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Flynn-G228 reference sheet

So here's something I haven't done before. This is Flynn, one of my Gamma Company characters. Here's a basic bio/performance report.

The funny thing is that I basically created Flynn as a throwaway character for an RP and now he's probably one of my most developed OCs. It's been fun to see how he's almost taken a life of his own.

For those of you who've followed my other work, these two pieces are set a few years earlier in the timeline than my work involving Halberd Team, so he’s a bit younger here and doesn’t have his MJOLNIR armor yet (I haven't finalized his design yet but it's a Ghost derivative-- though definitely not the default version). So I just depicted him in the SPI armor he had as of early 2553. It's mostly default except for the TACPAD, knife placement, and some of the pouches.

As is the case with a lot of my pieces this started out a lot less ambitious -- I started doodling some expressions for the character in a more cartoon-like style and all of a sudden I'm making this whole design sheet for him. I decided to stick with the more cartoonish style for the whole piece since I thought it looked charming and was a fun exercise in stylization and simplification. The expressions were also a neat bit of practice and something I should do more often. The back view of the SPI armor is a first for me as well.

I liked the format so much I'm planning on doing something like this for my other characters as well eventually, with their final MJOLNIR sets. Stay tuned for Flynn's and his Headhunting partner's Ghost armor designs too.

And finally, some more fluff for those of you who like that sort of thing. The bio is for early 2553 so the stuff after that (which I'm going to be dealing with in my later works) isn't featured:

  • Name: Flynn-G228
  • Date of Birth: February 8, 2539
  • Birthplace: Cyrene, Miridem
  • Height: 189 cm (6' 2") (1)
  • Weight: 105 kg (231 lbs)
  • Affiliation: UNSC (Navy / Naval Special Warfare Command)
  • Rank: Petty Officer, Second Class
  • Equipment: Mk. III-B SPI armor, BR55-HB Battle Rifle, M6D PDWS, TACPAD
Flynn Hiram Conti (full name redacted from public records) was born on February 8, 2539 in the Inner Colony metropolis of Cyrene, Miridem. His mother was a manager in a local business while his father served as a Navy technician aboard the UNSC destroyer Strongly Worded Complaint. Growing up, Flynn always wanted to enlist in the Navy, and had an intense interest in spaceships -- which he expressed by memorizing just about every type of craft in UNSC service, building scale models of ships (including one of the destroyer his father served on), and playing related video games, his favorite being Admiral Cole's Fleet Strategy.

His father was killed in a fleet action only seven weeks before the Covenant invaded Miridem in 2544. The swift and savage attack on his homeworld left Flynn as the only survivor of his family, with his mother, grandparents, older brother and younger sister being killed during the invasion. Flynn was only saved by his being aboard one of the colony's space elevators for a preschool field trip at the time; after the Covenant arrived in-system, Flynn's group were promptly evacuated by a passenger liner swiftly appropriated for the evacuation effort by military emergency protocols. Consequently he never saw the Covenant in person, nor the worst of their atrocities. Flynn spent the following months in a refugee camp on Harmony. There, he was eventually paid a visit by a Navy officer who offered him the chance to take vengeance on the Covenant. Eager to avenge his family and homeworld in spite of not fully comprehending what such a thing entailed, he accepted the offer and was shipped off to Onyx's Camp Currahee for training.

Assigned to Gamma Company's Fireteam Macuahuitl(2), Flynn never had any particular difficulty integrating into the program or getting along with the other trainees. However, he always preferred to avoid drawing any extra attention to himself, and never stood out among the other Spartans for better or for worse. His most prominent talents landed him the job of his team's scout and designated marksman. After their training, Flynn and the rest of Fireteam Macuahuitl were deployed against the Covenant in the later half of 2552. Team Macuahuitl was almost entirely wiped out during these operations, with two members KIA, one placed under intensive medical care for the immediate future, and one too seriously injured to continue active duty.

Flynn can be generally characterized as thoughtful, introspective and reserved, and his test scores show above-average creativity and problem-solving skills. However, his superiors suspect he is held back by his insecurity and overstated self-consciousness, issues that appear to have exacerbated following the loss of his team. He is fast and agile, and prefers to engage targets at a distance, being most frequently deployed in sharpshooter-oriented roles.

In March 2553, Flynn's particular combination of skills, psychological traits and attitudes landed him the dubious honor of being picked for a joint UNSC-Swords of Sanghelios initiative to eliminate a rogue ex-Covenant warlord. Fleet Admiral Hood's request to have one of the Gammas assigned on the mission was met with skepticism and confusion within Naval Special Warfare Command; nevertheless, Flynn was deemed to be the most suited of his unit to tackle this particular mission.(3)

Service history (Note: Only the most pertinent operations are listed. Entries may have been redacted for OPSEC reasons.)
  • Operation: BONFIRE (October 29, 2552; company-strength deployment; destroyed Covenant ship manufacturing plant)
  • Operation: ORION SCEPTER (November 8-11, 2552; company-strength defensive deployment on Ammon, Proxima Centauri; three-day intensive campaign)
  • Operation: RAMPART (December 8-9, 2552; company-strength deployment; sabotaged Covenant fuel depot)
  • Operation: PARAGON INDIGO (December 14, 2552; mop-up operation against Jiralhanae holdouts; partial company deployment)
  • Operation: ATROPOS (March 23, 2553-; joint UNSC-SoS/allied task force meeting and infiltration operation; participated independently of company main body)


(1) Yes, he's quite short for a Spartan.
(2) Out of 66 teams, not every one can be a Saber, Katana, Gladius or even a Halberd; there comes a point where you have to dig deeper with the obscure blade types. I could see mission controllers and the like struggling with this one, though.
(3) This is the setting of the RP I created Flynn for. Sending a Gamma to a diplomatic meeting is just as weird as it sounds, but so far he's been doing quite well. Other than being awkward and completely out of his depth most of the time.


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greenleafcm's avatar
Awesome character sheet! Flynn looks great and I really enjoyed reading about him. I would definitely love to see more in the future. :D
The-Chronothaur's avatar
I'm glad you like him! I always have some things in the works regarding my OCs so stay tuned :)
Midway2009's avatar
Awesome profile for a Spartan! :salute:
Midway2009's avatar
Aerrowflex's avatar
Honestly I'm absolutely loving seeing your S-III content. It gives a proper and more detailed illustration of SPI Armour and Bungie and 343 have been quite slack on that side. Of course the new Novel cover has given a lot of relief to it, but if I do plan to go ahead with my idea and make a EVA Foam SPI Armour costume, I'll be using your artwork as a strong reference point! Good stuff mate!
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks a bunch! I'm flattered that you would use my artwork as a reference for your own creations, and I agree the SPI armor or the S-IIIs don't get represented enough in official material.
Aerrowflex's avatar
Yeah no worries man, I'm a MASSIVE..ENORMOUS Halo fan and I know the Lore inside and out, but never really got invested into the S-IIIs until properly reading Ghost of Onyx, which was around the same time I found your early S-III artworks. Since then, even though I like the original Spartan II, I like the concept and idea of the Spartan III's and their more vulnerable ability like that from Halo 3 ODST with the ODSTs. You've gone above and beyond anyone else in regards to SPI Armour designs and everything works and looks like the canon appearances as well, making it easier for someone to use your artwork as a reference than the few canon appearances that exist, which aren't large or helpful when building an armour set. 

Though nothing compares to the glorious HW/HW2, Halo Legends, Halo:Fall of Reach MJOLNIR MARK IV Armour, if you ever want to try something new haha. Again great stuff!
AlexZebol's avatar
Damn, I love it. A shame, that I've never got the hance to play Halo. I like its style very much.
trooperbeta's avatar
I dig this character design! Great to see someone using SPI armor.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks! The SPI armor made sense given the timeline, though I later have him wearing a MJOLNIR set -- specifically this thing, which is in essence SPI armor ported to MJOLNIR (and an excuse for me to draw SPI-looking armor).
trooperbeta's avatar
Very nice. Yeah, tis why I loved the armor from Halo Reach for the SIIIs. It's like a mix of SPI, but still MJOLNIR variants.
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