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One of my most succesful pics until it was taken off but I decided to upload it again for the hell of it

*edit* I finally modifyed the picture to get rid of the words within the picture and also changed the words slightly
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Hi the-chosen-passimist

I work at a small publishing company called The English Experience, based in South Africa. We specialise in publishing English textbooks for high school students. We are currently working on a new resource, entitled ‘The Complete Life Orientation Resource’ and we would love to use this image in it. Please contact me if you are willing to let us use it. You can check out our website if you would like to know more about us and what we do. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I have used your awesomeness of your picture in my blog posting! Thank you for this picture!
Hi, I discovered this great picture just last week. Do you mind if we use it for a campaign for non-for-profit energy cooperation in The Netherlands. We are a growing group of citizens (already 1300+) who started last year to help each other(individually of collectively) to become energy producers by ourselves (photovoltaics mainly). Now we want to start our own energy cooperative in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands. Your picture actually encapsules a lot of what we are and how we feel: We're small but determined to get there.
You find our website and statutes (unfortunately all in Dutch) on
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Keep on going the great work!
Hi, I've found your picture and text just recently. Do you mind if we use the pic for a non-for-profit initiative. We are a little energy cooperative with the objective to help people become energy producers by themselves - either individually or collectively. Your picture shows in fact the essence of the feelings a lot of members of our cooperative have, Namely we're small, but determined to accomplish something for a better future.
You can find our website (unfortunately only in Dutch) on
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I featured your work on my journal !! :D

I hope you don't going to be mad ><.

Have a good day !
I'd love to be able to use this can we purchase the rights?
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Hey I like this. Are you cool with me sharing this pic with my friends and fans on Facebook?
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cute and awesome expression
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I cant stop smiling dude LOL
awesome pic lol
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I love this picture! But it makes me wonder why it's published under 'Photomanipulation'. Can you explain? :)
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awesome sauce...this is hilarious. Well-chosen words :icongem-star01:
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holy shit! this guy got soul!
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holy shit! this guy has soul!
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Hi there - would you mind if i used this image for a headline article on this site? - [link]

Thanks for considering,
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I don't know if it's too much to ask, but do you think you could send me this picture with a bigger resolution? I'd like to print this out and put it up on my wall to motivate me, if that's alright with you ^_^
my email is
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I'll see what I can do
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love it! he looks so smug
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