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:heart: :heart: :damphyr: Welcome to the Chrono Trigger Club :heart: :heart: :damphyr:

This is a new club for the awesome game Chrono Trigger. I hope you'll like this place, as it's a great opportunity to share your love for the game. I'm going to write down a few of the important things your must know before posting your art pieces!

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::damphyr:What you must know:damphyr::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue:This club will accept most of everything. This include yaoi, yuri, nude (it must be put under mature though) etc. The only thing that will not be accepted are depiction of sexual act (you actually can't post things like that on Deviantart if I'm not mistaken)

:bulletblue:For the timebeing, we will accept Chrono Cross Art in the appropriate folder. If anyone has a problem with this, just send me a note :)

:bulletblue:This club will accept anyone as a member. You just have to click on the *join club* button. Commenting art submitted by members is not required (of course) but is a nice thing to do

:bulletblue:You can submit anything you want, just put it in the right folder. I've separate everything by the game era, and you can put a certain party character in his own time period if you want.

:bulletblue:If you want to affiliate your group with mine, just send me a note I'll be really happy to link you in this journal.

:bulletblue:For the moment I'm not searching administrator people for the club, but I might in the future. Keep an eye on it.

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::damphyr:Special Thanks!:damphyr::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Everyone joining the group as a watcher or a member will get a Llama from me (the founder) :) as a thanks!


Here's a list of the Chrono's series related club :


Please also check out our Affiliates just below :heart:

:heart: :heart: :damphyr: Have a nice time in the club :heart: :heart: :damphyr:



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Gallery Folders

My 2021 Art Summary by AmeerAshourDraws
Ah, My Princess!! by Tindyflow
4xEyes1987's Favorite Games (kinda) by 4xEyes1987
Frog and Duck warriors by JanusMouse
Main Party
Chrohypnovember Trigger 3 by AmeerAshourDraws
Chrohypnovember Trigger 2 by AmeerAshourDraws
Halloween Gato-Marle by AmeerAshourDraws
Lucca Ashtear formal dress (Chrono Trigger) by DeathbyChiasmus
2300 AD
Robo 3 inch Key-chain by Sylphy888
Chrono Trigger #53 by DubyaScott
Chrono Trigger #52 by DubyaScott
Robo Chrono Trigger Cross-Stitch Keychain by Mordelia
1000 AD
CT Gato by UnendingNoob
Square-Enix Elemental Ladies : Water by Tindyflow
Chrono Trigger #60 by DubyaScott
Chrono 2.5 inch Key-Chain by Sylphy888
600 AD
Flea(Mayonnay) by Shikiwow
Feral Magus by JanusMouse
Magus power flaunt by JanusMouse
Chrono Trigger switch feels by JanusMouse
12 000 BC
Skeb Request by Shikiwow
(Remake) Schala's Femboticization by AmeerAshourDraws
Schala by Shikiwow
Magus and Alfador reunion by PREKA666
65 000 000 BC
Ayla (Chrono Trigger) by The-nostalgia-runs
Ayla - Chrono Trigger by TomBadguy
Ayla by Mikia87
Ayla 2 inch Key-Chain by Sylphy888
End of Time
Chrono Trigger #15 by DubyaScott
Challenge Piece - Eternity by calbhach
The Old Man at the End of Time by Faulken
Chrono Trigger HD - The End of Time wip 02 by FrZnChAoS
Chrono Cross
Leena's Fembot Conversion by AmeerAshourDraws
Fembot Kid by AmeerAshourDraws
Serge Surge by AmeerAshourDraws
Chrono Cross - Lizard Rock by TaraChin-Sang


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