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Covenant sketchdump 7

Back to posting these things.

#1: a Kig-Yar pirate or mercenary
#2: the kind of average merchant one might run into in a Covenant spaceport.
#3-4: wealthy Kig-Yar citizens or politicians, displaying some of Ah'lomet's classical decoration styles.
#5: a Kig-Yar matriarch with custom-made heavy armor
#6: just a generic pirate or merc
#7 is a Kig-Yar footsoldier in the Chikri-Merkaa Conflux
#8: a heavy, enclosed Kig-Yar armor design
#9-12: the Kig-Yar are one of the most phenotypically varied species within the known galaxy, with the "main" subtypes representing only a fraction of the diversity among their kind, particularly where hybrids and varieties exclusive to select colonies or habitats are concerned.
#13: just some 'leets chatting at an outpost feat. indeterminate Covie field hardware.
#14-16: Sangheili worlds and the clans that inhabit them display considerable variety in their aesthetic preferences, depending on cultural and historical factors. Wearing select types of clothing or even certain colors or types of decoration can also be a statement; the higher Covenant nobility's dress codes are notoriously complex. Pictured here are some examples from the respective aristocracies of the major worlds of the Chikri-Merkaa Strand: house Vernam of Radiant Zenith, house Ryskeema of Amaranthine Resplendence and clan Jaren of Glorious Proclamation. While the first two share a fairly similar cultural heritage that can be traced back to the Qerkossian Shore in the Spinward Median, with various "modern" traits overlaid on them over the last few centuries, the Proclamates are traditionalists (within their respective cultural continuum) whose aesthetic choices still retain vestiges of the lost splendor of old Vaal Skettar, over 1,500 years back.
#17: the Zenither orbital aristocracy is powerful, and some consortia within the Ring of Radiance stand almost on an equal ground with the wealthiest of planetside states; and they are not afraid to show it in their attire. Pictured here is Shvarr 'Norsam, one of the heads of the Norsam Mercantile shipping guild which controls some of Radiant Zenith's most trafficked spaceports.
#18 is Sossak Kar 'Usoi, the de facto leader of the CMC, and former consul in the Siakar Expanse's domain synod. Although his house is a fairly recent arrival to the Zenither nobility, Sossak is well respected and connected across the Chikri-Merkaa Strand as well as the entire Siakar Expanse. His role and office within the Conflux is rooted in the historical institution of the Conciliator, a type of scholar-judge which arose in some Covenant colony-clusters as a smaller-scale, regional counterpart to the Arbiter but has all but faded to obscurity in the latest Ages. With the fall of the Covenant, former provinces look to influences across history as they build the foundations for their future, and more often than not, there is comfort and safety to be found in familiar institutions.
#19: Sangheili female artisan Rin 'Oslir, displaying some of the fashion in vogue among reasonably well-off commoners in the Greater Spinward Frond in the 9th Age of Reclamation. Although such styles are being wracked by changes and new influences ushered in by the Schism and the Sundering Days, they remain decently popular even years after the fall of High Charity.
#20: Kig-Yar societies are many and varied, and this fringe pirate with his cobbled-together gear presents a stark contrast to the relatively "civilized" citizens of Eayn.
#21: the dual prongs of the Ascetic helmet are a fairly common adornment in various Sangheili harnesses, such as this one.
#22: some Sangheili tradesmen opt to use optical aids with augmented-reality overlays to help in their often complicated work.
#23: Only the finest of infusions are good enough for the Unggoy merchant Zubub, and he is perfectly willing to asses the worthiness of his goods himself.
#24: the diversification of post-Covenant industries following the Schism has led to many wild varieties of Unggoy armor, including this particular example with shielded forearm guards in use among some units of the Chikri-Merkaa Conflux's Foremost Legion.
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your art is really cool omg
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I just love the way you draw these, and seeing the Covenant host races in clothing outside of armor or even different armor designs is just amazing. Thanks for drawing and sharing these with us :D

Those Kig-Yar merchants especially just fantastic.
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It's been a while since you last posted! Good to have you back drawing sketching some good Halo stuff :) 

Love the Kig-Yar fashion designs! The Sangheili fashion in 17 and 19 seem a bit too human in design, but I guess there really isn't much else you can do with robe designs
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Thanks. I think it's always tricky coming up with alien clothing designs that don't look too human; with the same bipedal body plan there's only so many ways you can cut fabric in a way that's reasonably functional.
It seems like every time you improve with each sketch XD
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YUSSSS! More Covenant stuff from you! omg YES!
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Hey, dear deviantart friend!
I've just visited your gallery and I think you're doing some amazing and great job ! 

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Glad to see you are still in business with the covenants. They have so much potential for deep lore.
Also glad to see more kig-yars and unggoys.
Amazing work, as always !
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Man I used to love the Covenant, some of my favorite and fun villains to fight. Then I started reading the lore. And nothing was the same ever again. 
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