hasty sleep
When she came to and saw the scene she knew last night was cheap
Another name, another notch and a scribble in a book
So much contempt but she knew he’d take the hook
An arm around the waste and one above her head
It was the only thing she cared about, even if it was dead
But those arms I saw the day before they did not look like his
And the pants laden by the door were not quite like this
Cause when I rip off that curtain skirt and raise them legs so high
I tell her that I love her and that I’ll never leave her side
My dreary eyes, they water, when sud
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
Requiem [Part I]
To freely exist, is by your side
Clasped is your hand in mine, an ethereal bind
It’s in your presence, by your tenacity
And this feeling lies, emphatically
Time knows not of tormenting bounds
Passing swiftly but growing longer
As the dissonance enshrouds
Knowing well your assiduous, ethereal nature
I tamper not the mechanisms that bind
But their failure is a constant danger
As the machine lay unrefined
Arising silence blankets clarity
And I cannot say goodbye
But the face of God lay baron by the light in your eye
Muted suddenly are my failures and unhinged are the doors
Your divinity overwhelms and the soul roars
And I’ll never say goodbye
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 1 0
The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines logo #2 by The-Cry-Of-Mankind The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines logo #2 :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines logo by The-Cry-Of-Mankind The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines logo :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0 The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines by The-Cry-Of-Mankind The Fallen Host - Fleeting Sines :iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
The stars watched you pass, the sun felt you burning
None foresaw the horror as the yearning keeps us turning
You haunt me as I hanker towards this perfection
But your advection dissipates reality
As the sun beheld your burning
Watching the lights as they flee
I couldn't see nor plea for you to remain with me
As your life ends, the west darkens and the mourn instills
The stars watched you pass, the sun felt you burning
And forever is the yearning...
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
The signs are here
Fleeting attack, your loss draws me near
Astride your sins, descending beneath the depths
The distance boils as the skin welts
Disfigured and torn to adore
Her transfiguration, a plightful scorn
Cowardice takes hold and the love, unborn,
Dissipates wretchedly towards a begotten swarm
Landscapes yield the warning of ages
But the pastures, so green, could never be bought with wages
You shall never pass whilst suffering prolongs
One day, your words shall be my songs
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
Abstaining reason shines ambiguously
Advancing depths arise the amplitude
Theoretically fantasizing equitably
Unasserted reason heightens the solitude
Careth not the cost nor impact
Altitude bareth not the fact,
That mountains beith crossed and afforested
To wither the past and anoint us two, attracted
Eyes to spellbind and cause anew,
My will inside lead askew
Speaking wholly the darkest desires
Ever present, this never expires
Three years to find, inside, above
With courage astride to speak of my love
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0
Incantations of hollow times, flicker familiar shapes
Collective emptiness flourishes empathetic cacophony
Will away thou unfounded pity
For slowly, the ethereal perishes,
Shrouding anguish layeth distant figures
Tensions arise inevitably
Bartholin secretes upon the fingers
Vaguely ambulant with acute hesitancy
Lusting, doubtful seeds of will hath been sown, fortuitously
:iconthe-cry-of-mankind:The-Cry-Of-Mankind 0 0

Random Favourites

Defend by YourNewGod Defend :iconyournewgod:YourNewGod 16 11 deviantSkin by bluespeed9 deviantSkin :iconbluespeed9:bluespeed9 983 642
Lionquest's Story
Lionquest's Story
When you meet someone special you just know deep down even if  
you have only known them for a short time or have never met them before.
You feel an aura, a vibe from this person and you just know that they are
something special.
Well, I met a horse. Now he wasn't just your average little pony..He was and
always will be one very special animal and I knew the moment I laid eyes on
him that something connected him and I together.
I looked into his deep, dark brown eyes and I felt secure, I felt trust, I felt
a strong bond, I felt happy.
I walked over to him and gave him a pat, he then nuzzled up against me
and started licking my hands. He made me feel as though I was something
special. I felt loved even though he was not human. I knew from that moment
on he was special.
It was 5:00am on a Monday morning and I was starting my 2nd week of work
experience at Rod Craig's Racing Stables. I had already completed my 1st
week at Clarry Connors Racing Sta
:iconrosaryred:RosaryRed 1 4
I am hopeless.
From rusted knuckles
Down to chewed fingers
Your sockets quake
You are the helpless
I am hopeless.
Paranoid, in this carving shell
I smell an odor I once knew
Crystal morning dew
How sweet it is
To be dead.
Swing, swing, swing
From this limb
Until bone snaps
And you're trapped within
this mirror.
Casing of glass
On the floor
Who has the pills
we're looking for
I saw in your eyes
It would have killed me
Had I not been
Wearing rubber souls.
Run, the chords snapping
Heart rapping
At your door
They are only playing games with you.
They say;
"I am hopeless.
I am helpless.
I am ceaseless
I am defenseless."
You tell yourself
Or is it just
what they are telling you.
:iconolesthus:Olesthus 4 9
Not Even the Dark
I was alone and the silent street empty;
So, imperceptibly, the faint gleam between
Darkness or nothing mirrored my solitude.
Yet this isolation is haunted
By an echo of perpetual absence; or
The very trauma of knowing how separation
Blights this benighted soul of shadows.
As the street-scene changed, mournful cries
Of desperation conjured those lowering
Storm-clouds, sky-high above bustling,
Apathetic crowds avoiding the downpour,
Preventing me from touching you, I say
Reaching you: there, where a dead bird lay
By an open drain, a symbol of consciousness,
Like the cracked-open surface of Time,
Calcified by pain; mute, numb and lost.
This is where logic cannot follow, where
Humiliating declarations of frustrated desire
Follow twisted, jaded feelings, interposed
Again, I say, 'again', between us.
I mean 'You' and 'I',
In this insane incarnation, where
Nothing, not even the dark, can ever
Restore the true nature of your perfection.
Your presence persists in this impossible,
Enclosed spac
:icondeeplydark:DeeplyDark 6 23
The world, the flesh and the devil:
They are my constant companions.
I stare through an open window, and
Feel, in my heart, my creeping flesh,
As a bloated sun wallows in putrid clouds,
As the man next door slashes his wrists
And, somewhere, a dog throws a barking fit.
The world, the flesh and the devil
Are all there is...
I pass through an open door, and
Feel, in my mind, my creeping flesh,
As a withered moon sails a stormy sky,
As the women next door beats her kids,
And a starving cat claws at rubbish sacks.
This world (my world), this flesh (my flesh)
And the devil (is it me?), these
Are my place, my life – and my destiny.
Andromeda is blue and nearer now.
Spheres of light explode across the road.
We pass through every wavelength,
We endure every history
To reach the other side.
But what do we find?
Another world?
Same flesh?
Same devil?
Andromeda is blue and nearer now.
:icondeeplydark:DeeplyDark 6 21
Stone Angel I by blue-bella-donna Stone Angel I :iconblue-bella-donna:blue-bella-donna 1 2 Stone Angel II by blue-bella-donna Stone Angel II :iconblue-bella-donna:blue-bella-donna 6 2 Stone Angel IV by blue-bella-donna Stone Angel IV :iconblue-bella-donna:blue-bella-donna 1 1 Access Tunnel - animated by SteveRowlands Access Tunnel - animated :iconsteverowlands:SteveRowlands 2,725 831 Dodge RAM 2000 by DWTS--MUD Dodge RAM 2000 :icondwts--mud:DWTS--MUD 2 10 Seat Leon by Damirchek Seat Leon :icondamirchek:Damirchek 4 7 Experiment by Olesthus Experiment :iconolesthus:Olesthus 1 2 Shadow Play by Olesthus Shadow Play :iconolesthus:Olesthus 1 3 7 portraits by alexiuss 7 portraits :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 88 90 2005 FordMustang in NFS9 Style by viewjz 2005 FordMustang in NFS9 Style :iconviewjz:viewjz 48 19


Lost by alexiuss Lost :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,112 376 Godcatchers by alexiuss Godcatchers :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,208 530 Antipodal evolution by alexiuss Antipodal evolution :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,742 791 Meltdown by Solkku Meltdown :iconsolkku:Solkku 2,914 1,074 Disappearing Act by Solkku Disappearing Act :iconsolkku:Solkku 1,052 478 0 0


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Old Age


And a man who was once like a brother refuses to speak anymore.

I'm not long bound to continue on in this world, whether it be by my own hand, own developed disease or an accident at work due to sleeplessness... Not much time left...


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Ross Chessher
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Knowest no bounds, I do not, for darkness shrouds the followers of the sun and the labouring.

Careth only for thyself - Shemhamforash

If I'm viewing your works it usually means it's actually good, there are way too many shit heads with a pencil and paper or a tablet and painting application who think they're fucking artists because they can draw animé. WHEN I WAS YOUNGER IT WAS THE BASIS OF AN ARTIST - NOT THE SOLE FOCAL POINT OF A CAREER!


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