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Stretch Boot Cover Tutorial

Woooooo finally another tutorial! This time for boot covers! I've had a lot of people ask me how to make boot covers so I figured this was a good tutorial to write!

I would like to start by saying, I did not come up with this method for making boot covers... I merely use this method. I don’t know who came up with it, I just know it wasn't me. I do however find it a super quick and simple way to get clean crisp boot covers with not much difficulty, so I figured I would share it!

All that being said I did write this whole thing out and sketch out all of those wonderful **cough cough** horrible **cough** little drawings ^,~
If you wish to repost this somewhere please ask me first.

I have a lot more tutorials planned for the next little while (including some on makeup and wigs) So hopefully I will be able to get those done soon!

Anyways, if you guys have any questions about the tutorial or anything I mention in it feel free to ask! I am always happy to help out as much as I can!

Also guys I will have a reference picture shortly, I just don't know where the charger is for my camera right now, and my battery is dead dead dead ^^’

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This will come in handy! Thank you for making it!
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Does the fabric on the sole not tear as you walk on it?
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
I have never had any of mine tear, or even really show that much wear (though they will get really dirty). But that is a possibility if you walk on anything sharp or really rough.

Some times if I am using really slippery fabric I will use the Dr Scholl's slip resistant pads on the bottoms , so you could certainly use those to enforce the boot covers too.
Kythana's avatar
This e of the better tutorials for bootcovers I've seen. ^_^ (Even your pictures are great!) When I finish my cosplay I will certainly show you a picture. (Honestly I hope I won't forget... XD I'm going to watch you too if you don't mind. ^_^)
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
Oh I am so glad this is helpful! (^v^)
Also of course I don't mind the watch! I am going to watch you as well!
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inkstainedpapers's avatar
What does the finished cover look like?
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
The finished covers can be seen here [link]
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
You're very welcome!
Nichi91's avatar
Thanks a lot! That was very useful for my following cosplay!
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
Hurray! I am happy to hear it was helpful! You're very welcome!
Erinido's avatar
This seems great, thank you for uploading this ^^ I will try it out soon, only have to find blue stretchy fabric.
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
You're very welcome! I hope it comes in helpful for you!
millenniumthief's avatar
Wow~! This will be a huge help for my next project. Thank you so much for making it!
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
You're very welcome! I am super happy to hear it can be of help!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Very great tutorial! Thank you so much!
Verity-Niwa's avatar
Just used this tutorial and made a fantastic pair of shoe covers, first go!! Thankyou so much for saving me a lot of time and headaches, your tutorials are very easy to use and extremely well written!
AliNavGo's avatar
Usefull... thank you so much!!!
hellousagi145's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial!
If I were to use a slightly non-stretchy fabric, would that
make any differences?

Thanks again! :)
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
I am terribly sorry for the delay in response to this.
This actually likely won't work well with fabric without a lot of stretch. So much of the making process and the finished look relies on the stretch of the fabric.
yaoiisanamazingting's avatar
What kind of stitch do you use on this fabric,zig-zag?
The-Cosplay-Scion's avatar
Yes I always use a zig-zag stitch! Though if your machine has a straight stretch stitch that will work too! ^^
yaoiisanamazingting's avatar
The zig zag worked perfectly!Thanks so much :3
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