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Commission: S-G217 Camouflaged

Another commission for sanbi17 of his SPARTAN-III character, Joshua-G217, clad in MJOLNIR/GHOST, a SPI-derivative GEN-2 armor variant I created a while back as an example of how a SPI-based in-game armor variant might work. Like the SPI suit, the Ghost set's outer plating is covered in a special coating that projects a shifting camo pattern based on the surrounding environment, giving it a rudimentary form of active camouflage.

This was a fun one as I got to experiment with the background and the effects a bit more than usual. I made a few small adjustments to the suit's design from my last depiction, like improving the design of the collar, hip, and shoulder plates and bringing the gloves more in line with the GEN-2 standard. The photoreactive camo is also fun to work with, particularly now that I've found a relatively straightforward way to do it convincingly.

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This armor looks awesome! Well done man!

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Oh wait a minute is the SPI armour camo more like Metal Gear's OctoCamo?
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I assume it is, based on how it's described in the books. I don't think it's full-blown active camo at any rate.
Amazing. All I gotta say. 👍
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Btw, the influx of views are probably from Halo reddit, it was on the front page. Fingers crossed 343i sees it and messages you lol
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Love the weapons from reach. They always looked cooler than the other games weapons in my opinion. Great work!
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Thus I asked for it lol the MA37 is my Favorite AR, and it'd make sense for my Spartan to still use it in 2558.

Also take note of the M6C/Socom from ODST
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Another amazing picture.. Thank you ambulant :) 

AHHH it looks so badass!! XD 
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another awesome picture.  i like the background. 
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