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Bracers Tutorial



Okay so as I promised a LOOOONG time ago here is another new tutorial guys! This one was actually asked for so I whipped it up right away!

This is the method I have come up with for make bracers, bangles, gauntlets and other such things. Actually I use altered versions of this method for tons of other things (such as crowns and various other costume pieces)

The finished product looks like this : (I would also like to point out that the crown in this picture is also made using an adaptation of this method)

I wrote out this entire tutorial myself, including making all those little drawings. So if you wish to repost this somewhere please ask me first.

If anyone had any questions feel free to ask ^^ I’m always so happy to help people whenever I can!

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That's an awesome tutorial!! (I just saw this now so I'm late to the party) I'm sure I'll use it in the future :D