It's Autumn in the US, (aka my favorite time of year) and I'd love to see some Autumn themed work submitted. :) It'd make my day. And I've been having a crappy couple months so it'd make you even more awesome. lol.
In other news, the group's been rather stagnate (not that its ever been particularly busy). I need to make some new myth related art myself, and as usual I encourage you all to post some work.

Hello all,
It's been awhile, so I felt the need to post a new blog. Not much has been going on around here, We've have some new watchers and members, I encourage you all to submit Myth related art, or submit favorites to the favorites folder.
If any one has any questions or comments feel free to ask. I'm online all the time.

So this group is a year old. :) welcome to all the new members we've gotten recently, I encourage you all to post anything myth related that you may have. If you have any question, comments, or whatever feel free to ask, I'm on here pretty much everyday.

So its fall, and in 2ish months this group will be a year old. I know I haven't been that active as a group admin, and neither have the other two admins. But I'd love for this group to really be awesome. (which so far its just kinda eh) Any suggestions would be sweet. And I know I've tried like 3 times now, but it'd be super awesome if we could actually hold a really contest, or do something with a theme. So lemme know what you guys think. I can't do anything without you. :)

Hello all! :wave:

This is just to let you all know that I'm holding a fantasy-themed contest from NOW until the 28th of September. There are lots of points, llamas and features up for grabs! If you would like to enter or donate a prize, please see… journal) for all the details!

Thanks for your time!


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