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Tallo Negro del Maiz

Linda, Fred and Will during their trip to Cuba in Ghosts of Onyx. I don't often do personal pieces of this scope and scale, and this is one of those ones I can say I'm very happy with overall (even though again I could've avoided some of the artistic liberties with the scene setup and the loadouts if I'd checked the book first). Drawing the space elevator (or the background in general, really) was more fun than it should've been. Full view recommended for the optimum experience.

While I'm actually kinda fine with Blue Team's post-war armor designs (though I'd have preferred they be green), I feel they look out of place when they're supposed to be wearing Mark VI, so I tried to adapt the Centurion and Argus designs to the traditional Mark VI base. This is keeping in mind that the Mark VI has never even been my favorite MJOLNIR design (I prefer the Mark V) but I feel that since it is a thing, any armor variants built on it should respect its aesthetic rather than just discarding it completely. So consider this an alternate-universe "how they may have actually looked like" version. I used the default set for Will since he has no precedent for any variant model, and because it adds more credibility to the notion of it actually being the base model when someone other than the Chief wears it for once.

EDIT: Updated with more Mark VI-compliant helmet designs.


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Looking at halo fanart while listening to ghosts of onyx and look at what I come across just after listening to the part depicted.
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Heh, sounds like a nice coincidence.
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Considering they are going back to the classic art style in Halo Infinite rather than the art style used in Halo 4 and 5 , this is a good possibility of what they might look like in Halo Infinite :)

Also awesome job on them! :D
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I love spartan will 043 What is the armor he is wearing in this picture called though?
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I depicted his armor as the standard Mark VI set, same as the Chief's.
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oh, okay thanks for getting back to me :)
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Nice how this got featured in one of HiddenXperia's Vids
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It did? I don't really follow Halo Youtubers and wasn't notified of this before so it's news to me.
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This is gorgeous.
That BR55 that Fredric has. Magnificent weapon.
Workhorse of the UNSC. 

 All their guns and armor are fantastic. Clap 
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I enjoy these depictions of Blue Team. Also, awesome work on the Cuba background. There isn't enough environment scenes of cities during Covenant invasions on here, I hope you make more human city environments.

Also on the topic of sticking the GEN2-era aesthetic on GEN1 MJOLNIR sets, another thing you could've done for Linda's helmet would be to do the thing they did for her helmet in that Fall of Reach Animated series, where they took half of her Argus helmet and stuck it on a Mark IV helmet's lower jaw. Just do the same thing here by sticking it on the Mark VI helmet's jaw/chinpiece.
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I've always had a soft spot for Halo's human city architecture, going all the way back to Halo 2's "Earth City" demo. So I might end up doing something with human cities in the future.

I did "Mark VI-ify" Fred's Centurion helmet to an extent, so I guess I could've done the same for Linda. I'm still not a huge fan of the Argus overall and would've preferred they used an existing design like Scout or Recon, though I guess they wanted to give her a "definite" look of her own.
Indeed all Spartan IIs need to be Green they the same all one thats how it should be
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This looks sick! :)
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THIS! This is awesome! I can't nitpick anything, man I just love your artwork! It bring so many of my thoughts to life when reading the novels. I agree with the armour decisions you made, it's logical and I'm on the wire with the permutation armours and simply "Everyone wearing standard Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VI." I mean on the covers, cinematics, it does look good with everyone in the same standard variant, but the new 343 decision to separate them all in permutations is alright. 

Awesome artwork as usual, this is literally all I come back on DA to check weekly, your deviants.
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Spartan 2 and 3 basically had the same training with a few have talents. Spartan 4's on the other come from different military branches from the army to Odst these soldiers have different experiences and skills to each. That why the current Spartan armor differ from each other. Also they not blindly chosen they have to meet a special requirement before they are even consider to be thought of.
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