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Unfair Advantages (Commission)

Commission for :icontomlinkens: of his character Catina-A131 and my ONI Lieutenant Commander Vincent Lafayette II engaged in a friendly (?) fencing match. He's used to his duels going a bit more favorably for him, but then he doesn't usually spar against Spartans. And he doesn't like actual challenges. He probably doesn't even really like fencing; he just does it because it's fancy. Or, well, he did -- until he suffered a tragic case of falling from the upper floors of a mega-skyscraper thanks to a misunderstanding (or, at least, what was very convincingly made to look like one) by other ONI operatives.

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Fencing in uniform? Sounds a bit more like a spur of the moment thing when they were passing each other in the hall. The ONI earrings are a nice touch, and as always your details on the face are superb. 
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As the backstory is that Lieutenant Commander Lafayette was as instrumental in her joining the Spartan III Program,as the Covenant were when they glassed Biko when she was four years old. A Fencing Duel while she is wearing her dress whites. That would rate as friendly competition, when compared to the odd moment that a Jackal, Drone, or a Grunt was at her mercy, and she didn't know the meaning of the word.
Her known sadistic behavior towards covies also applies to a San 'Shyuum she got her hands on during Operation Exiter, which coincided with The Great Schism. But her plans for the little shit were interrupted by a group of vengeful Sangheili who heard him scream.
That moment in detail: A131 had shoved her armored thumb into one of his eyes. Seconds later the angry mob of Sangheili could be heard running towards both of them through a CAS Carrier's hallway, forcing her to stomp on the prophet's foot/ankle, and make a hasty retreat. Leaving the prophet to the Sangheili he just betrayed, particularly The Fleetmaster.