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June Is Boss Month sig #10: Street Fighter Alpha 2 by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #10: Street Fighter Alpha 2 by The-Coop
For this June Is Boss Month entry, I ran with a little Street Fighter Alpha 2, as I loved this particular background, and we'd just had a thunderstorm. I found a program that basically broke up the background into the individual sprites that made it up, and ripped them. After putting it all back together in Image Ready, I added the Ryu and Bison sprites thanks to a pair of sprite sheets. From there, I ripped the huge effect for Bison's super, edited Bison's cape so it could work for both of the directions he was facing, mimicked the shadow effect on his super move, and looped it all.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 and graphics © Capcom
Concept, animation and sprite edits by me
diegouhX Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
where i can get the grass sprites?
The-Coop Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Professional General Artist
You'll need to rip them from the sff files that are used for the MUGEN program (which is how I got them). Here's how...

- Get a program called MCM to do it (search for "mcm20b dev356" in Google), and the Street Fighter Alpha 2 background that you see in the gif I made (search for "Street Fighter Alpha 2 backgrounds + MUGEN" in Google).
- Once you have them, fire up MCM, and load the sff file that's used for the background (called "outback.sff" in the "Shin Akuma" folder if I recall).
- You'll get a boatload of sprites, some of which are the animated grass layers. Scroll through them using the slider bar to find the ones you want.
- From there, you can either export the grass sprites individually (one frame at a time), or you can export all of the background sprites that are in the sff file at once (these options are under the "SFF" tab along the top in MCM).
- Once that's done, you can load the exported .pcx files into Photoshop or Image Ready and work with them.

I'd post links, but I don't know if we're allowed to link to this kind of stuff on DA, so hopefully what I wrote will help.
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