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Covenant cruiser (Commission)

A commission for :iconmudflapbadwolf:. It's a concept design for a smaller Covenant cruiser class - like a cut-down standard CCS, but with its original design rather than just being a downsized version of a bigger ship (like the CRS). The main form is based on a low-res picture of some fan models that he'd found online. He posted a few more details himself here.

Also, this must've been my longest art hiatus to date. Long story short, it's nothing dramatic, just being busy with real life, too few chances to sit down with my backlog of work, and of course, lots of procrastination. I did make a few pieces of artwork during that time, though, some of which I'll be posting here.

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The covenant designs were so perfect, you've certainly done it justice!
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nailed the covenant aesthetic, you get its about smooth large surfaces gemoetrically divided across organic shapes, not tons and tons of bumps and grooves and pipes like 343s off-brand warframe take on it
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks, I'm a fan of a "less is more" design philosophy across the board so classic Halo aesthetics were always more appealing to me than 343i's insistence on filling everything with over-complicated shapes.
SPRTN's avatar
Good to seeing Halo art again. Love the ship design, it's 'stubby' looking but in a good way. XD
cbootz's avatar
Nice to see you back at it with Halo artwork! Can't wait to see you eventually doing Halo Infinite-based art!
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Glad you're posting again.
Been too long.
Hope it gets easier for you to stay in the groove, and soon!
The-Chronothaur's avatar
Thanks, and I hope so too. The art habit for me is a precarious thing - if I'm not consciously keeping it up and forcing myself to work on something, it's too easy to fall out of it.
AngelicLionheart's avatar
If you benefit from receiving ideas, especially Halo-related, I've got some thoughts.
The-Chronothaur's avatar
I'm always open, but then again my usual problem is having too many ideas and too little motivation to finish what I've already got. :P
Looks great, thank you!
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Good to hear you like it after all the wait :)
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