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While writing my Creepypasta "The Red Seeker" I got this thought, so here we go.


"No one is born EVil, no one." -"The Tulip Touch" by Annie Fine

Have you guys find out one rule everyone will tell you if you write a Creepypasta?

"Make them have a sad child background."
"Give them a backstory people can feel sorry of."

Yes. Make people starting to feel pity to them. They'll say "Poor xxx, get bullied and so now he went insane and take revenge."

Yes, you say they got bullied. You say they are innocently murdered. You say their parents abandoned him. You say they got forgotten...

You do feel sorry for them, and you know the problem.

And I think you would never want ANY OF THE CREEPYPASTAS to exist in real life.

Now, let me explain first.

Let's use the extremely famous Jeff the Killer as an example. Blablabla Jeff moved to somewhere with his family Blablabla dudes bullied him Blablabla starts to loose sanity Blablabla fight with those bullies in a B day party and Blablabla accidentally killed them all BLABLABLA got burned and needed surgery and a bunch of things happened that BADADADAAAA we have Jeff the Killer.

Maybe it's not possible to cut your mouth, since you need those muscles on your face to make you move your mouth (that means Jeff is suppose to not be able to talk) or have burnt eyelids, because the eyes need tears to keep it moist (that means Jeff can go blind for that), or not to sleep every single night (the longest time for a person to NOT to sleep under the World's record is 11 days, but Jeff probably never sleeps.). But yet, eerything is always plausible. There might be a Jeff the Killer someday in this world.

And how Jeff the Killer ever exist? Easy. People BULLIED him. Under great pressure his let Insanity to take over him. And that's it. Insanity takes over.

This actually works on a lot of Creepypastas, like Bloody Painter, Jane the Killer (even the source is from Jeff X3) or any non-proxy but used to be human Creepypastas. (PS my Creepypasta OC The Red Seeker is this type too)

Let's move on to Proxies, because we mentioned it just now. Sure, proxies are created by Slenderman or Zalgo, two demon-like evil beings. But all proxies are made from humans. Iconic proxies like Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby and Clockwork are examples.

You might ask "How about Slenderman and Zalgo? They are never human." Yes, they are never human, but let's say no one, including Satan, is 100% evil from beginning till end.

Sorry guys, but I need to go for a bit off topic and to the Christian bible. Might get some info wrong. Inform me if I did.

Long time ago, there's no evil. There's only heaven, no hell. Everyone lived happily.

Until one day God tells his angels about Jesus Christ. (I forgot what's that about dammit) Some angels believed that God is right, but some don't. Soon a war broke between the two sides of angels. The leader of the angels who denied God is considered as the prettiest among all of them. As always, light wins the dark. The losing team who denied God became fallen angels and were banished to Hell.

The fallen angels, who now became ugly demons, swore to make God's people to never follow his wills. And that's how evil come to exist.

Okay, story time ends here. So, Slenderman and Zalgo are demons. And as I mentions, demons used to be light beings too. In addition, you can't just stop giving a guess that Slenderman and Zalgo can used to be normal beings like other Creepypastas, who get more powerful and eventually rule over them.

Let's go for the extremes. Those guys who are actually dead, like BEN Drowned and Sally.

Similar to being Bullied, they get killed. This condition is worse than going purely insane. Lost souls who cannot rest can be painful (look at FNaF and you'll see how the game keep saying "SAVE THEM", "HELP THEM", "SAVE HIM".). Mostly, this is how haunting ghosts works. They need to complete something the can't do while they're alive. But as for those guys in Creepypastas, it's different. At the same time Insanity took over them, which make them even more powerful than those who didn't die. Like, BEN can hack though computers, Puppeteer can control people etc. It's still possible for them to exist, too. Ghosts are everywhere, here, there, sitting on you, behind you, next to you. You just can't see it. Most of them are nice ghosts, but you can not talk about that if the ghost is BEN...

In conclusion, Creepypasta is warning how evil this world can be. People wanted to be equal among each other, but that never exist. Some people suicided, and some turned into killers. Monsters. No turning back for them. Regretting for the entire life....



Someone make this a stamp XDD
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