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Welcome to The-Creative-Female

This is a Girls only group for girls to show off there work and not worry about there work being told that "it's not good enough to be on dA"

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I founded this group to be a place where girls can express there creative side without the stigma of the REAL WORLD.

No Boy's allowed in The-Creative-Female this is a Female only group!

The female body is not porn it is BEAUTIFUL!
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Jan 15, 2012


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Shut up and flyOne gorgeous Friday afternoon, Van-El was sitting in the garage of his older sister's boyfriend's house. Valara had to stay late at school to finish up an extra credit project. Neither of their parents was home. Their mother, Loana, had to work late at the “Daily Argo.” Their father, Kal-El, was occupied with attempting to hire some helpers to work the family farm. So, Van stayed with his sister's boyfriend till she finished her extra credit project. Van's blue eyes gazed over at his sister's boyfriend, Dev Dak. Dev Dak was quite a good-looking young man. He was tall, extremely fit, with chiseled features. His dark hair was in a short ponytail to keep it out of his almond-shaped brown eyes.His confident smile and dimples were on display whenever he smiled. Van also thought he rocked the one-earring look that was gradually becoming a popular trend among the male youths of the city. Not that his own parents ever let him get his ears pierced. The sixteen-year-old was currently working on his star racer. (Like Oban Star-Racer. So, it's an alien version of race cars.) He hoped to go pro after finishing high school and university. He'd even built his own racer entirely on his own! “Hey, Van? Could you bring me my other toolbox? I need to guarantee the reactors won't leak in the next race. Never can be too cautious, you know?” Dev requested, to which the young boy went to retrieve it. “Here you go, Dev,” as he handed him the toolbox. Dev came out from under the racer for a moment to see his girlfriend's brother look very bummed out. “Yo, Van? Is something bothering you? Like, do you have a guy problem? Because if it is, I'm here to help you,” Dev asked in a brotherly way.Van sighed before replying. “I've got a couple of issues. My grades are slipping some since I can't comprehend plintconarhythmic physics.”Dev raised an eyebrow, “Why the heck are you studying a college-level subject? I mean, only the most intelligent intellects can even comprehend that subject! Since you literally have to envision every figure and component in a three-dimensional manner!”“I'm not sure either. However, since it's beyond the standard curriculum, they employed a few new educators, and well? None of us understand why they're forcing subjects on us that are too advanced.” “I'll let my mom know as she's Head of the Educational Committee. Something isn't right trying to force kids to learn something that even most adults can't do! Even your grandfather can't understand that particular subject, and he's like one of the cleverest blokes on the planet!” “Thanks, Dev. I could also use our guidance on another subject.”“Let me guess, it's a girl?”“Sorta, Estird identifies as genderfluid.”“Well, more people are coming out with their gender and sexuality these days. Thankfully, they revised the laws so you couldn't be discriminated against based on those. So anyway, you like this Estrid?”“Well, yes. Most of the time, they're female. However, they have spontaneous, manly days. But most of the time, I referred to them as female unless they tell me otherwise.” “Okay, I can understand its tricky with pronouns when you first encounter someone from that community. So tell me about what this individual likes and why you are attracted to them.” “Well, they're physically attractive. They've red-violet hair in a pixie cut, mulberry eyes, and charming freckles that still stand out with their toasty skin tone.”“You do know, Van, that you've to like someone for their soul, not just their looks," Dev reminded the young boy who blushed.“I know that. But you can't deny everyone is first drawn to someone by physical attraction before getting to know that individual!” Dev nodded and replied, “Fair enough. So what else can you tell me about Estrid?” “They're the leader of the school gardening and astronomy clubs. Estrid also adores creatures, taking long hikes through the countryside. They don't care what others think of their gender identity. They talk straightforwardly and have no trouble standing up for others. They love various shades of pink and purple. They also love using their hoverboard and are a member of the school honor roll.” “Sounds like they're a very well-rounded person, " Dev replied in an impressive tone. He grabbed some drinks before sitting beside the boy he saw as his younger brother."I can see why you're attracted to them. I suspect you've not tried talking to them because you don't want to offend them accidentally. Am I correct?” Van nodded, “Dad said the LGBTQ community has been shunned since my great-grandfather's youth. However, in the last fourteen years, they've ultimately abolished those laws and granted them the same privileges as everyone else.” “I'm quite delighted they did, as my cousin is a trans-female. If anyone speaks ill of her? Well, you can beat I'll know the stuffing out of them.” “I'd like to ask Estrid if they'd go to your next race with me. They're a huge fan of star racing.” “I understand the problem; you're unsure how to approach them. Again, eleven is too young for a proper date. But I could see it as hanging out. What is this person's last name, by the way?” “Estrid Corill. Why?” Van asked, confused.Dev gave Van one of his dashing smiles. “I think I can arrange for a chance for the two of you to get the best seats in the house for my next race. Leave it to me.” Van was baffled but accepted that Dev knew what he was doing. Half an hour later, Valara returned to take him home after thanking her boyfriend for watching her little brother.Two weeks later, the entire El family, along with Lucia Miro's, were joined by the Corills. It turned out Estrid's mother was also on the education committee to ensure that members of the LGTG were treated fairly. So Van could sit next to Estrid while both enjoyed the race. Then afterward, spend time getting to know each other. So it was a great day all around for everyone....
It's a Great Day to Be Alive! The red sun had just ascended over the horizon, blanketing a single farm with its invigorating rays. It was the weekend, and sixteen-year-old Valara “Val” El was working on her latest fashion creation while singing an original song with her irresistible voice. “Hmm, let's see. Should the neckline be a little lower? Or should I switch out the colors? They don't seem to be blending well. I've not even begun on the accessories! Oh! Why is my creative flow blocked?” she whined for a moment. Unexpectedly, Brainiac chimed above her head. “Incoming holo-message for Valara. Syncing up in forty-five seconds.” “What?! Why didn't you tell me sooner, you worthless piece of garbage?” as she bolted to her holo-computer and accepted the call. A gorgeous teen girl with long, cascading black hair, fair skin, and sparkling green eyes answered. “Hello, Val! How are you doing? Are you making any progress on your entry for the design competition for the school festival at the end of the month?” her best friend questioned. “Sadly, I've hit a roadblock, Lucia! I don't know what it is, but I can't figure out how to make this outfit work! I've reread the latest fashion trends a dozen times through my design files. But my imagination just isn't flowing today!” Val replied miserably.Her best friend since forever gave her an encouraging smile, “Maybe you should take a break and do something else for an hour or two. You're stressing out way too much,” Lucia replied honestly. “Lucia, you know how crucial this contest is to me! If I'm going to be admitted into the Krypton University of Creative Arts after finishing high school, I need to impress them with my skills!” “I understand that, Val! You know I want to study there as well! But you won't impress anyone if you try to force creativity!" the green-eyed girl and her friend took a few moments to calm down.Finally, Lucia made a suggestion. "Just take a break and work on your singing for a while. Everyone at school knows you've got the most alluring voice! Your aptitude for singing is only second to your mastery of designing! Why don't you work on composing some original songs for a little bit? Perhaps that will motivate you?” Lucia suggested kindly.The stunning teen closed her vivid purple eyes and sighed. “Perhaps you're right, Lucia. I require a break. I'll take you up on your suggestion. I'll work on my singing for an hour or two.By the way, are you working on your talents? You're the best damn actress in school!” “Yes, I'm practicing for the original play at the end of the month. I've already got my lines memorized. But since you are my best friend, I thought I saw how you were doing," Lucia smiled her perfect smile. Valara felt warm inside from her best friend's compassion. “Well, thanks for checking up on me. Before we disconnect, I wanted to know if you knew what that brat Mira is up to. She's so full of herself, and she keeps making eyes at my boyfriend!” Lucia sighed in disgust before answering her best friend's question. “Mira Tang has been a spoiled brat and bully her entire life, Valara. Nothing will change, given that her parents are wealthy and have spoiled her since infancy. Regardless, it would be best if you didn't agonize about her seducing Dev. That boy only had eyes for you since nursery school!” her friend reminded her as she tossed her long hair over her shoulder.“I hope you're right. Well, I call you back after dinner," Val promised her best friend.“Okay, see you in four hours!” as the hologram disappeared. Valara took a deep breath before going to her keytar to work on her musical talents. Of course, her thoughts were cluttered with the school's mean girl, Mira. Mira may've had the looks and money. But she was sallower then even shallows of the nearest ocean. She never had anything nice to say and was always putting people down by spreading false rumors. She kept flirting with all the other girl's boyfriends, doing all she could to humiliate their younger classmates. Valara didn't know WHY, but she seemed to have it out for her. Still, she tried not to think about her nemesis for the next hour as a song came to mind. “Sing, let your heart soar! Sing forever! So sad and happy feelings flow over! Now, our world is full of all kinds of colors! Closing my eyes, I can still see the stars. Shine in the sky, singing their harmony! Flowers, there blooming! Oh, it's beautiful! Sing this song. I won't stop now! Sing it through. I love you! The voice carries on!” As she finished the song, she immediately knew how to complete her outfit. Working nonstop, she soon produced a rose-red gown with multiple embellished blossoms. She looked over her work and was satisfied with the narrow waist and the sparkling rubies she had added. Finally, all the accessories were shades of pink and red, making it perfect!When Lucia called again, she asked how things were going. Valara happily told her best friend she'd composed a new song and finished her outfit. She also complimented the costume that Lucia was wearing. Lucia's costume was a gold and silver gown with an empire waist and skirt with a gold pendant. “You'll knock them dead in that outfit!” Val squealed happily. “Thanks, Val. I hope this play goes over well. The drama teacher's son wrote it. So we have a play about star-cross lovers from two planets at war. I'm the princess of one kingdom, and the drama teacher's son is the prince of the other planet. I'm not sure if I like that there is a death scene at the end. Where I've to pretend to drink poison and die dramatically, but that's how this play goes. So let's hope for the best at the end of the month.” “Yep! The school festival will be incredible without a doubt!” which was true. Lucia's play was a hit. Val triumphed in her design competition, and both friends sang Valara's new song to finish their school's festival. All in all, it was a great day to be alive!...
Just Another Day In Paradise It was a routine morning on the planet Krypton. Kal-El admired the fruits of his labor as he gazed fondly at his magnificent farm. Despite growing up in the city, he'd always been a country boy. His parents and grandfather were a little surprised, but they did have to admit Kal had an aptitude for agriculture. So, they let him follow his dreams. After all, growing crops was still crucial to their society. Notably, the son of the most outstanding scientist was more suited to being a humble farmer than following in his father Jor-El's footsteps. He playfully teased his captivating redheaded wife, Loana. She was a successful and well-known journalist for the Daily Argo. Her outstanding beauty had made multiple men chase after her. But her heart had always belonged to Kal-El. They're, in fact, childhood sweethearts. Having grown up in the city together and well? Why wouldn't they end up married? She still wasn't as fond of agriculture as her husband, but she supported him nonetheless. She just wished it wasn't such a commute to the city for her job. Luckily, she'd had the week off, so she could unwind. Plus, she could get over her hangover, which her husband still teased her about. “Ugh! I can't believe it's morning already!” she moaned. “That's what you get for partying all night.”“Okay, so I had a few drinks. But you could shake it up some. You know, take me out for dinner. Or, again, just get off this damn farm once in a while. We only have so much time to play before the kids wake up. So come here, handsome!” as they began to kiss and threw a large pillow at Brainiac. About an hour later, they arrived in the kitchen, where Kal began making flapjacks while his wife finished typing her latest column. Unexpectedly, two things happened at once. One was her husband stepped in a pile of poo from the pet dog, Krypto. And two, their kids woke up and were already doing the typical sibling antics! “Van! Van come back here! I know you're snooping around my room again! Give it back!” yelled a teenage female voice. “I didn't take it, Valara! Why do you always blame me when your stuff goes missing?” shouted back a young preteen boy's voice. “Because you're the only one here who'd snoop through my stuff! Now give me it back!” as the two children and the family dog rushed into the kitchen. Their father looked up from his pancakes and sharply said.“Val! Van! Knock it off this instant!” as he looked at his sixteen-year-old daughter Valara and his eleven-year-old son Van. Van was the spitting image of his father. His sister looked exactly like their mother except for her black hair. “Daddy! Make Van give me back my holo-photo! I know he was snooping in my room again!” demanded his daughter. Kal looked at his wife, who silently reminded him during her days off that he was the one who had to deal with their kids. Since this was her time to herself. After taking a deep breath and counting to ten, he addressed his children. “Van-El, tell me the truth. Did you snoop around your sister's room again?” he asked in his firmest tone. The eleven-year-old trembled before he nodded. “Did you attempt to read her diary again? And where is the holo-photo, young man?” Sighing, he reached into his pocket and handed his father a small red disk. “Van, how often have I told you to respect your sister's privacy? Furthermore, to take care of your pet?” The blue-eyed boy sighed, “More than enough times. I'll clean up Krypto's mess and take him for a proper morning walk.”“And?” Sighing again, he said, “I'll work harder at respecting my sister's privacy.” “No, Van. I don't want to hear you'll try. I want you to promise never to go into your sister's room without her permission again. Do you understand me?” “Yes, sir.” “Daddy? Aren't you going to ground him? Or not let him at least come to the party?” his daughter demanded as she took back her holo-photo. She made sure it wasn't damaged as she opened it. The image was of her and her boyfriend, Dev, at their last school dance. “Van's grounding will be after the party, sweetheart. Don't worry. I don't want him to miss my birthday party since I know that's what you're talking about. But rest assured he'll be grounded for a month afterward.”“Are you serious, Dad?!” Van exclaimed as he finished mopping up his pet's mess. “You deliberately broke the rules and stole from your sister, Van. I've told you before actions have consequences. So that's the consequence of your actions. Please take Krypto for a walk while I finish making breakfast.” “Yes, sir.” he found Krypto's leash and went to take him for his morning walk. Kal then looked back up at his daughter. “Val, are you going to be okay?” “As long as you put a new lock and change the password on my bedroom door, I'll be fine, Daddy. Can Dev come to the party? Please! I don't get to see him much unless it is at school! Or my other friends since we live so far away from the city!” “Yes, your friends can come, and so can Dev. But they better be on their best behavior, as should you, young lady.” 'I promise, Daddy! Can I go with you and Van to see Grandpa? It will allow me to tell my friends they can come to the party in person.” “And you'll be near the fashion district?” he eyed his purple-eyed daughter, who flushed. “Okay, but you'll have to spend at least an hour and a half with your grandfather. Afterward, I'll let you spend two hours with your friends, understood?” “Perfectly!” his daughter squealed in delight. She quickly kissed her father on his cheek before returning to her bedroom to put back her holo-photo.“Ugh,” Kal slumped a little.“What's wrong, honey?” Loana smiled cheerfully. “Loana, I've everything I want in life. I'm living my dream as a farmer, husband, and father. But sometimes, things get to me. I wish we could have a few days without our children fighting.”Loana couldn't help but laugh. “Honey! They're just acting like normal kids! It's nothing to be too concerned about. Valara is growing into a fine young lady. Undoubtedly, she'll get a scholarship to the best university on the planet! As for Van? Well, he still has some maturing to do. But again, the brain is fully mature at age twenty-five. But don't worry about it. They're just an ordinary brother and sister. It won't be forever. Ensure you secure Val's bedroom door, and that problem will be solved!” “I guess you're right. Well, I'd better finish the hotcakes before they burn. Also, make sure we leave on time to visit Dad. He's been extra lonesome since Mom passed last year.” “I know, sweetheart,” as they kissed. As Kal turned to finish the pancakes, he couldn't help but grin. He still had everything he wanted and wouldn't trade it for anything, for it was just another day in paradise for him!...
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