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What Rock are you living under

Edit: Shut off comments. Because I honestly didn't think this stamp would stir up such strong feelings over the issue. Keep in mind this stamp is made based on personal opinions and observations of other fandoms. You either agree you've seen things just as bad or worst, or you don't.

I've seen people saying this a lot in the MLP community. And I have to wonder-have they been living under some kind of rock this entire time-? Have they not looked at fanart for other series or seen the batshittery infesting every other fandom-?
In all honesty the My Little Pony fandom seems tame in comparisons to other fandoms I've seen.
Though to be fair people making this claim probably only get to see so much of the MLP fandom because it's so huge and popular right now, not like there are other bigger fandoms with known batshit fans-oh wait *cough*Sonic The HedgeHog, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Happy Tree Friends, Pokemon, Hell Wolves and Sparkledogs, -insert fandom of choice here-
Have a big enough fandom and it will attract ALL kinds of people. Even the bad ones unfortunately-but that's the nature of these things.
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