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My Bio
So yeah, I finally joined up on this site. I've known about it for a while, but never gave it much thought until very recently, since I always had my own little website. But, I figured it was about time.

My main areas of work are graphite drawing, and pixel work. The former, I've been doing since I was in grade school. The latter, I started up as a hobby about ten years ago and stuck with it. I'm not that great at animating original characters, but with editing sprites and creating original backgrounds, I think I do pretty well. I've been a member of the OverClocked Remix community under the screen name "The Coop" for many years now, making remixes of older video game music (mostly of Sega Genesis games), and I still dabble in it once in a while. I've also been active on SEGA-16 under that same name, writing reviews for the site and making animated banners for it. I would have used "The Coop" here, but it was already taken, so I had to go with this variant.

So yeah, that's about the gist of it. I'll be uploading my stuff in chunks, and be trying to keep them organized. Hope you guys and gals will like some of what you see.

On a side note, I've been updating the video game mixes I've made over the years, and putting them on my YouTube account. You can listen to them, and any new ones I make, here...…

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Ghostbusters, The Terminator saga
Favourite TV Shows
Dirty jobs, Titus, Babylon 5, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Metallica, Powerwolf
Favourite Books
The Necroscope saga, The Dark Tower saga
Favourite Writers
Brian Lumley, Gary Brandner, Stephen King
Favourite Games
Shmups, RPGs, and Action
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sega Genesis
Tools of the Trade
Graphite pencils, Photoshop, Image Ready, Open Office
Other Interests
Writing novels (which will hopefully get published), writing original music, and making video game music remixes


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Thanks much, Darkblane257 :)

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Thanks felifan :)

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Thanks Darkblane :)
Project Title: Not 100% finalized at the moment.

Project Description: A trilogy of novels that I've been trying to get written for some time; novels that I would also do the artwork for. The trilogy centers on a creature that's rarely been featured in stories as far as I know, as well as a new spin on werewolves (their origins and so forth). This project has undergone a number of updates over time, but I believe I finally have everything in place to make a coherent and interesting tale. I have the rough draft of book 1 and book 2 written (1,031 pages and 2,411 pages respectively), with book 3's rough draft planned to be about the same size as book 2's (book 3 is at 400-plus right now). Not only that, but I also have two music albums currently out on Bandcamp/CD Baby with music directly inspired by this trilogy (with the third and final album nearing completion). And while I know DA isn't exactly a musical site, the music is as big a part of this project as the novels.

Project Plan: With physical books being stupidly expensive for even smaller runs, I would release the trilogy as ebooks with cover art and some extra art scattered within the books. The third music album would be released digitally once it's finished with artwork as well.

Project Budget: My goal is to get my third book and third album copyrighted, while also getting my albums on sites like Amazon, iTunes and such (via CD Baby's album distribution plan). I've gotten the first two novel rough drafts and the first two albums copyrighted, but with finances being very tight, it has gotten hard to find the money for copyrighting the third novel, the third album, and to get my music distributed. So for this, I'm looking at a $309.42 budget. That breaks down to $35 for novel 3's copyright, $55 for album 3's copyright, and $219.42 for the three albums being distributed at $73.14 each ($49 for each distribution plan, $20 for each required album barcode, and a sales tax of $4.14 on each album's distribution package).

Thanks for taking the time to read my entry and for any consideration you give it :)
A really late reply, but no, JT didn't adopt Smiley. They're friends... sort of.

Basically, it's a bit like how a little brother will like hanging around with their big brother. However, the big brother doesn't really want them around, but he lets his little brother come along anyway (while giving his little brother some shit along the way). Smiley likes hanging out with JT, but JT only tolerates Smiley. Every once in a while, JT will be nice, but it's a rarity. He usually just gives Smiley shit when the little ball's around.
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