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This is a group dedicated to comic books. You do not have to be a professional to join, but if you have a love for comic books then this is the place for you!

Always remember the Comic Book Clan rules, which are clearly stated to the right of the group information. There is no submission limit to Featured. Thanks and enjoy the Comic Book Clan!

Additional Information: Every month the Comic Book Clan has a new contest. All details will be stated in a blog entry. We also have a chat room here…
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Oct 25, 2011


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Comic Books

5,136 Members
4,286 Watchers
154,256 Pageviews
Hello, Comic Book Clan members,
I apologize deeply for my absence of late. I feel awful for the way I left things. I want to look at all of your art, but there's just so much. I have 10,080 DeviantWatch posts to look at and I guess it just started to feel more like a burden to come on here than a fun activity.

I don't feel that way anymore. If I am absent again in the future, know that I have not forgotten about you. Think about it like the death of Superman... or Batman... or Green Lantern... or Spider-Man... or Jason Todd... or Captain America... or Agent Coulson... or the Flash... or Martian Manhunter... you get what I'm saying. They all come back. I'm coming back now. This is a wonderful community that I'm proud to be a part of.

Long, long, LONG overdue announcements (I am so sorry for not doing this sooner)!

:iconkingdomofkara: would like to tell you all about Castor: "Castor is basically a starving artist. This is his first time offering commissions to the public and he's very excited about it. The images are all Castor Troy originals, and each one is certified quality, shipped directly to your home or P.O. Box, along with a digitally scanned copy sent to your email." You can see Castor's awesome art here: bleedingartofcastortroy.wordpr…

:iconapplebybrothers: would like to let you know that he is: "Still looking for an inker for a short story. only 5 pages long....can pay $$$$$ Send me a note if you're interested."

:iconeastforth: wants to let you know about the awesome Eagleburger project. For more information, look here:…



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April Birthday by Jose-Ramiro
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Harley Quinn by Dan Lawlis by SequentialTreasures
The Question by dsilv3r
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Star gazer comic cover by Tacros
February Birthday by Jose-Ramiro
Masters of The Universe: Scareglow! by MacabreHouse
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Dc - Aphrodite by Tyrannuss555
Dc - Nightwing's daughter by Tyrannuss555
DC And Wildstorm 6
Dc - Nightstar vs Dex-starr by Tyrannuss555
Batman Blunder #3: Condiment King(Digital) by D-Field22
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Batman Blunder #7: The Eraser(Digital) by D-Field22
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Captain America by Terry Shoemaker by SequentialTreasures
Uncanny X-Men 131 (Page 1 Inks) by GonzaSalas
Uncanny X-Men 131 (Page 1 BW) by GonzaSalas
Uncanny X-Men 131 (Page 1 Color) by GonzaSalas
Marvel Comics 2
Spider Woman Symbiote suit - alternative hairstyle by NikoAlecsovich
Marvel Comics 3
Titanic/redraw - Tony by ktrew
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allen the alien ink by quechur
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Hellboy by FireballofDstrXn
Rise and Conquer  by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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Honestly? He was recklessly throwing his life away by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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My Hero Academia S5E2 Scene Interpretation #2 by meiyeezhu
Original Characters And Fan Fiction 10
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Edna and Batman by Jose-Ramiro
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Savannah and Guys - Surprise by Jose-Ramiro
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Soldier vs. Archer by G-Matoshi
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Bloodshot page 56 by Shivecu
Manga 2
Mineta and Pony by Jose-Ramiro
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Demon Hunters Chapter 7 Page 31-32 by dhmanga186
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Rules of the Clan

1. Respect the authority of administrators and the founder.
2. Any deviations involving nudity must be tasteful. Keep them artistic, no hardcore or pornographic material is allowed. Provocative themes are allowed, as long as once again you keep material tasteful. The founder will filter these at his own discretion.
3. Administrators are not allowed to edit the folders or invite people to be co-founders or contributors without permission from BobTheEgg.
4. Remember to respect your fellow members. They are great artists too, and people as well.
5. Please submit artwork to the designated folders, and if you are unsure how to sort a piece please leave art in the Featured section. There is no limit on how many deviations you may submit per day. If a contest is being held at the time, you may also submit to the contest's folder for whatever month it is.
6. If you watch the Comic Book Clan, PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER. You do not have to submit art, but please become a part of the community.
7. Religious material is permitted if it is not persuasive or offensive to other religions. No proselytizing or oppression of any religious group.
8. Enjoy your membership and welcome to the Comic Book Clan!

If you break these rules you will be banned from the Clan and will not be able to rejoin. Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you will respect our humble wishes. They all have very thorough reasons for being listed, so if you have any questions, please ask the group founder, BobTheEgg. And now... TO THE BATMOBILE! :)









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Yo, thanks for the acceptance. I'm hoping to do commission work on patches. I'll be posting more stuff real soon. If you like my stuff feel free to reach out.
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im i allowed to advertise a comic discord server here ?
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hi there!kaomoji set 2 28/67i'd be forever grateful if someone would take a look at my designs.
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i'm very sick, this is the only way i can make a profit so any attention is greatly greatly appreciated.
thank you for your time. kaomoji set 2 18/67 i'd love to make some friends as well!
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Hello group, the original characters folder is full.
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Hey I have a weird request for a comic I was wondering if I payed 800 points if someone could do like eleven or twelve panel’s on one page I have a video I’d like you to turn into a comic with color but I’d like someone to replace the characters in the video with my friend’s and me instead I have references of all of them.
AeonComics Featured By Owner May 18, 2020
Hey guys!! Were a UK based comic book project creating a new comic book universe. We're currently looking for London (UK) based artists to jump on board and be a part of our team to start building up our portfolio of comics. 

So, if you're stuck at home like us and want a new opportunity, if you're interested in comics or, you want to do something new with your amazing art talents, hit us up at ( and we'll talk you through what we're looking for. 

Thanks. 😊😊😊

Oh.....I forgot something......

Welcome To A Whole New Universe! 

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Mature Content

NSFW comic YCH by W-O-T-A-N

Need female character for adult comic
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Many Comic Groups of old are full and unresponsive. I have made a Comic Group of new. Also, if there are other new Comic groups, Affiliate requests are very much appreciated.
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