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Common Room Rules

Welcome to The Common Room

Here are the rules that MUST be followed in order to maintain membership in the group.

1. As of right now, you can only apply for membership, which you will be automatically approved for. If administrative positions become available, we will let you know.

2. You are limited to 2 submissions to the gallery per day so be sure to use it fairly and consider others.

3. Use of copyrighted images are prohibited.

:bulletred: Submissions containing images belonging to Warner Brothers will be declined.

:bulletred: Stamps and avatars will still be accepted. Images in these are too small to be considered copyright infringement.

4. When submitting a piece to the gallery, be sure to submit it to the proper folder.

5. This group contains MATURE CONTENT so remember that:

:bulletred: You are responsible for adding the appropriate filter to your submitted art, or it will be rejected.

:bulletred: People viewing the gallery shouldn't complain about mature content as you have been warned beforehand already.

6. This is a fun group! So arguments, racial and derogatory comments, and heated debates are NOT acceptable. If you feel that you must do this, take it elsewhere.

:bulletred: Note: Any member who violates the rules is subject to removal from the group. :bulletred:

Gallery Folders

emma watson by cactusrain
Sirius Black: Professional Procrastinator by Avender
Harry's Valentine by TicklishPear
Artisan Crafts
Severus Snape bookmark by Carmilla-Mircalla
Sunrise (FOR SALE) by DeathMystery
Beauxbatons witch by Nirnoel
Rainbow Dust (FOR SALE) by DeathMystery
DracoxGinny 50x50 by Love-And-Be-Loved
Draco Ginny by Love-And-Be-Loved
Harry Potter Avatar by secretwriter07
LV: Homophobe by Emmasj
Young Salazar and his Parents by Aquamirral
Working Rowena Ravenclaw (backstage) by Aquamirral
Ravenclaw family and filming backstage by Aquamirral
Autumn Rowena Ravenclaw by Aquamirral
Digital Art
Snape and his friends. by BamaBelle2012
Hp Commission Chart Finall by RosieCookie
Dora and Remus by hnl
Ghost of love by AnastasiaMantihora
Emerald Into Darkness"The story of Harry Potter will live forever. You've likely heard his tale. But you probably didn't know that, in order for him to rise up and defeat Lord Voldemort, I had to fall. And on the other side of the war, you don't make it out with your soul intact."In Harry's fourth year, a transfer student arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and she has the same startling green eyes as the Boy Who Lived. His mother's second cousin, Samantha Evans, has seen great tragedy with those eyes: her father was murdered by a Death Eater at the Quidditch World Cup. But her entanglement with the Dark side is far from over. A family secret sucks her into the war and pits her unwillingly against Harry Potter.,This tale poured from my pen after the last movie came out in theatres. About ten years later, I've re-crafted the story into something far more potent than its original take. This complete, 140,000-word retelling of Harry Potter 4-7 takes the reader through the darker side of the second wizarding war while mostly-though not always-keeping to the original plot. Harry's distant cousin comes to Hogwarts with her own, seemingly unrelated woes, only to find through each year at Hogwarts that she's even more vital to the success of his story than either of them could have predicted.No, Samantha is not a Gryffindor. There's enough of those amongst the primary characters of the saga, tyvm. This Slytherin author crafted a Ravenclaw protagonist, but there's plenty of pro-Slytherin messaging because it's not all Death Eaters and deception in the dungeons. And also, Ravenclaw needed a little more attention than it got in the books. Plenty of blue and bronze, cross-House friendships, and a deeper look at the most intriguing character of them all: Professor Snape.Trigger Warnings: death, sexual assault, violence, blood.Written for pure fun and with the utmost respect to the original storytellers who brought this story to life in books and on the big screen.Read the full story on Wattpad
Sirius Black by LouhiArt
Sirius Black by LouhiArt
those beautiful early days by Avender
Winter's Night by Avender
Mature Content

Mature Content

Dark Lord's Study 2 (Bellatrix/Tom Riddle, *R*) by deslea
The Potterpuffs - Bubbledore and Snape by caycowa

Mature Content

Dead in Womb by inkstaineddove

Mature Content

Stabbed Through the Eye by inkstaineddove
Next Generation
Not Slytherin? by AnastasiaMantihora
Harry Potter OC: Avery Kindheart by Sparvely
Hogwarts, I'm Coming home! by EndlessFighter
Me as a Ravenclaw student. by raskina
NO! by Nyajinsky
Traditional Art
Luna Lovegood by Aquamirral
Emma - work in progress by xxMagicGlowxx
Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Harry Potter - icon commission 2 by CristianoReina

Newest Members

I wanted to apologise for all the expired submissions. Seeing as I use DeviantART less I sort of am like a ghost. Sometimes you'll feel and see my presence, other times you won't see me at all.
No worries though, anytime this happens I will simply send a request for the piece of art to be re-submitted to the group.

Hope you're all doing well and been enjoying GoF on Pottermore.

Constant vigilance!
- Maria, Founder
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bluwish Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
If you need help managing this group, I'm mostly online and am willing to volunteer!
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Is this Group still alive?
MademoiselleGrief Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I try to check back often but I don't really use the site anymore. I'm going to try and find someone to take my spot to keep the group active.
FireVerseCeramics Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join and share my ceramics pieces with the group. :)

I have some Sci-fi and Fantasy craft pieces here at Etsy and I also make clayworking tutorials over on Youtube, if you wanted to see the kind of stuff I'll be adding. Have a nice day! :)
smallsmiles Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
Just curious, is this group missing the person who checks deviations for submission? (Leading to expiring deviations...) Or is it a passive-aggressive way to say "no" to my art? ^_^?
MademoiselleGrief Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry I've just away from dA as I have a busy life schedule.
smallsmiles Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
:huggle: busy life schedules suck. I'm kind of in that boat too...but I don't own a hugely popular group, so you must have an even busier dA life.
MademoiselleGrief Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not on dA anymore, well, not as often. I have university to deal with and life in general throws things at you thats gotta be dealt with.
CynFinnegan Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you accept crossover art and fiction?
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