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Cutie Mark Crusaders Discover the Internet
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Published: September 6, 2012
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A trace from Season 2 Episode 17 Hearts and Hooves Day. That episode has so many potential trace candidates.

Individual PNG files:
Applebloom: [link]
Scootaloo: [link]
Sweetie Belle: [link]

Edit: I did some cleaning with the AI file, so your sanity might not be in so big of a danger: [link]

MLP is copyrighted by Hasbro.

Comments and critique welcome!

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supermetroidfan59Hobbyist Artist
I think i'll say this:They read somepony's awful fanfic
Rail-Brony-GXY's avatar
Rail-Brony-GXYHobbyist General Artist
Hey, this it my reaction to social media! Right there with you Scoots.
quetzal99's avatar
The crusaders probably saw everythin' we own. Cars , trucks , boats , planes , helicopters , tractors , freight trains and they probably see a tractor that's about to fall on them.
Fujin777's avatar
Fujin777Hobbyist Writer
Must've found Rule 34 art of themselves.
TransformersG1fan's avatar
TransformersG1fanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Scootaloo's face XD
whodatninja9386020's avatar
They see a plane above  them..
Klebkatt's avatar
KlebkattHobbyist General Artist
*sees notice* Yay! I'm using it for a thumbnail image to a youtube reading of Sweet Apple Massacre.

Discovering the internet indeed.

The poor things.
sweetannabee's avatar
sweetannabeeHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconapplebloomplz: hey girls! let's find out whut this "rule 34" is!


... i don't like internet..
mandaIa's avatar
mandaIaHobbyist Digital Artist
They actually surfed the Internet in EQG.

But the human CMC, not the normals.
MysteryMint's avatar
MysteryMintProfessional Digital Artist
lol their reaction XD
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
Azure-Dragon-SeiryuStudent Traditional Artist
Looks like the internet was too much for them to handle all that info they wanted to look for.
Ballisticfury's avatar
BallisticfuryStudent General Artist
They're reading
SugarrCane's avatar
Scootaloo's derp face xD
Charanty's avatar
This is why there is no internet in Equestria.
templar127's avatar
:iconsweetiebelleplz: UGH! Not this again!
:iconapplebloomplz: Is this one of em' fancy shmancy technical hoo ha again?
:iconscootalooplz: *SNORT* Huh? Where am I?
xX2WolfFeather1Xx's avatar
Scootaloo: "Wha-I-who-Rainbow Dash and-how-*mind cannot compute*
Apple Bloom: -thinking- ¬___¬ ....somepony's gonna get it...whoever pony this "deviantart" is.....
Sweetie Belle: "I....don't know girls. I don't think it was such a good idea to follow Pinkie Pie through that wall..."
BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeap, they don't seem amused. :o
Supervillain6's avatar
Supervillain6 Digital Artist
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle look like they'ye holding in a sneeze
Supervillain6's avatar
Supervillain6 Digital Artist
Or about to sneeze.
Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
Sketch-ShepherdHobbyist General Artist
I hope they didn't read Sweet Apple Massacre. 0_o
XxBlue-ThunderxX's avatar
XxBlue-ThunderxXStudent General Artist
that is what i was just thinking
Sandwich-Anomaly's avatar
Sandwich-AnomalyHobbyist Digital Artist
why yes... that is what it looks like. are your innocent filly minds corrupted yet?
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