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Rook (Commission)

Commission for :iconursedrah-tahru:. The main point was to design an ODST offshoot of SPI armor for a fanfic where the Rookie's death was faked and he became an ONI operative. I tried to retain the most distinctive traits of both the ODST and SPI armors for the combo. Namely, the arms and legs are almost all SPI, though the boots are thicker like the ODST armor's, the chest is mostly based on ODST, while the shoulder straps are more inspired by SPI. The helmet is obviously ODST-derived but smoothed down to fit with the SPI aesthetic.

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Thats some good headhunters material right there.
IsabelIseultWallace's avatar
Looks like I have a new headcanon.
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Looks real good, I particularly like the helmet, looks like it's made for space \o/
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks, it's more or less an adaptation of the regular ODST helmet but smoothed out a bit.
Rookie to Rook...not exactly hard to connect the two names if he meets up with Alpha-Nine somehow
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This is exactly how i envisioned one of my Spartan IIIs.  This is just too perfect.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
That's good to hear, thanks a lot!
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Where could I get a link to this?
The-Chronothaur's avatar
To the fanfic? You'll have to ask Ursedrah-Tahru, who commissioned the artwork.
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Okay I will admit right now, this is simply amazing! A cross between ODST and SPI is something that should've been done a LONG time ago and this is a wonderful rendition of what it would look like.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thank you. It's definitely irksome how 343i seems to have completely forgotten that the SPI armor exists.
Bravo lov oh lov...remember the Rook!!!
VinnyTheGumdramon's avatar
Oh sweet Jesus, this came out bloody amazing! Absolutely fantastic job, I love how sleek the armor looks yet so utilitarian at the same time. 

I may have to commission you again in the near future, A++ job my friend. 
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I tried to maintain the SPI armor's sleek and smooth look while making it recognizably ODST-like.

I look forward to hearing from you again.
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i second that comment.

your going to have a fair number of ghost variants at this rate.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
I expect they'll start piling up as time goes on. Though this one is just the SPI armor adapted for ODSTs so it's not explicitly a Ghost variant (since Ghost is MJOLNIR-based, non-Spartans can't wear it). Not that it makes much difference visually.
Swatson3rd's avatar
Ah ok. I missed that bit I though as everyother odst from odst became a Spartan iv that the rookie had too I had no idea he died. Makes sence that the SPI armor would make its way to the odst eventually.
sanbi17's avatar
That's freaking sexy

I'd love to see GHOST variants with different purposes

Like GHOST/Heavy

Fantastic pic.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks. You might like the next commission piece I have coming up ;)
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