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Fuller Lips Make-up Tutorial



A Video version of this tutorial is availible HERE

This would be my first actual makeup tutorial (for the record since I have had one person confused <though they don't appear to have actually read the tutorial> THIS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL, IT IS A MAKE-UP TUTORIAL), and boy did I find this a lot harder to write out than sewing tutorials. Hopefully it all makes sense! My little reference images were all done in photoshop (on someone elses lips) to make it a little more obvious what you are trying to do here, though I am hoping to actually do a video tutorial of how to do this method of making your lips look fuller. So I will certainly keep people here on DA informed when that happens!

As for how this method came to be, this is a hybrid of a great many things I have been shown or had actually done on me over the years. Being a girl with quite small and thin lips I have always been looking for ways to make them look.. more lady like XD

A good reference of how well this can actually work are these two images
The first would be from before I started using this method, while the second is after. I would also like to point out that I am wearing the exact same base lipstick for both those pictures. The only difference being in the one shot I am only wearing the base lipstick.

One last little note I would like to add, a very VERY good lip shaper pencil duo is the Cupid’s Bow Lip Duo from Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve had a couple people ask me what I use when I explain this method to them so I figured I would just put it right here in the description in advance XD It’s a really good double sided pencil and I use it with every colour lipstick. It is also awesome because it comes with a little double sided brush for applying it!

But yes, if you guys would like to repost this anywhere please ask first!

And if you have any questions about the tutorial or how anything I mention in it feel free to ask! I am always happy to help out as much as I can!

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Wow you are a life saver. and right before Valentine's day. Wooo! thank you so much ^^