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.:Rock Friend:. (Commission)

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I think Boulder needs an emergency bath. XD

Enjoy :D

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Characters (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic):
-Pinkie Pie
-Maud Pie
-Starlight Glimmer
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Man, pink of friends. :)
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Great Epsiode and Draw
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Congrats, this meeting is now canon and Maud and Starlight are now friends ^^
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But... look to Boulder.
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¡Ese es el espíritu!
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Oh this isn't going to end well.
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Um, three's a crowd?
Or 4 if you count Boulder. :XD:
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Dang I'm jealous. I wish I could draw this good. Starlight's expression is the best lol
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Maud Pie: Next is the poem about boulder Maud Pie - The Look 

Starlight Glimmer: :iconstarlightshockedplz: 
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Starlight's face is priceless XD
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Best reaction ever Clap Clap Clap 
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That's going to be a interesting episode.:XD:
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