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thanks for letting me be apart of this group
Hi!If anyone can please answer my questions about Torak(with as much detail as possible) That'll be much appreciated. Thanks!
1) When does Torak get the scar the labels him Clanless?
2) How many dots on each cheekbone are there for the wolf clan? I've heard differing answers like 12, 6, 8, 4, and 2.
3) Can someone just give me a DETAILED appearance chart on all the characters?
Thank you so much!
thanks for adding my artworks to your group! ^v^

I feel so honored!Llama shy 

I'm also sooo amazed there is a Chronicles of Ancient Darkness group! soo cool!!!! 3@
I had no idea there was a fan group for the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness! I'm so happy I found you guys! Big thanks for letting me join. 

I love Torak and Ren. I read the series twice. it holds a special place in my heart. I can't believe there are others who like it too :D

What is your favorite book of the COAD series?
Probably my favorite books are Oathbreaker Ghosthunter and Souleater(s)
I think they're all interesting. I'd have to read them again to pick a favorite. Though it would be the third time for me to read the series!
yeah i love them all honestly.