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:star:Welcome to The Copic Club!:star:

Originally, this group has been for all marker artists and lovers, but as some companies are now offering hybrid products, like AquaMarkers, that are based on water and not on alcohol and that are therefore creating aquarelle/watercolour-paintings, that look almost identical to marker paintings and that behave the same while working, we now accept water-based artwork as well. And if you are working in watercolour/aquarelle with a classical brush, please feel free to submit your artwork as well.

Join our group! Anyone is welcome!

:bulletorange: Submissions to the group must be art in mostly marker - not neccessarily Copics; comparing brands is good for us all!

:bulletblue: Please submit your work to the appropriate folder(s). You're also welcome to make suggestions for new folder categories.

:bulletred: submissions for WIP/unfinished works are discouraged. Please submit your artwork once it's complete so we can see it in its full glory!

:bulletpink: We do accept the naughty stuff (obeying DA-rules), but it has to be properly labelled as "+18".

:bulletblack: Please avoid Guro-images or gallons of blood. I know, markers are perfect for vibrant colours, but please respect tastefulness. Also please remember, that technically, blood is a body-produced liquid - just like sperm or female vaginal fluid - and therefore violating DA-rules.

:bulletgreen: If you have an idea, suggestion for something you want :iconnekototora: to put in the journals, send a note.

:bulletred: Check out the Copic Commissioners in the About Us Section of our group!


Thanks for reading this! Submit any comments, suggestions, or questions in a note to the group!

Gallery Folders

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Adventures - February 2023 Joust by AndromedasWitchery
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18 plus

Mature Content

Kyoko 317 - Wood by NekoToTora
ASAJJ VENTRESS by AHochrein2010

Mature Content

Kyoko 316 - TalkingToCheeses by NekoToTora
Umbreon - Lines by JadeDragonne
Strips And Panels
_Happy_World_  - chapter 04  page 04 by UchihaSama224
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Whetstone Chapter 2 Page 16 by WhiteSpireStudios
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Technical And Architecture
St Basil's Cathedral by AquaVarin
First Responder book illustration by nessi6688
Volkswagen Scirocco 'Heinrich VIII' by nessi6688
Kinkaku-ji by Maximilien-Serpent
Akai...  But I destroyed the context ! by UchihaSama224
Floating in the Air by AmCymbelmine
Commission: Lillian by Ranefea
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Creatures and Monsters
Nico 2013-2023 by artichokes
There's no grass in space by artichokes
distorted face by NATEification
Human snake ear thingy idk by NATEification
Nature Anatomy Still-life
Classic-clover by superpower-pnut
Graphics Designs Patterns
Deco by superpower-pnut
Line and Permanent
Mudcard by superpower-pnut
The Lakeside Docks by superpower-pnut
Sketches Doodles
_Happy_World_  ... But I CRASHED the context !!!! by UchihaSama224
Mecha Machinery
Harley Davidson by AurelGweillys
LeoDragon's Shiny Flygon by superpower-pnut
Kenni and Arrow by superpower-pnut
HOLIDAY PRINT SALE!!!!! by KSapphire8989
Original Characters
Ahnen by nessi6688
Breaking Point '22 by JakRab
Portraits Caricatures
Mrs. K by superpower-pnut
WIP coloring practice - original by ShinuReal by ElainyasValley
Flauschehasi and Schmusekatzi by kiwitee
It will heal. by CostFeit
FULL Anime Style
#StayAtHome by nessi6688
XemSai process by AurelGweillys
Old Contests
So much World to See by nekotane



we proudly present our most cherrished affiliates ^^


We Aim To Please:







I have been away for quite some time and left the group to the amazing co-founders and contributors; but a lot of people left; so what is going on? I will change some settings and see, if this groupīs members are able to post their stuff into the correct folders all by themselves :)
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