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Thank you so much for accepting!:thanks:
Thank you very much for request!:)
Hi Guys, it's pleasure to join chakra deviant & thanks to all artists who have had contributed & push their work to chakra deviant (rose).

In trims of our lovely chakra deviant design I think we should have a special widget for direct access to chakra website :
atually we do have such a thing like that, once you open you default chakra browsers ull go right into chakra website as a home page

beside there used to be an old GUI for installing packafes at chakra that has been removed for low stabilty that get you into chakra news once you open it , I hope they would do such a thing in the new package GUI they are working at
Hi Crime-Dog,

You might not got the point I meant we should have a widget here in chakra deviant allows direct access to chakra website. This new widget is targeting new people who watch our stuffs here, Linking to chakra website may increase the possibility of downloading the ISO & installing Chakra.

BTW, there will be a new GUI package manager once akabei development reach stable point. akabei is new chakra package manager which still under heavy active development.
Um, I think I understand. In the "group Info" at the top of this page there is a description of Chakra including a link to
I think your asking to add an image or logo with the link? As far as I know thats not possible on dA yet. I like the idea though and if there is a workaround, I'm all for it.